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Friday, April 22, 2016


Frailty risk lower in widowed than married older women 

Blood Pressure Targets for Individuals With Kidney Disease Should Consider Patients' Age

Heavy teen marijuana use may cut life short by 60 

Sleep Loss Detrimental to Blood Vessels

HIV infection associated with premature aging

Fructose Alters Hundreds of Brain Genes, Which Can Lead to a Wide Range of Diseases

1 in 8 U.S. workers has some hearing loss: CDC 

A New Secret to the Miracle of Breast Milk Revealed

Why do we sleep badly during the first night in a new place?

Cpf1: CRISPR-Enzyme Scissors Cutting Both RNA and DNA

U.S. suicide rates on the rise

Zinc Deficiency May Contribute to Increased Inflammation Among HIV-Positive Individuals

What is the key to healthy aging? New gene study sheds light

Hearing Impairment Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

The Dangers of ‘Polypharmacy,’ the Ever-Mounting Pile of Pills

Methamphetamine: Facts, Effects and Health Risks

Higher Muscle Mass Associated With Lower Mortality Risk in People With Heart Disease


Thursday, April 21, 2016


Alcohol and processed meat linked to stomach cancer

Study Links Neighborhood Greenness to Reduction in Chronic Diseases

Aspirin may prolong survival for cancer patients by up to a fifth

Mortality Rate of Poor Children in the US Is in Decline

Psychological pain predicts concussion recovery time

CD2 Molecule Trigger Cancer Recognition in Natural Killer Cells

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Could healthy aging be in your genes?

HIV Infection Prematurely Ages Humans by an Average of 5 Years 

Popular drugs for colds, allergies linked to dementia

No Increased Risk of Fatal Cardiovascular Events for Breast Cancer Patients on Newer Hormone Therapy 

Nagging kids about weight may backfire

Why Do Girls Tend to Have More Anxiety Than Boys?

Is "chemo brain" linked to breast cancer drug?

Ask Well: The Best Way to Put Babies to Sleep


Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Watercress extract could protect smokers against cancer

Fancy Juice Doesn’t Cleanse the Body of Toxins

Heat Trumps Cold in the Treatment of Jellyfish Stings

Genetically Modified Mosquito Study in Florida to Halt Spread of Viruses Sparks Eco Debate

High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Large Population of Kids With Type 1 Diabetes

How E. coli could help tackle those sweet cravings

Detecting When the Most Common Skin Cancer Turns Dangerous

Protein responsible for flu blues identified

Early Abnormalities of Alzheimer's Disease: It Takes 2 (Proteins) to Tango

BRCA1 gene mutation linked to fewer eggs in ovaries

Consuming Too Much Fructose During Pregnancy Raises the Child's Risk for Heart Disease

Los Angeles Among Worst US Cities for Air Pollution

Transfer of Gut Bacteria Affects Brain Function, Nerve Fiber Insulation

Pancreatic cancer risk linked to changes in mouth bacteria

Fatty Diets Lead to Daytime Sleepiness, Poor Sleep

Life Expectancy for White Americans Drops Slightly; Analysts Cite Drug Overdoses

Strength Training Helps Older Adults Live Longer

Loneliness increases risk of heart disease and stroke

How to Avoid Foot Amputation in Diabetic Patients?

Having a Baby After 35: Information and Associated Risks

Inflammatory Protein Involved in Autoimmune Diseases Has Healing Potential

Laser pointers 'do not damage the eyesight of aircraft pilots'

Mapping Neurons to Improve the Treatment of Parkinson's 

One group of Americans isn't living as long as they used to

Chemical Exposure Could Lead to Obesity, Study Finds 

John Grisham seeks to advance disease fight with free book

Researchers Show 'Dirty Mice' Could Clean Up Immune System Research 

Americans are living longer but more disabled

Micro Heart Muscle Created from Stem Cells

Hospitals seek better pain relief for preemies

Mice Flown in Space Show Nascent Liver Damage, Research Shows

Is Obamacare making Americans healthier?

