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Friday, August 19, 2016


Ginger nanoparticles show promise for inflammatory bowel disease

From Pollution to Caffeine Intake: Researcher Reveals Dementia Risks

Parents Want 'Opt-Out' Option for HPV Vaccine, Study Finds

Researchers Find Herpes Strain in the Nervous System

How long does 'chemo brain' last?

Flesh-Eating Infections in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Spur New Discovery

CDC Issues Travel Warning After 5 Infected in New Florida Zika Transmission

Vaping May Lead to Fewer Respiratory Infections for Ex-Smokers

Money on the mind: Breadwinning men have worse mental, physical health 

How Safe Are Our Tattoos and Permanent Makeup?

Certain fish may cut risk for diabetes-related blindness

Increased Eye Cancer Risk Linked to Pigmentation Genes That Dictate Eye Color

Gallstones raise the risk of heart disease by a fifth

Vertebroplasty Helps Reduce Acute Pain Among Patients With Spinal Fractures

Two genes might help predict breast cancer survival

Swimming Is an Effective Part of the Treatment for Fibromyalgia, Study Suggests

CDC director: I'm "deeply concerned" about stopping Zika transmission

First 3-D Map of Cell-Building Protein Linked to Cancer

Keeping Mosquitoes Away: Insect Repellent and Children


Thursday, August 18, 2016


Dementia risk increased with calcium supplements in certain women

New Flu Strains and Old Antibodies: How Sinful Is 'Original Antigenic Sin'?

More Hispanics Uninsured Despite Obamacare Gains, Report Says

Natural Compound from a Deep-Water Marine Sponge Found to Reduce Pancreatic Tumor Size

New opioid as effective as morphine, without the side effects

Not All Tumor Cells Are Equal

FDA issues safety alert for popular hair care product over hair loss complaints

Polyunsaturated Fat in Adipose Tissue Linked to Lower Mortality

Anemia may raise risk of death for stroke patients 

Common Cold Viruses Originated in Camels, Just Like MERS

Prevent eye infections from contact lenses with these tips

How Cancer Cells Protect Chromosomes from Decay

ADHD associated with unhealthy diet in pregnancy 

Greater Intake of Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids Associated With Lower Risk of Diabetic Retinopathy

A child dies in a hot car almost once a week

More Evidence That 'Healthy Obesity' May Be a Myth 

Zika virus possibly transmitted through blood transfusion

Neural Stem Cells Control Their Own Fate 

Exercise not enough to undo harms of sedentary lifestyle, study shows

Genes Responsible for Cardiometabolic Disease Risk Identified 

Child abuse may lead to an early death for women

Why Russian Tuberculosis Is the Most Infectious

How to Deal with a Sebaceous Cyst

In Cells, Some Oxidants Are Needed


Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Alzheimer's-causing proteins could be reduced with a healthy diet, exercise

Genetic Tests for a Heart Disorder Mistakenly Find Blacks at Risk

Chronic pain more common in partners of depressed individuals

Party drug ketamine closer to approval for depression

Slower blood aging may explain why Hispanics live longer

Is Your Lipstick Bad for You?

Safer Opioid Painkiller Made from Scratch

Hepatitis A Outbreak Linked to Frozen Scallops in Hawaii Sickens at Least 168

New Findings Detail How Beneficial Bacteria in the Nose Suppress Pathogenic Bacteria

Texan who picked up Zika in Miami is first for U.S.

Steroid Treatments With Fewer Side Effects? 

Catalog of DNA helps find roots of rare diseases

Isotope Research Opens New Possibilities for Cancer Treatment 

Risk for 4 cancers goes up the longer a woman is overweight

Scientists Discover Possible New Weapon in the Fight Against Gum Disease

Obesity-related cancer risk increased by overweight duration 

Researchers Shed Light on Vascular Growth Factors in Thyroid Eye Disease

Surprising stats on baby stroller accidents revealed

Free Sports Physicals Reveal High Rates of Obesity in Student Athletes

What is Hypovolemic Shock? Symptoms and Treatment

Curbing the Life-Long Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

Regenerative Bandage Heals Diabetic Wounds Faster

How a Protein Could Become the Next Big Sweetener

New Mechanism Discovered for Alzheimer's Risk Gene

Genetic Tests for a Heart Disorder Mistakenly Find Blacks at Risk

Anemic Adults May Have a Higher Risk of Death After Stroke

Fluoride Consumption Linked to Diabetes Using Mathematical Models


Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Osteoporosis, a Disease With Few Treatment Options, May Soon Have One More

Diet and Exercise Can Reduce Protein Build-Ups Linked to Alzheimer's, Study Shows

Florida Zika Outbreak: Why More Cases Don't Mean the Outbreak is Growing

Personalized Nutrition Is Better Than a 'One Size Fits All' Approach in Improving Diets 

What do Americans think about the Zika outbreak? 

New Study Explains Why MRSA 'Superbug' Kills Influenza Patients

How to spot signs of heat stroke

New Study Reveals a Novel Protein Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Celiac disease: Season, region of birth linked with increased risk in children

Steroid Treatment in Very Low Birth Weight Infants May Contribute to Vision Problems

Even if you exercise, sitting all day is bad for health 

New Maths to Predict Dangerous Hospital Epidemics

Brain's empathy center identified

Probability Data Could Better Direct Lymph Node Removal for Thyroid Cancer

Zika case in Texas linked to Miami travel 

Use of Feeding Tubes Decreases Among Nursing Home Residents With Advanced Dementia

What are BUN Levels and What Do They Measure?

Cellular Snowplow Keeps Genes Open

What does beer have to do with mosquito bites?

Potential Therapeutic Target for Huntington's Disease

Will you age well? It might depend on your parents' lifespan

Unhealthy Habits Cost Canadians Six Years of Life

Rising cost of potentially life-saving EpiPen puts pinch on families 

Scientists Find a Salty Way to Kill MRSA

Flu nasal spray just as effective as flu shot

Prenatal BPA Exposure Linked to Anxiety and Depression in Boys

African yellow fever epidemic could go global, experts warn


Monday, August 15, 2016


Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy Linked to Childhood Behavioral Problems, Study Finds

Viruses 'more dangerous in the morning' 

Organ network mapping path to fairer liver transplants

Gout flare-ups could be managed by blood pressure diet

Yes, Medicine Can Use Virtual Reality, Emphasis on Reality

Swap a soda for water to reduce weight gain 

Too many parents put babies to sleep in unsafe positions 

Lack of Fresh Food Choices Linked to Signs of Early Heart Disease

9 Diabetes Superfoods and How to Prepare Them

No Blue Light, Please, I'm Tired: Light Color Determines Sleepiness Versus Arousal in Mice

China Faces a Surge in Cardiovascular Disease, Study Finds

Beta-Blockers Following Angioplasty Show Little Benefit for Some Older Patients

Food commercials change children's eating priorities

Physician Incentive Program to Improve Care for Complex Patients Did Not Result in Improvements

Stark racial differences in what adults fear for kids' health

Does Longer Walking Distance to Buy Cigarettes Increase Quitting Among Smokers?

Drivers weigh more than cyclists, study finds


Sunday, August 14, 2016


Blood vessel-forming protein could offer alternative to heart bypass surgery

Cancer Overtakes Heart Disease as the Main Cause of Death in 12 European Countries

HIV: Newly discovered component could lead to more effective drugs


Saturday, August 13, 2016


Chemo drug in pregnancy may cause early menopause in daughters

Better cultural fit may encourage healthy eating