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Friday, August 25, 2017


Coffee may increase cravings for sweet treats

Microbes Compete for Nutrients, Affect Metabolism, Development in Mice

Belly fat protein may cause cancer

Dancing Can Reverse the Signs of Aging in the Brain

Ginger for arthritis pain: Will it work?

Ringing in Ears Keeps Brain More at Attention, Less at Rest, Study Finds

Five ways to cope with migraine

Why does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

Flame Retardants and Likelihood of Pregnancy in Women Undergoing Fertility Treatments

Endometrial cancer: Potential new target for resistant tumors found

Next-Generation Drug Testing on Chips

Coconut oil for sunburn: Does it work?

The Pancreas Provides a Potential Drug Candidate for Brain Disease

Spondyloarthritis: Symptoms, treatments, and causes

Given the Choice, Zebrafish Willingly Dose Themselves With Opioids

Feeling anxious? Your gut bacteria might be to blame   

How addiction changes the brain

How does the brain turn sound into meaning? Study sheds light

MMA for kids more popular than ever, despite risks

Subungual melanoma: Symptoms, risk factors, and treatment

Does apple cider vinegar promote good health? Expert: 'it’s not a magical elixir'


Thursday, August 24, 2017


DNA Sensor Plays Critical Role in Cancer Immunotherapy Via Response to Unexpected DNA Form

'Good' cholesterol might actually be bad

The 10 best bipolar blogs 

Babesia and Lyme disease: What's the connection? 

Cancer Drug May Benefit Patients With Inherited Form of Kidney Disease

Could this compound boost the benefits of your workout?

Toward an Early Alzheimer's Test

Very brief mindfulness training helped heavy drinkers cut back

Manganese in Underground Drinking Water Is Cause for Concern

Lisfranc fracture: Causes, symptoms, and treatment 

Leprosy Turns the Immune System Against Itself, Study Finds

What causes testicle itch? Seven possible causes

Report: This region's health lags way behind rest of U.S.

Brain patterns hold key to stress-related cardiovascular risk

Enzyme Produced in the Liver Promotes Obesity, Fatty Liver Disease and Insulin Resistance

Some treatment centers accused of keeping addicts hooked

One in Five Women With Postpartum Mood Disorders Keep Quiet 

High school friendships might predict future well-being

How a Drug Could Induce Health Benefits of Exercise

Dreaming may keep dementia at bay

Exploring the Ground Truth: NASA's Twin Study Investigates Metabolites

Some treatment centers accused of keeping addicts hooked

Anticoagulants Used for Arrhythmia Can Have Different Thrombus Formation Rates

Saggy breasts? Find out why

Zika Monkey Study Suggests Worse Fetal Effects for Vaginal Versus Mosquito Transmission

The pros and cons of 4 health food trends explained

Eleven Minutes of Mindfulness Training Helps Drinkers Cut Back


Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Color blindness: When red looks like brown

Allergies? Exhausted Regulatory T Cells May Play a Role

How an eye test could detect Alzheimer's

Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Rare in Undisturbed Tropical Forests

Study reveals link between quality of sleep and risk of dementia

Understanding How Omega-3 Dampens Inflammatory Reactions

Eleuthero: 12 potential health benefits   

Altered Mitochondria Associated With Increased Autism Risk

The healthiest part of an avocado may get thrown away

 More Than 99 Percent of the Microbes Inside Us Are Unknown to Science

These neurons 'tell us' to keep eating, even when we are full

Canadian Children's Nutrition Suffers During School Hours 

More salmonella cases tied to backyard chickens, ducks

 Artificial Intelligence Helps With Earlier Detection of Skin Cancer

Could lithium help to prevent dementia?

Liquid Nutrition May Benefit Children With Crohn's Disease

Could 2 common vitamins raise lung cancer risk?

Treating Arthritis With Algae

Adult brains undergo structural changes earlier than we thought

Comparing Food Allergies: Animals and Humans May Have More in Common Than You Think

Researchers move closer to peanut allergy cure

Children With Fragile X Syndrome Have a Bias Toward Threatening Emotion

What is a dead tooth? Symptoms, causes, and treatment

 High Levels of 'Good' Cholesterol Linked to Excessive Mortality

Is your health insurer making you sicker?

Psychotic Disorders and Obesity: New Report Shows Big Waistlines Are to Blame

Yellow nail syndrome: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

How Muscles Work: New Insight

Vitamin B linked to increased lung cancer risk

How Cells Hack Their Own Genes

Seltzer water not harmful to your teeth or health, expert says

Screening Reduces Mortality for Those With Detectable Type 2 Diabetes but Not for General Population, Large Studies Find

Fasting before a blood test: What you need to know

Could Nicotine Reduction Help Curb Addiction?

