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Friday, April 29, 2016


Benefits of Stem Cells for Treating Spinal Cord Injuries Assessed

First U.S. Death Tied to Zika Is Reported in Puerto Rico

Salt-Inducible Kinases May Have Therapeutic Potential for Autoimmune Diseases

Psoriasis and obesity may share genetic source

Glucose as a New Energy Source for Pacemakers

Public health officials waiting on Zika funds

A Spoonful of Sugar? Swapping Sugary Drinks for Water and Dairy Seems the Best Medicine

What Disorders Can Affect the Placenta During Pregnancy?

In Older Adults, Frailty and Depression Symptoms Are Linked and Can Affect Spouses

Communities plead for more money to fight Zika

Lab-on-a-chip to measure glucose in a single drop of sweat

Good news for children of older moms

Binge drinking may be encouraged by cycle of stress and reward

This gene may help determine how old you look 

Could gray hair and skin troubles be "tweaked" away? 

Passengers quarantined for norovirus on cruise ship 

FDA reconsiders painkiller training for doctors

7 emergency surgeries you don't want to have to get

At Vatican, Biden pushes for world collaboration in cancer fight (US Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr (D)


Thursday, April 28, 2016


Eating Chocolate Each Day Could Reduce Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Fungal Spores Could ‘hijack’ Human Immune Cells to Spread Infection

Spike in Cost of Certain Oral Cancer Drugs Puts Squeeze on Patients, Study Finds

'Tropical' Parasitic Disease Emerges in Canadian Arctic

Sleep problems may last up to 18 months after TBI

Gut Bacteria May Predict Risk of Life-Threatening Infections Following Chemotherapy

Opioid-Antidote Drug Will Now Be Available to US High Schools for Free

Study Shows How Neurons Decline as Parkinson's Develops

Serotonin gives insight into sudden infant death syndrome

Age-Dependent Changes in Pancreatic Function Related to Diabetes Identified

For Some, Weight Loss Means the Start of a Whole New Life

Study Links Residential Radon Exposure to Hematologic Cancers in Women

Alzheimer's risk higher in people with rosacea

TJP1 Protein May Identify Multiple Myeloma Patients Most Likely to Benefit from Proteasome Inhibitors

Why fewer triplets are being born in the U.S.

RNA Splicing Mutations Play Major Role in Genetic Variation and Disease

When the Patient Won’t Ever Get Better

Excessive Empathy Can Impair Understanding of Others

Thousands flood free medical clinic in Los Angeles

Seeing the Benefits of Failure Shapes Kids' Beliefs About Intelligence 

Get rid of your old pills on Drug Take-Back Day

Friends 'Better Than Morphine'

How parents can help kids pay attention

Vitamin Stops the Aging Process of Organs

How to stop allergies from knocking you out

BPA Determined to Have Adverse Effects on Couples Seeking in Vitro Fertilization 

Coffee, wine good for the gut, but what about soda?

Shape of Tumor May Affect Whether Cells Can Metastasize

How Cancer Cells Escape from Tumors, Spread

New Gene Testing Technology Finds Cancer Risks 'Hiding in Plain Sight'

More Than Just Eyes and Skin: Vitamin A Affects the Heart

Rare Disease Gene Has a Key Role in Chronic Hepatitis C Infection

Researchers Discover Potential Treatment for Sepsis and Other Responses to Infection


Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Food allergy increase not matched by increased sensitivity, study finds

British Medical Group Urges Smokers to Switch to E-Cigarettes

Analysis of Dog Genome Will Provide Insight Into Human Disease

1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion

Experimental Drug Cancels Effect from Key Intellectual Disability Gene in Mice 

Emotionally stable teens got lots of love early on

Even a Little Air Pollution May Have Long-Term Health Effects on Developing Fetus

Scientists Establish First Map of the Sea Lion Brain

Breast Cancer Progression: The Devil Is in the Details

Traumatic brain injuries linked with lasting sleep problems

Faith-Based Health Promotion Program Successful With Older Latinas

Influenza in the Tropics Shows Variable Seasonality

Mom's warning after son nearly dies 2 days after falling off bike

Probiotics Stop Menopause-Like Bone Loss in Mice

Poor children with food allergies may suffer more

Got Good Fat?

