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Friday, June 10, 2016


Parkinson's connection to faulty mitochondria investigated

Zika Virus Causes Pregnancy Dilemmas in Outbreak Areas Due to Birth Defect Fears

Toxoplasma infection might trigger neurodegenerative disease

New Treatment Offers Hope for Children With Debilitating Skin and Muscle Disease

Prescription Drug Abuse Among Older Adults Is Harder to Detect

Facebook Key to Identifying Thousands With Inflammatory Back Pain

Lupus raises women's risk of cervical cancer

Southern Europe Risks Zika Outbreaks This Summer

Lab Worker in Pittsburgh Is Accidentally Infected With Zika Virus

The Vascular Bypass Revolution

New MS treatment shows promise, but experts urge caution

Pill May Increase Survival After Colon Cancer

Are workaholics more likely to have anxiety, OCD?

Atrial Fibrillation Associated With Higher Death Risk in Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

Teen's death from melanoma inspires change

Laser Ablation Becomes Increasingly Viable Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Dozens sickened at California restaurant

Strong Prevalence of Insomnia Symptoms Among Female Veterans

Internally decapitated boy making remarkable recovery

Disease That Causes Blindness in Children Tied to New Gene


Thursday, June 9, 2016


Research Traces Link Between Combat Blasts and PTSD

Why do women have a higher stroke hospitalization risk than men?

Specific UV light kills MRSA without damaging human tissue

Marriage may offer a boost for heart attack survivors

Diabetes More Frequent in Children With Chronic Rheumatic Disease

Can your genes predict future success in life?

Diet Lacking in Zinc Is Detrimental to Human, Animal Health

Watchdog: FDA food recall procedures put consumers at risk

High-Definition Imaging to Improve Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Cigarette smoking in high school at 'all-time low,' CDC report

Food Allergies: Avoiding Allergens Is Best Protection

Most antidepressants ineffective in teens, study finds

Cancer Drugs Could Target Autoimmune Diseases

Acute myeloid leukemia has at least 11 different subtypes

How Gene Activation Protein Works


Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Increase in Biomarker Linked With Increased Risk of Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Death

Graphic Cigarette Warnings Deter Smokers

World's First Child-Exoskeleton for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Zika Virus Forces Tough Choices on Couples Seeking Fertility Treatment

Plant-Based Sweeteners May Help Individuals Control Their Blood Glucose Levels

Spider venom suggests pain solution for IBS

Air Pollution Affects Young Peopleís Psychiatric Health

A fresh look at food expiration labels

Barley Lowers Not One but Two Types of 'Bad Cholesterol,' Review Suggests

Stress in pregnancy and autism: New gene-stress interaction uncovered

Mathematical Simulation of Open-Heart Surgery Lends Clues to Kidney Failure

Baby born to brain-dead mother after almost 4 months

Addressing Antibiotic Resistance: Breath Analysis Aims to Reduce Unnecessary Prescriptions

Mediterranean diet high in vegetable fats 'benefits weight as much as low-fat diet'

How Altered Gut Microbes Cause Obesity

Standard Blood Pressure Target Is Sufficient for Treating Some Strokes

DNA 'Scrunching' Could Be New Target for Antiviral Drugs

Metabolite of Multiple Sclerosis Drug Could Be Safe, Effective Therapy for Parkinson's Disease

Myocardial Infarction: Rush-Hour for Neutrophils

Single Strain of Plague Bacteria Sparked Multiple Historical and Modern Pandemics

Constipated? Study Finds Surprising Cause

New Compound Shows Potential for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Immune System Blood Cell a Potential Marker for Sinus Polyp Regrowth


Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Green tea compound could help treat Down syndrome

Salty Surprises in the Food You Eat

Obesity rates increasing in women but not men

The Bigger the Bottle, the Fatter the Baby

Recurrent C. diff infection reduced for high-risk patients in new trials

Fighting Lyme Disease in the Genes of Nantucketís Mice

Moving houses in childhood increases suicide, death risk

Thailand first country in Asia to stop mother-child HIV transmission

Long-Term Marijuana Use Changes Brain's Reward Circuit

Sleep-deprived at increased risk of heart disease

Study Questions Cancer Link With Bone Growth Factor for Spinal Surgery

4-year-old survives internal decapitation

Natural Killer Cells Have a Memory

Why pregnant women shouldn't give in to food cravings

Predicting Advanced Prostate Cancer Outcomes With NaF-PET/CT

New study shows who's most at risk for anxiety

Antipsychotic Meds for Foster Care, Other Poor Children: Still Quality Challenges

FDA: People are overdosing on anti-diarrhea drugs

Autism With Intellectual Disability Linked to Mother's Immune Dysfunction During Pregnancy

Mediterranean Diet High in Healthy Fat Does Not Lead to Weight Gain, According to Randomized Trial

New Types of Blood Cancer Discovered in Children

Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Blood May Help Treat Eczema

You Could Be Paying More for Less Effective Medicine

Unexpected Function of Small Nucleolar RNAs Explains Cause of Some Diseases

New Approach to MRI Imaging Links Saturated Fats to Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women

Chemical 'Sponges' Designed to Soak Up Toxic Cancer-Fighting Drugs After Targeting Tumors


Monday, June 6, 2016


Stress-Diabetes Link Detailed in New Study

Early Puberty in Girls Raises the Risk of Depression

Copper Is Key in Burning Fat

The U.S. Is Failing in Infant Mortality, Starting at One Month Old

Personalized Medicine Leads to Better Outcomes for Patients With Cancer

Migrants Willing to Pay Price Not to Change Diet, Study Says

Electroacupuncture May Help Relieve Pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Shows Randomized Controlled Trial

Do picture warnings on cigarettes increase quit attempts?

New Compound Shows Promise Against Malaria

Violence and mental illness: Is media overplaying link?

Scientists Find New Roles for Old RNAs

Stroke patients able to walk again after stem cell transplant

Novel Imaging Model Helps Reveal New Therapeutic Target for Pancreatic Cancer

Septic shock: The end-game medical condition that claimed Muhammad Ali

Anabolic Steroid Abuse May Increase Risk of Abnormal Heart Rhythm and Stroke

Anxiety disorders 'most common among women and young adults'

Expansion of Kidney Progenitor Cells Toward Regenerative Medicine

When to give up: Treatment or comfort for last stage cancer?

Aspects of the Regulation of the Anti-Tumor Protein P53

Masculinity perceptions higher for men who wear deodorant

New Gene Shown to Cause Parkinson's Disease

Study May Help Reassure Women Taking Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer

Pembrolizumab Elicits Significant Antitumor Activity in Head and Neck Cancer Patients


Sunday, June 5, 2016


Stroke severity worse for shift workers

Pancreatic cancer treatment: blocking key protein that protects tumors


Saturday, June 4, 2016


Preterm labor prediction from model of electrical activity in contractions

Overweight Very Young Children Consume Larger Meals

Quitting smoking? Get help from your menstrual cycle

Chemotherapy and Exercise: The Right Dose of Workout Helps Side Effects

Bacteria Found in Female Upper Reproductive Tract, Once Thought Sterile

Type 2 Diabetes Drug Could Be Beneficial for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Why Immune-Boosting Therapy Doesn't Work for Everyone With Widespread Melanoma