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Friday, April 28, 2017


Barium swallow: What to expect and side effects

Single Gene Encourages Growth of Intestinal Stem Cells, Supporting 'Niche' Cells, and Cancer

CDC working to keep yellow fever vaccine supply from running out

Obesity exacerbates type 2 diabetes-related brain abnormalities

Health officials warn of mercury in skin cream

When the Smoke Clears: Tobacco Control in Post-Conflict Settings

Psoriasis on the face: Symptoms, causes, and treatments

Drug approved for rare disease, too late for one family

Primary School Children Get Less Active With Age, Study Finds

How does diabetes affect your sex life?

New Appetite Control Mechanism Found in Brain

Success in the 3-D Bioprinting of Cartilage

Tonic water compounds prevent allergic asthma in mice

The Swollen Colon: Cause of Chronic Inflammation Discovered

Cannabis and schizophrenia: New evidence unveiled

Antibiotics Counteract the Beneficial Effect of Whole Grain

Prediabetes: Symptoms, causes, and risk factors

Zika Virus May Persist in Central Nervous System

Cinnamon and diabetes: Effect on blood sugar and overall health

Predicting Parathyroid Cancer Recurrence

Diet tips for a healthy gallbladder

First Endoscopic Stricturotomy With Needle Knife

Standard test may miss urinary infection in symptomatic women

Further Knowledge Required About the Differences Between Milk Proteins

Are peanuts good for diabetes? Effect on disease risk

Follow-Up Colonoscopies Associated With a Significantly Lower Incidence of Bowel Cancer


Thursday, April 27, 2017


Resource Availability Drives Person-to-Person Variations in Microbes Living in the Body

Italian-style coffee could halve the risk of prostate cancer

Trauma Surgeon Seeing Rise in Burns from Electronic Cigarettes

If your grandmother smoked, you may be more likely to develop autism

Cystic Fibrosis: Interactions Between Bacteria That Infect Lungs Uncovered

Face cooling may temporarily prevent cardiovascular shutdown following blood loss 

Maternal Marijuana Use Linked to Low Birth Weight

Getting your wisdom teeth out? Watch for "dry socket"

Strong Parent Connections Enhance Children's Ability to Develop Healthy Response to Stress

Jaw pain: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Antidepressant May Enhance Drug Delivery to the Brain 

Blood test offers hope for better lung cancer treatment

New Blood Test May Better Predict Gestational Diabetes

Can I get a tattoo if I have psoriasis?

New Blood Cancer Study With 'Outstanding' Results 

What Oktoberfest study reveals about heavy drinking

New Fiber Optic Probe Brings Endoscopic Diagnosis of Cancer Closer to the Clinic

Sliding scale insulin therapy: How it works, doses, alternatives

Helping Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Sufferers

Drugged driving more fatal than drunk driving, report says

Exercise and Vitamin D Better Together for Heart Health

Risk factors for diabetes: Type 1, type 2, and gestational

Underdiagnoses of Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Findings Suggest

One woman's story of exercise addiction shows the consequences

Is agave syrup the best sweetener for diabetes?

Stem Cells Edited to Fight Arthritis

Exercise can help offset effects of 'fat gene,' study finds

Mouse Teeth Providing New Insights Into Tissue Regeneration

Female Partners Can Help Facilitate Early Melanoma Detection in Men Over 50, Research Shows


Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Cannabis Use in Adolescence Linked to Schizophrenia

Specialists under fire for dismissing saturated fat link to heart disease

Link between chronic fatigue syndrome and gut bacteria explored

Food Photos Help Instagram Users With Healthy Eating

Blood test offers hope for better lung cancer treatment

Lunch ideas for people with type 2 diabetes

Cancer DNA test can spot recurrence a year before normal scans

Sense of smell is a unique product of genes and experience

Plan to give health care to every Californian moves forward

Breast rashes: Which symptoms suggest cancer?

Report: Cows, chickens taint Shenandoah River with E. coli

Worldwide statistics on breast cancer: Diagnosis and risk factors

FDA cracks down on bogus cancer treatments

Why birth control affects some women more than others: Scientists discover estrogen-heavy pills hamper memory and increase anxiety in females with a certain gene variant 

Opioid-related deaths may be underestimated

P53 Critical to Recovering from Acetaminophen Overdose

Demi Lovato under fire for promoting weight loss tea containing laxative which could irritate colon and remove key nutrients from the bowels

Major Health Benefits Linked to Indoor Temperature Variation, Study Finds

Dental clinic reopens after bacterial outbreaks

Link Between Alcohol Consumption, Cardiac Arrhythmias Found in Drinkers at the Munich Octoberfest

More evidence Parkinson's starts in the gut: Removing a section of digestive tract nerve lowers your risk by 40%, study claims

Ingesting Soy Protein May Ease Severity of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Autism linked to many other health issues

Energy drinks ARE more dangerous than other caffeine-laden options and raise blood pressure in just 2 hours

Tracking Unstable Chromosomes Helps Predict Lung Cancer's Return

New computers 'could delete thoughts without your knowledge'

Possible New Tool for First Responders: An Ice Bag to the Face

Three espressos a day cuts prostate cancer risk by 50%, study claims

A Chicken-Egg Question: Where Do Baby Genes Come From?

