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Friday, August 18, 2017


Peanut allergy could be cured with probiotics

Study of California Kidney Cancer Shows Declining Incidence, End of a Trend

How Immature Cells Grow Up to Be Red Blood Cells

Reversing brain death: Far-fetched or feasible?

Allergies: Cross-Reactivity Between Cypress Pollen and Peaches/citrus Fruits Explained

How do babies breathe in the womb?

Spider Silk Protein May Be Useful for Engineering Artificial Cardiac Tissue

Surprising neural communication mechanism revealed

Hypertension During Pregnancy May Affect Women's Long-Term Cardiovascular Health

Rheumatoid arthritis: Birth control pill tied to reduced risk

To Reduce Postoperative Pain, Consider Sleep -- And Caffeine

Pickwickian syndrome: All you need to know

Data Revealed Under FOI Shows Benefits of MS Drug Currently Blocked by Regulators

Enthesopathy: Symptoms and treatment

Lasers Used to Detect Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Fears erased with pulses of light

Artificial Neural Networks Decode Brain Activity During Performed and Imagined Movements

Bipolar disorder: Brain mechanism could be key for prevention

Can a blood test detect cancer earlier?

Schizophrenia in children: What you need to know

Parents link concussion with football, but ignore other contact sports: survey


Thursday, August 17, 2017


Vitamin C may stop leukemia from progressing

NASA Protects Its Super Heroes from Space Weather

Could outdoor light exposure at night heighten breast cancer risk?

Looking to the Future of Bone Replacements

How long does a blood transfusion last?

Telling People Not to 'Down' Drinks Could Make Them Drink More

Alzheimer's could be diagnosed early with sniff tests

Smoking Raises Risk of Aneurysm Recurrence After Endovascular Treatment

Cancer drugs that halt tumors can also shrink them

Eye Patterns in Children: The Development of Anxiety and Emotion

Box breathing for anxiety: Techniques and tips

New Terahertz Imaging Approach Could Speed Up Skin Cancer Detection

Solar urticaria: Treatment, management, and symptoms

FDA OKs Pfizer drug for rare, fast-killing type of leukemia

Nerve fibers regenerated with molecular mix

Scientists tout positive findings in peanut allergy pill study

Processed foods linked with cancer risk in slim older women

Americans injure themselves grooming pubic hair

Jumping genes made us human, but can they cause disease?  

Is it really Lyme disease? New test may be able to tell

Subchondral bone cyst: Causes, treatment, and symptoms

Most contact lens wearers make one of these mistakes

Simulation Shows the High Cost of Dementia, Especially for Families

Energy Dense Foods May Increase Cancer Risk Regardless of Obesity Status

Are Stem Cells the Link Between Bacteria and Cancer?

Estrogen-Mediated Brain Protection Directly Linked to Intake of Fatty Acids Found in Oils

Peroxisomes Identified as 'Fighters' in the Battle Against Bacterial Infections


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Toxic Formaldehyde Is Produced Inside Our Own Cells, Scientists Discover

Insufficient sleep raises type 2 diabetes risk in children

Late-night snacking could be damaging your skin

Could Olfactory Loss Point to Alzheimer's Disease?

Sperm morphology: Tests and results

Brain Tumor Cells' Adaptation to Oxygen Deprivation Mapped

White matter: The brain's flexible but underrated superhighway

Chewing Gum Rapid Test for Inflammation

Under-skin transplants show promise for type 1 diabetes

Heavily-Used Pesticide Linked to Breathing Problems in Farmworkers' Children

Allergy wheezing: Causes, diagnosis, and treatment

Life at Home Affects Kids at School, Some More Than Others

Does laser therapy for knee pain work?

Online Education Boosts Proper Use of Drugs That Prevent Blood Clots

Brain's 'fear hub' generates neurons in adulthood

Scientists Use Magnetic Fields to Remotely Stimulate Brain -- And Control Body Movements

Habitual cannabis use alters brain oxygen   

U.S. antidepressant use jumps 65 percent in 15 years

Right ventricular hypertrophy: Causes and complications

Using music to help unlock Alzheimer's patients' memories


Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Evidence Does Not Support the Use of Gabapentinoids for Chronic Low Back Pain

Why is knee arthritis twice as common as it used to be?

