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Friday, July 14, 2017


Report: Mac and cheese contains chemicals banned from baby products

New form of CBT may help with chronic pain management

Source of Cell-Specific Change in Alzheimer's Disease

Is there a link between A-fib and time spent working?

Females With Autism Show Greater Difficulty With Day-to-Day Tasks Than Male Counterparts

Bacterium promotes colorectal tumor growth

Long Working Hours Increases the Risk of Developing Atrial Fibrillation

Benefit of caffeine on preemie lungs endures into childhood

Poor Thyroid Function May Affect Dialysis Patients' Quality of Life and Daily Living

Porphyria: Types, causes, and management

How Statins Could Be More Effective in Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

Torn meniscus: Causes, symptoms, and recovery

Side Effects Not a Major Problem for New Class of Breast Cancer Drugs

Common chemicals in plastic linked to chronic disease

How Protein Interactions Drive Cellular Death

TBI and dementia: Link or no link?

Not All Muscle Building Supplements Are Equal

Tattoos: Does ink travel through your body?

Restless Legs Syndrome Linked to Poor Sleep Quality, Impaired Function in Pregnancy

Calcium could be the answer to C. difficile infection

Colles fracture: Treatment and recovery

Baby goes home after bone marrow transplant, 100-plus day hospital stay

Physician burnout: Running on an empty tank

Woman undergoes C-section, open-heart surgery to save baby


Thursday, July 13, 2017


Testing a Soft Artificial Heart

Study provides new insights into male pattern baldness

Diet Rich in Tomatoes Cuts Skin Cancer in Half in Mice

Best 10 blogs for depression

Vaccines Protect Fetuses from Zika Infection, Mouse Study Shows

Green, yellow, or brown phlegm: What does it mean?.

Genetically Enhanced, Cord-Blood Derived Immune Cells Strike B-Cell Cancers 

Breast implants linked to cancer: What women should know

Is 'Ovarian Tissue Freezing' Superior to Egg Freezing?

Scientists find common genes involved in muscle strength   

Babies With Hearing Loss Form Better Vocabulary With Early Intervention 

Dozens OD on synthetic marijuana in one town

Seven benefits of kefir  

50-Year-Old Flu Virus Model Revamped, Revealing Pandemic Prediction Possibilities

Why this cancer may not need treatment right away

Higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer in taller and heavier men

Newly Discovered Elovanoids Called a 'Transformative New Concept of Biology'

Daily step counts: How U.S. compares to other countries

MS risk reduced by breast-feeding, study suggests

Panel calls on FDA to review safety of opioid painkillers

Coffee: The science behind the health claims

About CAR-T leukemia therapy, part of a new era in cancer treatment

Peroneal tendonitis: Causes, treatment, and recovery

FDA OKs new Johnson & Johnson treatment for psoriasis


Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Hormone Replacement Therapies Help Breast Cancer Grow, Spread

Woman dies after contracting rare tick-borne virus

House Dust Spurs Growth of Fat Cells in Lab Tests

Iron deficiency may raise heart disease risk

Everyday Chemicals Linked to Chronic Disease in Men

The toll ongoing stress can take on a child's brain

Detecting Long-Term Concussion in Athletes

Could house dust make us fat?

Diabetes Causes Shift in Oral Microbiome That Fosters Periodontitis, Penn Study Finds

Blood test may hold promise for pancreatic cancer

The Fork in the Road to DNA Repair

Brain-training games 'do not boost cognition'

Common Strength 'Genes' Identified for First Time

Boy high-fives with new 3D-printed prosthetic arm

Chronic Liver Inflammation Linked to Western Diet

Enterococcus faecalis: Infections, transmission, and treatment

Targeting 'Broken' Metabolism in Immune Cells Reduces Inflammatory Disease

Hypermagnesemia: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Migraines could be predicted with new stress model

How many cells are in the human body?

Autism: Which children respond to oxytocin treatment?

Osteopenia: Causes, treatments, and prevention

Even modest diet swaps could reduce risk of death

Three things you need to know when your patient is a doctor

Surgery for early-stage prostate cancer does not lead to longer lives, study finds

ADHD Medication Tied to Lower Risk for Alcohol, Drug Abuse in Teens and Adults


Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Strawberry compound may prevent Alzheimer's

Eye Microbiome Trains Immune Cells to Fend Off Pathogens in Mice

Depression and the brain: Study finds sex-specific differences in teens

Type 1 Diabetes Risk Linked to Intestinal Viruses

Bad sleep increases Alzheimer's-related brain proteins

Neural Stem Cells Steered by Electric Fields in Rat Brain

Why is my period late? Eight possible reasons 

Accessing DNA in the Cell's Powerhouse to Treat Disease

Axillary web syndrome: Symptoms and treatment

Cannibal Cells May Limit Cancer Growth

‘A true living drug’: FDA on cusp of approving gene therapy for blood cancers

Viagra may reduce blood clots after stent surgery

From garden to grill, chef teaches sick kids to cook for health

Your daily coffee could help you live longer  

New hope in search for vaccine against gonorrhea

Graft-versus-host disease: Types, treatment, and outlook

UK's May orders probe into contaminated blood scandal


Monday, July 10, 2017


Biomarkers could predict which diets are best for weight loss

Large-Scale, Collaborative Effort Could Help Ease Global Hearing Loss

How video games affect the brain

Elevated Cancer Risk in Holocaust Survivors

Seniors' well-being may depend more on psychological factors than physical ones

A Novel Practical Test for the Function of HDL, the Carrier of 'Good' Cholesterol

Brains of bulimic people may react differently to food cues

Improving Cardiac ICU Outcomes Through Specialized 24/7 Care

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

Brain Training Has No Effect on Decision-Making or Cognitive Function, Researchers Report

Manuka honey: Is it really a superfood?

Natural Plant Compound May Reduce Mental Effects of Aging, More Evidence Shows

Medication mistakes are on the rise

Cranberries May Aid the Gut Microbiome, Food Scientists Find

Low gene expression may raise susceptibility to depression

Why Strength Depends on More Than Muscle

Toxic drugs, snake bites, secret agents: Survival tips if you've been poisoned

Under Stress, Brains of Bulimics Respond Differently to Food

How does a high-fat diet raise colorectal cancer risk? A high-fat diet is linked to a greater risk of colorectal cancer. Now, researchers believe they have found a molecular explanation for this association.

Age, Obesity Conspire to Damage the Tiny Blood Vessels That Feed the Heart, Causing Heart Failure

Medicaid Enrollees Satisfied With Coverage, Physician Access, Survey Finds

More patients are recording their doctor visits

Notable Decrease in IVC Filter Usage After FDA Advisory

Bleeding ulcer: What causes it and is it serious?

Glioblastoma 'Ecosystem' Redefined for More Effective Immunotherapy Trials

New clues linking poor sleep and Alzheimer's

Doctors: No mentor yet? Are you missing out? Mentoring in medicine has taken a dive due to the high-pressure environment faced by doctors. Learn how to find a good mentor to help your career.

Java drinkers, rejoice: Coffee may help you live longer


Sunday, July 9, 2017


What goes on inside the brain of a psychopath?

No link between fertility treatment and divorce rates

Twelve sunscreen myths and facts

Fifteen possible causes of abdominal pain

Pityriasis rosea: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment


Saturday, July 8, 2017


The struggle of self-control watched in real time

Find exercise too strenuous? A placebo might help

Heart palpitations: Causes, tests, and treatment

Seven-day diabetes meal plan: Options for healthful eating

Eyelid twitch: Common causes, treatment, and prevention

Killing Cancer in the Heat of the Moment