Protein responsible for flu blues identified 

​Why so few patients get these new cholesterol busters

Stem cell technique predicts patients likely to have severe chemo reaction 

How the brain identifies other people's feelings


Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Liver cancer may be diagnosed from altered sugar metabolism

Beer compound decreases weight gain and lowers cholesterol

Pancreatic cell transplantation: a breakthrough for type 1 diabetes?

Night shift work may affect women more than men 

The mouth may hold clues to pancreatic cancer risk

Asthma: study may explain why some patients do not respond to treatment

Return of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Has Implications for Hospital Care

Can magic mushrooms ease the pain of being left out socially?

Aspirin Use May Help Prevent Bile Duct Cancer, Study Finds

Healthy diet could lower hypertension risk for women with gestational diabetes

Eating Dark Chocolate as a Daily Snack Could Help Boost Athletic Performance 

Still many questions about Zika's threat to pregnant women

Health Problems May Predict Traumatic Brain Injuries in Older Adults

Genes predict age of first sexual encounter

Watercress Extract Detoxifies Carcinogens in Smokers, Clinical Trial Demonstrates

Pancreas cell transplants pass test for diabetes treatment

New Hope for Treating Atheriosclerosis

Meldonium (Mildronate): What Is It And What Does It Do?

Is Your Home Harming You? New Research Highlights Deadly Effects of Indoor Pollution 

Best ways to fight bloating and digestive distress

Increased Saturated Fat Intake Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer


Monday, April 18, 2016


98 Percent Cure Rate for Prostate Cancer Using Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy, Research Shows

Hope for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Where Have All the Ear Infections Gone?

Thanks, Actin, for the Memories

In IVF, Questions About ‘Mosaic’ Embryos

Investigating Plasma Levels as Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease

Cookies or chips? Kids' choices may predict weight gain

New Computer Program Can Help Uncover Hidden Genomic Alterations That Drive Cancers

Hepatitis C: elbasvir/grazoprevir combo tops popular treatment

Turn Off Per2, Turn on Healthy Aging

Mystery outbreak: 5 things to know about Elizabethkingia

Cellular Trojan Horse Yields Potential Cancer Treatment

Melanoma onset delayed with SPF30 sunscreen use

Vegetables Irrigated With Treated Wastewater Expose Consumers to Drugs 

A simple asthma blood test may be in the works

Immune Study Offers Treatment Hope for Arthritis Patients

Pancreatic cancer: implantable chemo device may slow, shrink tumors

Role for Oxidized Mitochondrial DNA in Lupus Revealed 

Does very early breast cancer need surgery?

Scientists Reveal How Osteopontin Ablation Ameliorates Muscular Dystrophy

Electronic skin that tracks health status steps closer 

Lowered Birth Rates One Reason Why Women Outlive Men

Could this device cure your child's night terrors?

Chips or Cookies? Toddlers With Sweet Tooth More Likely to Experience Weight Gain

Singing improves Parkinson's symptoms and quality of life

Monitoring Sugar Metabolism in Liver May Be a Key to Cancer Diagnosis

The plastic surgery trend that's skyrocketing in the U.S.

Most US Adults Say Today's Children Have Worse Health Than in Past Generations

Do sexist, violent video games reduce empathy for female victims of violence?

Newly Discovered Vulnerability in Breast Tumor Cells Points to New Cancer Treatment Path

Does the full moon make kids hyper?

Reasons for Hospital-Level Variations in Bleeding Post-Angioplasty Are Unclear

Chiropractic: What Is Chiropractic Manipulation? Does It Work?

Brain Caught 'Filing' Memories During Rest


Sunday, April 17, 2016


Autism patients have more cancer gene mutations but lower cancer risk

Risk of Second Major Osteoporotic Fracture Is Greatest Immediately After First Fracture

High levels of phthalates detected in people who eat fast food


Saturday, April 16, 2016


Pollutants in Fish Inhibit Human's Natural Defense System

Low Fat Diet Helps Postmenopausal Women Avoid Deadly Breast Cancers

Hip Fracture Risk Rises in the 10 Years After Total Knee Replacement

UK Study Supports Cardiovascular Safety of Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation

Farmers Are Not Just the Backbone of a Nation, They May Have Stronger Hips Too