Alzheimer's: Low serotonin levels may drive development

Mercury Is Altering Gene Expression

How do broken bones heal?

'Fat but Fit' Are at Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Cutaneous horn: Pictures, causes, and treatment

Competitiveness, Aggression and Hormone Levels: How They Are Connected

'Metabolically healthy obese' at twice the risk of heart disease

Artificial Blood Vessels Mimic Rare Accelerated Aging Disease

Cannabis for pain and PTSD 'lacks high-quality evidence'

Human Intrusion on Fruit Bat Habitats Raises Exposure Risk to Hendra Virus in Australia

Henoch-Schönlein purpura: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Birth Defects, Cancer Linked

Do probiotics for eczema work?

Marijuana Use Amongst Youth Stable, but Substance Abuse Admissions Up

Early life physical activity may prevent cognitive decline

The Lining of Our Intestines Uses Business Process for Fast Digestion

How to eat right when you are feeling stressed

How a Nutrient, Glutamine, Can Control Gene Programs in Cells

'Delicate balance' between alcohol's protective and harmful effects

Understanding Antibiotic Resistance

Woman speaks out after 11 people in her family get breast cancer

Eating Habits Affect Skin's Protection Against Sun

Azotemia: Symptoms, types, and treatment

Study links a lack of sleep in children with increased Type 2 diabetes risk


Monday, August 14, 20 17


Genetic drivers of deadly brain cancer uncovered

The Secret to Beating Bone and Joint Health Injuries? Get to the Right Medical Team

Hair growth stimulated using stem cells

New Way to Activate Stem Cells to Make Hair Grow

Choledocholithiasis: Causes, symptoms, and diagnosis

Brain Injury in Kids Might Lead to Alcohol Abuse

Specialized stem cells may rejuvenate aged hearts

Cardiac Stem Cells from Young Hearts Could Rejuvenate Old Hearts

Smoker's cough: Symptoms, causes, and home remedies

Long-Term Diabetes Complication: Liver Inflammation Raises Cholesterol Levels

Dorsiflexion: Injuries and mobility exercises

High Sugar Consumption Gives Rise to Dental Treatment Costs in the Billions

Blood Biopsy Test Reads Platelets to Detect Human Lung Cancer

Breast Cancer Study in India Shows How the Country Can Avoid Crisis

Could sleep disorders raise the risk of preterm birth?

Coke or Pepsi? Partner's Choices Can Make You Miserable

Research Review Recommends Eliminating Widely Ordered Blood Test for Diagnosing Heart Attacks

Secret to Happiness May Include More Unpleasant Emotions

From Thousands of Suspects, Researchers Ferret out Cancer-Causing Genes

Spondylolisthesis: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

Doctors Trained at Lowest-Ranked Medical Schools Prescribe More Opioids

Injectable Tissue Patch Could Help Repair Damaged Organs

Discovery of New Prostate Cancer Biomarkers Could Improve Precision Therapy

E-cigarettes: How safe are they for cardiovascular health?

High Use of Electronic Cigarettes Seen in 8th-9th Graders in Oregon

An alcoholic drink per day can lower risk of cardiovascular disease, study says

Granulins Are Brain Treasure, Not Trash

There is NO conclusive evidence that marijuana helps with chronic pain and PTSD, 20-year study finds


Sunday, August 13, 2017


What is sputum?

Cerebral spinal fluid analysis: Tests and results

Restrictive lung disease: Types, causes, and treatment

Embracing negative emotions could boost psychological well-being

Caput succedaneum: Symptoms, causes, and outlook

Leukemia: Mushroom protein could be used in future treatments


Saturday, August 12, 2017


Do pets really benefit children's health? Large study investigates

E-Cigarette Use Accelerates Effects of Cardiovascular Aging

Why does the flu trigger MS relapse? Study investigates

Menopausal Status May Better Predict Blood Vessel Health in Women Than Fitness Level

Iron poisoning: What you need to know

Gripe water: Uses and other treatments for baby colic

Vasectomy reversal: What to expect

How is hepatitis C transmitted?