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Friday, July 1, 2016


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Scientists identify trigger and treatment

Ask Well: Is Watermelon Good for You?

BRCA1 gene mutation may raise risk of aggressive endometrial cancer

Growing Pains for Field of Epigenetics as Some Call for Overhaul

Simple list of seven predictors helps screen patients at risk of COPD

Sunscreen and Bug Spray: Children’s Summer Skin Care

Herpesviruses could be eradicated with gene-editing technique

A Call for Action on Toxic Chemicals  (A coalition of top doctors, scientists and health advocates is calling for more aggressive regulation of chemicals found in household items.)

Benign Bacteria Block Mosquitoes from Transmitting Zika, Chikungunya Viruses

Battling P.T.S.D., One Mile at a Time

Cravings for High-Calorie Foods May Be Switched Off in the Brain by New Supplement 

Obama confident Zika vaccine can be developed

Bacteria Can Multiply Disease-Inducing Genes to Rapidly Cause Infection

This is the riskiest time for kids in the water

E. Coli: The Ideal Transport Vehicle for Next-Gen Vaccines? 

BBQ mishaps that could ruin your holiday weekend

Injectable Biomaterial Could Be Used to Manipulate Organ Behavior

"It just blew": Stay safe around fireworks July Fourth

U.S. cancer survivors living longer than ever before


Thursday, June 30, 2016


Marijuana compound removes Alzheimer's-related protein from nerve cells

Milk and Other Surprising Ways to Stay Hydrated

Air Pollution Linked to Increased Rates of Kidney Disease

Brain tumors: Researchers hail soluble aspirin as potential breakthrough

Telomere Length Is Indicator of Blood Count Recovery in Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Hundreds of clinics sell unapproved stem cell "therapies"

Does Discrimination Increase Drinking?

Lou Gehrig's: Safety of stem cell treatment investigated

Zebrafish Reveal the Ups and Downs of Vision

These jobs have the highest rates of suicide

Potential Flaws in Test for Lyme Disease

Diabetes risk increased for men who get too much, too little sleep

The RNA That Snips and Stitches RNA

Woman's pet dog gave her life-threatening infection

Early Diagnosis, Effective Therapy Vital for Treatment of Deadly Invasive Aspergillosis

Why the FDA is warning you not to eat raw cookie dough


Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Little to No Association Between Butter Consumption, Chronic Disease or Total Mortality

Aloe vera should be investigated as diabetes treatment, study says

A Protein Coat Helps Chromosomes Keep Their Distance

Protein Associated With Improved Survival in Some Breast Cancer Patients

When Doctors Have Conflicts of Interest

Total Face Transplant in Patient With Severe Burns: Team Outlines Surgical Approach

F.D.A. Ruins Raw Cookie Dough for Everybody

Researchers Identify the Molecular Roots of Lung Damage in Preemies With GI Disease

When Doctors Have Conflicts of Interest

Overweight Youths at Greater Risk for Heart Failure

Could Environmental Chemicals Shape Our Exercise Habits?

Certain Red Flags Indicate an Increased Need for Intensive Care Among Patients With Asthma

Educating Parents on Healthy Infant Sleep Habits May Help Prevent Obesity

Watching the Brain During Language Learning

Test to Predict Sepsis in Burns Patients Developed

Ovarian Cancer Study Uncovers New Biology

Travelers to Dominican Republic Lead New York City in Positive Zika Tests 

Cancer Cells Play Hide-and-Seek With Immune System

Cannibalism: A health warning

Can Healthy Eating Reduce Diabetes Risk?

Popular weed killer faces lawsuit over cancer claims

Special Properties of Pneumococci Affect Their Ability to Cause Meningitis

Collisions During DNA Replication, Transcription Contribute to Mutagenesis

E-cigarettes might lead to oral disease, study suggests

No Risk of Contracting Dementia Through Blood Transfusion

FDA questions effectiveness of hand sanitizers

New Clues About the Aging Brain's Memory Functions

TBI: Noninvasive drug delivery method could treat brain tissue damage

Testing for Malaria -- Or Cancer -- At Home, Via Cheap Paper Strips

Why mosquitoes seem to find these people irresistible

Your Blood Can Reveal Your Risk for Heart Disease

Obesity and multiple sclerosis: Is there a causal relationship?

