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Friday, April 21, 2017


Eating meat may increase risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

FDA approves 2nd near-copy of Remicade for immune disorders

Atomic-Level Motion May Drive Bacteria's Ability to Evade Immune System Defenses

Seven herbs and supplements for type 2 diabetes

'Connshing Syndrome' Named as a New Cause of High Blood Pressure

Could fungi be a vast, untapped source of new antibiotics?

The Protein CHIP Unfurls Anti-Aging Activity

Weighted blankets for anxiety: Uses and benefits

Sunflower Seeds Traced as Source of Toxic Mold, Potent Liver Carcinogen

White wine, liquor may raise women's risk of rosacea

Medical History Reveals Multiple Sclerosis Begins to Impact Patients Sooner

How researchers will look for signs of CTE in Hernandez's brain

Fecal Microbiota Transplants Improve Cognitive Impairment Caused by Severe Liver Disease

Gut bacteria may protect infants from intestinal infection

Diet High in Animal Protein Is Associated With NAFLD in Overweight People

Italy upholds vaccine requirements for preschoolers

Investigational Dose of Oral Interferon-Free Treatment Can Cure Hepatitis C in Children

Thousands of rare cancer-related gene mutations found

When Liver Immune Cells Turn Bad

Mumps outbreak reported at university

Hair loss treatments for men: Best options

Armpit lumps: Causes, diagnosis, and treatment


Thursday, April 20, 2017


Protein in umbilical cord blood may restore the aging brain

Germ in raw milk, poultry now tops food poisoning list

Prednisone and diabetes: What is the connection?

Preliminary Study Suggests Possible New Treatment for MS

Sweet drinks may damage the brain, studies show

On the Brink of Eradication: Why Polio Research Matters

Nine essential oils for diabetes

Giardiasis May Be a Disease of the Ecology of the GI Tract

FDA further restricts pain medication use in kids

Level of Unconsciousness in Brain Damaged Patients Related to Body Temperature

Drug based on malaria protein shows promise against treatment-resistant bladder cancer

Want to Stay Mentally Healthy in Older Age? Stimulate Your Brain in Early Life

Horny goat weed: Uses, benefits, side effects

Risk of Psychosis from Cannabis Use Lower Than Originally Thought, Say Scientists

Two existing drugs halt neurodegeneration in mice

Children at Greater Risk for Complications from Brown Recluse Spider Bites

Diet tips for gastritis and stomach ulcers

Brains of One-Handed People Suggest New Organization Theory

Top research projects from the University of Illinois at Chicago 

Ancient Enzyme Protects Lungs from Common Irritant Produced by Bugs and Mold

Could young blood revive memory in the aging brain?

Macrophages Conduct Electricity, Help Heart to Beat


Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Drinking beetroot juice before exercising boosts brain performance

How a food writer struggling with mental illness found comfort through cooking

Elevated Levels of Mercury in Women of Child Bearing Age in Pacific Island Countries, New Study Reveals

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction: What is the connection?

Study on Mice Demonstrates the Action of Strawberries Against Breast Cancer

Running May Be Socially Contagious

30% Reduction in Deaths from Bowel Cancer

Diabetic diet: Quick recipe ideas and healthful meal plans

Plant Protein May Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes, Meat Eaters at Greater Risk

Lung cancer: Blood test may lead to earlier, personalized treatment

Fertility Can Hinge on Swimming Conditions in the Uterus

Pancreas transplant: Use, what to expect, and recovery

Strong Link Between Fast-Food Ads and Consumption Among Pre-Schoolers

Insights into mitochondrial 'power grids' increase understanding of heart muscle

Adherence to High-Intensity Statin Drops-Off for Many Following Heart Attack

Frog skin compound destroys flu virus

Amino Acids in Diet Could Be Key to Starving Cancer


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Breast cancer: Anatomy and early warning signs

Could Botox help treat depression and anxiety?

Overactive bladder in children: Causes, symptoms, and treatment 

Fainting Episodes May Increase Risk of Workplace Accidents, Job Loss

Zika virus can trigger epilepsy

Nutrition Label Readers Favor Food Quality Over Quantity

Osteoarthritis linked to high-fat diet

Antidepressant Use in Early Pregnancy Does Not Increase Autism, ADHD Risk in Kids

Diet tips for psoriatic arthritis: Foods to eat and avoid

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases on the Rise in Very Young Canadian Children

Checklist program reduced large-scale post-surgery deaths

Oral Contraceptives Reduce General Well-Being in Healthy Women

Vitamin B diminishes effects of air pollution-induced cardiovascular disease

Zinc Supply Affects Cardiac Health


Monday, April 17, 2017


Mission Control: Salty Diet Makes You Hungry, Not Thirsty

Aspirin therapy may not help patients with peripheral vascular disease, researchers find

7th-grader tests cancer-fighting chemicals in green tea

Breakdown of Neutrophil Protein Causes Severe Autoimmune Disease of Blood Vessels

Stress, anxiety and depression on the rise, study finds

Lyme Disease Imposes Large Cost on the Northeast United States

How to pick the right allergy meds for kids


Sunday, April 16, 2017


Low-fat milk, yogurt may reduce depression risk


Saturday, April 15, 2017


Hot flashes may indicate heart disease risk