Medical marijuana laws linked to greater increase in illicit use, disorders

Readmission Penalties Don't Correlate to Heart Attack Outcomes


Tuesday, April 25, 2017


High blood pressure: Sodium may not be the culprit

Hope for preemies as artificial womb helps tiny lambs grow

Junk food and diabetes: Recommendations and tips for eating out

Medical student's death highlights high rates of physician suicides

Nanovaccine shows potential as immunotherapy for cancer

Vitamin A and a High-Fat Diet Increasing Risk for Obesity, Diabetes

FDA: Avoid fake 'miracle' cancer treatments sold on internet

'Diet' Products Can Make You Fat, Study Shows

Advanced liver cancer: Selective internal radiation therapy safer than sorafenib

High Rate of Tumor Shrinkage Among Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Despite vaccination success, US still faces outbreaks

Decrease in Cardiovascular Diseases Benefits Persons With Diabetes

Six home remedies for hemorrhoids

A Novel Form of Iron for Fortification of Foods

'Superbug' fungus new menace in US hospitals, mostly NY, NJ

Geophagy: Eating Soil Could Harm Babies

Hemorrhagic stroke: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

Low Levels of 'Memory Protein' Linked to Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's Disease

Bone marrow transplant patient get 1920s-themed prom at hospital

Studying a Catalyst for Blood Cancers

Orange essential oil may improve symptoms of PTSD, say researchers

Skin Stem Cells Used to Generate New Brain Cells

Common nutrient may play role in heart issues

Mental Illness Does Not Affect Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Results

Exercise boosts brain power in over 50s, concludes latest meta-analysis

Chemotherapy Drug May Increase Vulnerability to Depression

Miracle 'exercise pill' could be used to mimic the effect of going to the gym 

Who You Are Influences What You Eat More Than Food Shopping Environment, Study Finds

Will these three innovations change your clinical practice?

Patients With Positive Fecal Screening Test, Sooner Is Better for Colonoscopy

Can you walk your way to better brain health?

Bad Feelings Can Motivate Cancer Patients

Ten diabetes superfoods

New Genetic Variants Associated With Extreme Old Age

Can people with diabetes eat peanut butter?

Estrogen Alters Memory Circuit Function in Women With Gene Variant

Artery-clogging saturated fat myth debunked

Environmental Enrichment Triggers Mouse Wound Repair Response

Future challenges for digital healthcare


Monday, April 24, 2017


Compound in aged cheese may prevent liver cancer, boost longevity

The Placebo Effect Can Mend a Broken Heart Too, Study Shows

How to treat an overactive bladder with natural remedies

Nanoparticle Vaccine Shows Potential as Immunotherapy to Fight Multiple Cancer Types

Regular bedtimes stop children from becoming overweight, study finds

Lyme Disease Researchers Seek Consensus as Number of Cases Grows

Do OTC treatments for erectile dysfunction work?

Maternal High-Fat Diet May Increase Offspring Risk for Liver Disease

Breakthrough in multiple sclerosis research as scientists discover possible cause of the disease 

Smart Pills Could Revolutionize Prevention and Diagnosis of Gut Disorders

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed? Strategies, goals, and evidence

Genetics Are Key to Hormone Therapy Lowering Risk of Broken Bones in Older Women

Malaria patients number more than 1,000 in US hospitals each year

Timing and Duration Matters for School Lunch and Recess

Brain hemorrhage: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

Beta Blocker Shows Cancer-Fighting Properties

Culinary world gets creative to cut food waste

Altered Immune Cells May Both Contribute to Preeclampsia and Offer New Hope for Treatment

Can technology transform chronic disease management?

Conservation Not an Effective Tool for Reducing Infectious Disease in People, Study Finds

Man initially denied lung transplant for pot use dies

New Test Can Identify Dangerous Bacteria With Resistance to Last-Resort Antibiotic

Good news for cyclists: You might live longer

Testing Urine for Particular Proteins Could Be Key to Preventing Kidney Transplant Failure

Your mother's diet may influence your liver's health

Treating Bloodstream Infections With Fewer Side Effects

Best snacks for people with type 2 diabetes

Drug-Resistant Bacteria in Patients' Urine or Stools Raise Risk of Drug-Resistant Sepsis

Metastatic Breast Cancers: Characterizing the Profile of Metastases for Improved Treatment

Does the Microbiome Play a Role in the Effectiveness of Colorectal Cancer Treatment?

Physical Activity May Ward Off Heart Damage

Gut Bacteria May Turn Common Nutrient Into Clot-Enhancing Compound

Inflammatory Pathways Link to Obsessive Behaviors in a Common Form of Dementia


Sunday, April 23, 2017


Are you a chocaholic? Your genes could be to blame


Saturday, April 22, 2017


Five possible health benefits of pineapple juice

Cold Weather, Fewer Sun Hours Are Associated With Increased Rates of Alcoholic Cirrhosis

APNewsBreak: Problems remain at troubled Washington hospital

Space Technologies Improve Surgeries Back on Earth

Itchy throat: Causes and remedies

Obesity Is Top Cause of Preventable Life-Years Lost, Study Shows

Diet rich in plant protein may prevent type 2 diabetes

Can diabetes be cured? A review of therapies and lifestyle changes

Swap caffeine for stair-walking to boost energy, motivation

Breakfast ideas for people with type 2 diabetes