Cannabinoids Remove Plaque-Forming Alzheimer's Proteins from Brain Cells


Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Germs in the Subway Are the Harmless Kind

Pelvic Exams May Not Prolong Life, a Task Force Says

Latest Plan to Cut Medicare Drug Payments Leaves Senators Skeptical

Fish Oil During Pregnancy Offers No Protection for Children Against Obesity

Zika infection lingers longer in pregnancy, monkey study finds

Helicopter Parents: Hovering May Have Effect as Kids Transition to Adulthood

FDA approves first pill to treat all types of hepatitis C

Early Screening Spots Emergency Workers at Greater Risk of Mental Illness

Chronic fatigue syndrome: Could altered gut bacteria be a cause?

Novel Lipid Lowering Medication Improves Blood Sugar Control in Type 2 Diabetes

What you need to know about early-onset Alzheimer's

Research Links High Zinc Levels, Kidney Stones

Foot wrap shows promise as drug-free option to treat restless legs syndrome

Methylene Blue Shows Promise for Improving Short-Term Memory: Study in Humans

Top 10 dangerous summer toys and recreation hazards

Greenery in Neighborhoods May Reduce Adolescent Aggressive Behavior

Parkinson's disease: New protein discovery could fuel new treatments 

Non-Healing Tissue from Diabetic Foot Ulcers Reprogrammed as Pluripotent Stem Cells

These plant compounds may reduce menopause symptoms

Researchers Identify Possible Link Between the Environment and Puberty

Axial spondyloarthritis: Patients see sustained benefit with certolizumab pegol

Biologists Explain Function of Pentagone


Monday, June 27, 2016


2009 Swine Flu Pandemic Originated in Mexico

Could mimicking infants' immune response produce a faster-acting HIV vaccine? 

Hovering, intrusive parents may put kids at risk

Food’s Transit Time Through Body Is a Key Factor in Digestive Health

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce risk of death from heart attack

Drug That Helps Addicts May Help Treat Cancer Too, Say Experts

Boost your memory with this simple trick

Virtual Tissue Technology Reveals New Drug Target in Polycystic Kidney Disease

Cruciferous vegetables protect against oral cancer, study shows

Gene Hunters Find Rare Inherited Mutations Linked to Bipolar Disorder

New law supports first responders who treat injured pets

Ladykiller: Artificial Sweetener Proves Deadly for Female Flies

Gut bacteria may have role in bile duct cancer

Link Between Gut Bacteria, MS Discovered

​Pepsi to reintroduce aspartame in new diet beverage

Benefits of Drinking Coffee Outweigh Risks, Review Suggests

Obese fathers may increase daughters' breast cancer risk

3-D Printing Produces Cartilage from Strands of Bioink

Pediatricians urged to screen teens for suicide risks

Anthrax Capsule Vaccine Completely Protects Monkeys from Lethal Inhalational Anthrax

Unproven Claims Run Rampant in E-Cigarette Business

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is in Your Gut, Not Your Head

Researchers Devise Tool to Improve Imaging of Neuronal Activity in the Brain

New Software Improves Ability to Catalog Bacterial Pathogens

In First-Ever Survey, 36 Percent of Water Polo Players Report Concussions

No Association Between 'Bad Cholesterol' and Elderly Deaths

Overweight or Not, Mannose Levels May Indicate Diabetes Risk

Prognostic Factor Indicates Risk of Cancer Recurrence Following Radical Prostatectomy

Text Messaging With Smartphones Triggers a New Type of Brain Rhythm

How Is Food Represented in Our Brain?

Epigenetics: New Tool for Precision Medicine

Righting the Wrongs of Misfolded Proteins

The Alternative Medical Bill: $30.2 Billion

Newly-Discovered Signal in the Cell Sets Protein Pathways to Mitochondria

An N.Y.U. Study Gone Wrong, and a Top Researcher Dismissed

Lower Levels of Coenzyme Q10 in Blood Associated With Multiple System Atrophy

Putting Breast Cancer on a Diet

Children Consuming Sports Drinks Unnecessarily


Sunday, June 26, 2016


High-fiber diet alters gut bacteria to protect against food allergy

Understanding Risk Factors Involved in Initiation of Adolescent Alcohol Use

'It's my turn!' Value of turn-taking not understood until the age of 5


Saturday, June 25, 2015 


Dissolving blood clots with magnetic nanoparticles

Migraine: Discovery of new genetic risk variants supports a vascular cause