Hate exercising? Short bursts could be just as effective

Food Allergies of Low-Income Kids Are Poorly Managed

Severe obesity among U.S. kids still rising: study

No Need to Fast Before a Cholesterol Test

Report: Racial, ethnic disparities persist in health care

Nearly One in Four Babies in NICUs Receive Acid Suppressing Medication

6 measles cases confirmed in Memphis area

Families With Kids Increasingly Live Near Families Just Like Them

Health hazards lurking in the sandbox

Vessel Damage May Precede Diabetic Retinopathy, Researchers Find

Skateboard accidents land scores of kids in the ER every day

Synthetic Cannabinoids Versus Natural Marijuana: A Comparison of Expectations

A doctor reflects on her own cancer and stroke

Listening to the Radio Could Impair Drivers' Concentration 

Smoking banned from San Fran parks for animal health

Who Gets Hooked on Drugs? Rat Study Finds Genetic Markers That Influence Addiction

Bee sting therapy

COPD Linked to Increased Bacterial Invasion


Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Liver cancer risk lingers after hepatitis B virus cleared

Breast-Feeding Guidelines Tweaked for the Sake of Women Who Don't

Childhood obesity is still rising

Notifications About Dense Breasts Can Be Hard to Interpret

Answer to Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Could Already Be on the Market

Ask Well: Which Adults Need the Measles Vaccine?

First Ever Vaccine for Deadly Parasitic Infection May Help Prevent Another Global Outbreak 

Could marijuana help treat painkiller and heroin addiction?

Hybrid Forms of the Common House Mosquito May Serve as Vectors Between Birds, Humans

Drug overdose deaths have increased 70-fold in these places

Excessive Tests Don't Benefit Patient, Do Increase Cost in Age-Related Immune Disorder

Stage 4 cancer was about to cut her life short, but then... 

Abnormally Low Blood Flow Indicates Damage to NFL Players' Brains

Night shift work may harm women's heart health

Type 2 Diabetes Patients 'Let Down' Over Delayed Treatment

Nearly a dozen Harvard students isolated amid mumps outbreak 

New Light Shed on Causes of Movement Disorders in Parkinson's Disease

Norovirus costs billions of dollars globally each year

Light-Activated Nerve Cells: Understanding the Causes of Anxiety, Depression

FDA panel rejects pleas of parents whose children suffer from fatal disease

Nutrient Supplements Can Give Antidepressants a Boost

How Breast Cancer Cells Slide to Metastasis

Scientists Reveal Secrets of a Deadly Virus Family

Cholesterol Levels, Not Statins, Influence Colorectal Cancer Risk

Reducing Waste While Improving Snack Nutrition

Teenage E-Cigarette Use 'Clustered' in Certain Schools, Study Finds

Unexpected Early Bladder Cancer Recurrence: Why?

Hormone Plays Key Role in Vascular Growth

Titanium Dioxide Ups Risk of Bacterial Infection

Rapamycin May Be Used to Treat Neurodegeneration


Monday, April 25, 2016


'Mediterranean' Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes in Heart Patients

More Teenage Girls Seeking Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Top Tobacco Control Experts to FDA: Studies of E-Cigs Suggest More Benefit Than Harm

Soy Shows Promise as Natural Anti-Microbial Agent

New Test for Early Detection of Lyme Disease Developed

Thriving at Age 70 and Beyond

Could a Combined Dietary Supplement Help Ward Off Heart Disease?

For Some Cancers, Risk Lower Among Kids of Non-US-Born Hispanic Mothers

Videogame Addiction Linked to ADHD

Offering Kids a Taste of Alcohol

Scientists Solve Immune System Mystery for Type 1 Diabetes

Birth Defects, Pregnancy Terminations, Miscarriages in Users of Acne Drug

Do Anorexia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigues Share a Common Cause?

A Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Drug Gains Patient Support

Fighting Against Counterfeit Medicine

Food for Retaining Thought

Babies who eat rice cereal have higher arsenic levels: study 

Bed bugs drawn to certain colors, study says 

Does listening to music help babies learn faster? 

Is temporarily turning blue ever normal for babies?

Socially Meaningful Sounds Can Change Ear, Improve Hearing, Study Finds

Silenced by autism, a young man finds his voice

Cashews: Nutritional Information, Health Benefits 

Many Americans turn to prayer for healing

Treating sepsis by protecting blood vessels shows promise

Laundry detergent packets pose increasing risk to children 

Pregnancy guidelines for harmful acne drug not adhered to by many women

Crank up the good foods, don't banish the bad?

Cutting-edge research shows how Zika attacks fetal brains

Nurturing During Preschool Years Boosts Child's Brain Growth

Vitamin D Insufficiency, Low Rate of DNA Methylation in Black Teens May Increase Disease Risk


Sunday, April 24, 2016


Sleep deprivation may lower 'good' cholesterol

Expect an extra week of unhealthy ozone days in the future


Saturday, April 23, 2016


Dark chocolate: a boost for athletes' performance?