Lab-made "mini organs" helping doctors treat cystic fibrosis

Tinnitus could be worsened by antidepressant use

Study: 50M at risk of arsenic poisoning in Pakistan


Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Gut bacteria influence the brain indirectly, study shows

How Humans and Their Gut Microbes May Respond to Plant Hormones

Caffeine may reduce surgical pain caused by poor sleep

Serotonin May Worsen Tinnitus

Microcytic anemia: Symptoms, types, and treatment

Opioid Crisis in Staten Island Affects All Races, Ages, and Socioeconomic Backgrounds

Afternoon slump explained by brain's 'reward center'

Studies Into Inflammation in the Infarcted Heart Could Lead to Changes in Therapy

Type 2 diabetes: Sponge implants may reduce blood sugar and weight gain

Getting Fat to 'Talk' Again Could Lower Blood Glucose and Weight

Posterior nosebleed: Causes and how to stop them

Turning Human Waste Into Plastic, Nutrients Could Aid Long-Distance Space Travel

Raccoon eyes: Causes and treatments

Growing Number of People in Ontario Treated for Opioid Addiction

Gut bacteria-produced compound may stave off aging

Is Childhood Obesity a Psychological Disorder?

How do vegetarian diets affect cholesterol levels?

Brain's Self-Regulation in Teens at Risk for Obesity

How much sugar is in your soda? Panera's cups will tell you

Suffering Exam-Result Stress? Relieve the Strain With One Simple Piece of Advice

Skin cancer and rashes: Cancerous and precancerous lesions

People With Autism Spectrum Disorder Show Neural Responses of Anxiety on Seeing Social Touch

Did the solar eclipse damage your eyes?

Steroids Not Effective for Chest Infections in Non-Asthmatic Adults

Severe food allergy cases skyrocket over the past decade, study finds

Updated Analysis Finds Newer Type of LDL-C Reducing Drugs Still Not Cost-Effective

You CAN eat fat and lose weight! Expert says controversial ketogenic diet does work - so what's the secret to doing it safely?

Medicaid Patients Continue High Prescription Opioid Use After Overdose

How much sugar is in your soda? Panera's cups will tell you


Monday, August 21, 2017


Avocado seed husk may help to treat heart disease, cancer

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Fight Infectious Disease

Osteoporosis: Potential new drug target uncovered

Gut Microbes May Talk to the Brain Through Cortisol

McDonald criteria: MS diagnosis guidelines

New Targets for Drugs to Treat Fatty Liver Disease and Liver Cancer

Multiple sclerosis: Are we close to a cure?

Postnatal Identification of Zika Virus Peptides from Saliva

Human milk sugars may protect against group B strep

New Tool Identifies Diabetes Patients at Risk for Low Blood Sugar Emergencies

Respiratory depression: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Back-to-School Worries for Parents? One in Three Very Concerned Bullying, Cyberbullying

Dissociative fugue: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Sedentary Behavior Increases Risk of Death for Frail, Inactive Adults

Bronchiectasis: What are the treatment options? 

Licorice Is a Hot Trend in Hot Flashes, but Could Interact With Medications

Why more kids will be diagnosed with high blood pressure

'Electronic Skin' Takes Wearable Health Monitors to the Next Level

Nanolaser Can Detect, Kill Circulating Tumor Cells to Prevent Cancer Metastases, Study Finds

Androgen insensitivity syndrome: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Many Young Cancer Patients Do Not Receive Adequate Fertility Information and Support

Boy who had heart transplant dies on first day of school

Chronic Stress Induces Fatal Organ Dysfunctions Via a New Neural Circuit

Prolonged sitting and frailty a deadly combination

Biochemical 'Fingerprints' Reveal Diabetes Progression 

Too many parents still put babies at risk of SIDS

Overcoming the Last Line of Antibiotic Resistance Against Bacterial Infections

Unexpected memory retrieval mechanism found in landmark study

Immune System Can Be Modulated by Targeted Manipulation of Cell Metabolism

4 foods that may not be as bad for you as you thought

80 Percent of Ebola Survivors Suffer Disabilities One Year After Discharge

How to get rid of dizziness: Medications and remedies

How a Non-Coding RNA Encourages Cancer Growth and Metastasis

Ten things you didn't know could upset your gut, why you need to talk about piles and the diet that could banish bloating: How to beat health problems no one likes to talk about

Zika Virus Stifles Pregnant Women's Weakened Immune System to Harm Baby

Link Between Cells Associated With Aging, Bone Loss

Searching for the 'Signature' Causes of BRCAness in Breast Cancer


Sunday, August 20, 2017


Schizophrenia: Common amino acid could hold key, study finds

Why do couples split up? And why do they stay together?

Shy bladder: Causes and treatments

Four natural ways to get rid of a suntan

Does platelet-rich plasma for the knee work?

Perception, not reality, of spending habits could lead to marital conflict

Restrictive lung disease: Treatment and symptoms

First aid for stroke: What do you do?

No Guts No Glory: Harvesting the Microbiome of Athletes

How to treat your sunburned lips

Mussel-Inspired Glue Could One Day Make Fetal Surgery Safer

Phytophotodermatitis: Symptoms, treatment, and causes


Saturday, August 19, 2017


Fish oil may prevent seizures by boosting brain estrogen levels

Seeking the Secret Ingredient in the Original Smallpox Vaccine

Can binge-watching harm your sleep?

First aid for stroke: What do you do?

How to treat your sunburned lips

Phytophotodermatitis: Symptoms, treatment, and causes

Brand choice incompatibility could affect your relationship

How to communicate with Alzheimer's patients

Ten ways to get rid of smelly feet