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Friday, May 12, 2017


Doctors warn about nasty parasite in sushi

Delaying blood thinning treatment may raise dementia risk

Video Imaging Reveals How Immune Cells Sense Danger

First genetic location found for anorexia nervosa

Stress-Mitigation Interventions for Parents Did Not Lessen Symptoms Among Kids With Asthma

Statins: How safe are they?

Osteoarthritis Could Be Prevented With Good Diet and Exercise 

Brunchers beware: “Avocado hand” injuries on the rise

Stem Cells in Plants and Animals Behave Surprisingly Similarly

The best apps for dieting and weight loss

Chronic Childhood Illness Linked With Later Life Mental Health Problems 

Cyberattack cripples hospitals, spreads across borders

Immune Cells Rely on Receptor to Signal Counterattack on Parasitic Worm

Experts define obesity as a disease

Invasive Lung Cancer Cells Display Symbiosis: Key to Metastasis

Dutch court rules 12-year-old boy can refuse chemotherapy

How to make informed decisions from diabetes commercials

Why the 'exercise pill' isn't likely to eliminate the gym any time soon

Cholesterol-free diet: Recipes and possible health benefits

New 'exoskeleton' technology can help protect seniors from slips and falls

Is it safe to use metformin during pregnancy?

One fourth of Medicare recipients spend 20 percent of income on medical costs


Thursday, May 11, 2017


Zinc Acetate Lozenges May Increase the Recovery Rate from the Common Cold by Three-Fold

To experience beauty, we need to think

Low Heart Rate Linked to Stalking Behaviors in Men

Cell transplant keeps diabetes patient off insulin

New Insights Into the Tumor Metabolism

Jogging for 30 minutes per day could slow cellular aging by 9 years

Belief Increases Buzz: Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol

​Common leg cramp remedy linked to deadly risk

Who in Europe Drinks the Most? The Rich

Life expectancy with HIV nears normal with treatment

Antibiotic-Resistant Microbes Date Back to 450 Million Years Ago, Well Before the Age of Dinosaurs

Osteoarthritis: Preventing key molecule deficiency may delay need for joint replacements

"Keyhole" surgery not helpful for knee arthritis

Best smoothies for people with diabetes

Teen student drinking at 25-year low, but binge drinking persists, CDC says

Gluten-free foods may not be healthful, study warns

More price hikes likely for government insurance markets

Six fixes for anterior pelvic tilt

Hepatitis C rates nearly double in pregnant women amid opioid epidemic, CDC says


Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Trendy vegan diets can wreck a child's health: Nutritionists warn that lack of nutrients can cause 'irreversible damage' to their nervous system

Hormone replacement therapy may increase risk of hearing loss

Yogurt Consumption in Older Irish Adults Linked With Better Bone Health

Brain-computer interfaces: Facebook's next frontier

Antibiotic Breakthrough: How to Overcome Gram-Negative Bacterial Defenses

Plant-rich DASH diet linked to lower risk of gout

Early Epigenetic Switches Associated With Childhood Bone Health

Weight loss with insulin resistance: Diet tips and strategies

Genetics Linked to Early-Onset Pancreatitis in Pediatric Patients

Type 2 diabetes: What is the average age of onset?

Mom's viral photos show how postpartum depression feels

Elderly man kills self; said he killed wife with Alzheimer's

Link Between Common Brain Disease and Gut Microbiome

Tuskegee syphilis study descendants still seek healing

Low vitamin D does not raise risk of asthma or dermatitis, study shows

Why some women are undergoing breast "explants"

Hanford nuclear site incident raises questions about health, cancer risks

Pet Dogs Help Kids Feel Less Stressed

Expired EpiPens may still save a life, study finds

Diabetes and abnormal sweating: What is the connection?

Under 'Trumpcare,' women battling metastatic cancer worry they'll be seen as 'lost cause'

Four things Americans should know about the new head of the FDA

Taking ADHD meds may help reduce car crashes


Tuesday, May 9, 2017


CT issues warning to parents about dangers of antihistamines

Statins could soon treat multiple sclerosis as 'momentous' trial begins

Childhood Bullying Linked to Health Risks in Adulthood

NSAID painkillers linked to higher risk of heart attack

Fentanyl Can Sicken First Responders: Possible Solution?

ALS drug approval gives patients hope

Doctors Should Be Paid by Salary, Not Fee-for-Service, Argue Behavioral Economists

Type 2 diabetes and skin health: Conditions and treatment

Could grandparents' outdated parenting put kids at risk?

Grocery lists for type 2 diabetes: What to buy and what to avoid

What’s the Best Way for Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease to Address Abdominal Pain?

Why do some images cause seizures while others do not?

High-tech venture aims to slow aging, cheat death

Key Role for microRNA in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Causes of baldness, gray hair identified

Alzheimer's Disease Likely Not Caused by Low Body Mass Index

Low oxygen reverses neurodegenerative disease in mice

The Veins in Your Brain Don't All Act the Same

Best diabetes apps of 2017

Half of All Seniors Who Went to Doctor for Common Cold Prescribed Unnecessary Antibiotics

Osteoporosis: ACP update treatment guidelines for preventing bone fractures

Conn. issues warning to parents about dangers of antihistamines


Monday, May 8, 2017


Why we should ALL be eating dulse: The powerful new seaweed superfood that can improve eye sight, strengthen bones and lower blood pressure

Painkillers might not work if you are sleep deprived, study suggests

Low-dose cannabinoid THC restores memory and learning in old mice

Dawn phenomenon: How to control high morning blood sugars

Health Eating cheese does not raise risk of heart attack or stroke, study finds

Low Oxygen Reverses Mitochondrial Disease in Mice

Type 1 diabetes cured in mice using gene therapy

 Guideline for Treating Low Bone Density or Osteoporosis to Prevent Fractures

Legalized pot sends more teens to ER, study finds

Neuronal Targets to Restore Movement in Parkinson's Disease Model

Fast food and diabetes: Tips and options for eating out

Women Perform Worse in CPR 

Rx for high prescription drug costs

Modified Insulin and Red Blood Cells Used to Regulate Blood Sugar

New enzyme blocks gluten, relieves symptoms of gluten intolerance

Testosterone Explains Why Women More Prone to Asthma

"Astonishing" number of kids need vision treatment

To Improve Chronic Pain, Get More Sleep (Coffee Helps Too)

Chronic migraine severity reduced with investigational drug

Cancer Cells Shown to Co-Opt DNA 'Repair Crew'

New study sheds light on teen dating abuse

Bullying's Lasting Impact

Can essential oils help treat fibromyalgia?

PTSD, Certain Prescriptions for PTSD May Raise Risk for Dementia 

Rare botulism outbreak leaves 5 hospitalized

Could 'curbside consultations' go digital?

4 out of 5 physician moms report discrimination


Sunday, May 7, 2017


Cinnamon may reduce the harms of a high-fat diet

Can wine protect your neurons? Study investigates

Foods to avoid with high cholesterol


Saturday, May 6, 2017


Relapsing-remitting MS: Alemtuzumab boosts outcomes for black patients

Can swearing increase your physical strength?

Massaging your partner can boost your well-being, reduce stress

Cheyne-Stokes respiration: What you need to know