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Friday, March 25, 2016


Curcumin May Help Overcome Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

C.D.C. Offers Guidelines for Delaying Pregnancy After Zika Exposure

Looking at the Bacteria Inside: New Method of Viewing TB Bacteria

Leah Still Celebrates 1 Year of Being Cancer-Free 

Flu season in March? Doctors warn it's not over yet 

Sexually transmitted Zika: New advice for staying safe 

This vitamin could help protect against cataracts 

How do female gamers deal with sexual harassment?

Highly contagious dog flu flares up again

 Change by the Bundle: Study Shows People Are Capable of Multiple, Simultaneous Life Changes

Laparoscopy (Pelvic): Uses, Risks and Benefits


Thursday, March 24, 2016


Common Plastics Chemical BPA Linked to Preterm Birth

Daytime sleepiness could predict metabolic disease

Children With Autism Need Intervention Over a Long Period of Time

Prolonged sitting responsible for more than 430,000 deaths

 Research Shows Potential for Emergence of New Ebola Virus That Causes Disease in Humans

'Tough guys' less likely to be honest with doctor

Breakthrough Made in Cleft Lip and Palate Research

 Wound healing could be enhanced with modified maggots

New Computational Method Reveals Significant Degeneration of Knee Cartilage in Overweight People

Study: Heart attack patients getting younger, fatter

Developing Better Drugs for Asthma, High Blood Pressure

Women's heart health: is it being ignored?

High Serum Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Concentrations Linked to Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Couple's caffeine habits linked to risk of miscarriage

Sleep Tight, Fruit Fly: Scientists Find Gene Responsible for Sleep Deprivation and Metabolic Disorders

What is the gut microbiota? What is the human microbiome?

Genetic Cause Found for Loss of Beta Cells During Diabetes Development

Presence of Hormone at Key Developmental Period May Point to Origin of Type 2 Diabetes in Kids

Embryo Development: Some Cells Are More Equal Than Others Even at Four-Cell Stage

No Increased Heart Failure With Incretin-Based Drugs

Losing Weight With a High-Protein Diet Can Help Adults Sleep Better

'Clogged-Up' Immune Cells Help Explain Smoking Risk for TB


Wednesday, March 23, 2016


BPA substitute in food packaging triggers fat cell formation

Heavy, Persistent Pot Use Linked to Economic, Social Problems at Midlife

Chocolate Can Boost Your Workout. Really.

DNA Molecules Directly Interact With Each Other Based on Sequence, Study Finds

Glaucoma treatment expected to improve with new stem cell method

SSRI Antidepressants Not Associated With an Increased Risk Cardiovascular Conditions

Doctors Experiment With New Way of Fixing the A.C.L.

Adherence to Japanese Diet Guidelines Linked to Longer Life

Stress before pregnancy linked to birth weight

Statewide Initiative Associated With Improved Cardiac Arrest Outcomes

The Secrets to a Happy Life, From a Harvard Study

Women, Men With Suspected Heart Disease Have Similar Symptoms

Social media use and depression linked in large study

Two Decades Have Brought Little Change for Women in Cardiology 

Exercise may slow down the brain's aging by 10 years

Depression After Heart Disease Diagnosis Tied to Heart Attack, Death

SSRI antidepressants 'do not increase risk of cardiovascular events' 

Long Naps, Daytime Sleepiness Tied to Greater Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Cat parasite linked to disturbing behavior in humans

Many Women Not Properly Informed of Heart Risk by Their Doctors

Childhood chemo: how does it affect fertility later in life?

Modified Maggots Could Help Human Wound Healing

Shockingly low number of Americans live healthy lifestyle

Researchers Identify New Cause of Inherited Neuropathy

Leprosy: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Anatomy of Pain

People with 'rage' disorder twice as likely to have toxoplasmosis

Blurred Lines: Human Sex Chromosome Swapping Occurs More Often Than Previously Thought

Prooxidants May Fix Metabolic Defect in Arthritis-Driving T Cells

Tooth Loss Increases the Risk of Diminished Cognitive Function

Merits of Fish Oil Supplements Examined


Tuesday, March 22, 2016


BPA Substitute Can Trigger Fat Cell Formation: Chemical Used in BPA-Free Products Exhibits Similar Endocrine-Disrupting Effects

Eye microbiome of contact lens wearers resembles that of skin

Microscopic Structures of Vegetable Surfaces Contribute to Foodborne Illness

Mind-Based Therapies May Ease Lower Back Pain

Measuring Severity of Spinal Cord Injuries

Ask Well: Should I Take a Potassium Supplement?

Birth Defects Tied to Zika in Panama

Nonverbal Man With Autism and Synesthesia Set to Host First Solo Art Exhibit

Season of birth linked to allergy risk

FDA adds strongest warning to popular painkillers 

FDA propose to ban most powdered medical gloves

Skin patch shows promise for pain-free diabetes testing

Diabetes management with graphene skin patch steps closer

Don't eat these: Toxic mushrooms sprout in El Nino's wake 

Antipsychotic drugs may be harmful for people with Parkinson's

Many Targeted Cancer Therapies Suppress T Cell Immune Responses

More veterans using marijuana for PTSD

  Antibiotics Before Age 2 Increases Risk for Childhood Obesity, Study Suggests

Altruism could be increased by reducing specific brain activity

Football Training Reduces the Risk of Disease in Elderly Men

Most families cherish a child with Down syndrome

Adherence to Nutrition Recommendations, Use of Supplements Essential for Vegans

Fentanyl: Uses, Effects and Health Risks

Black Fever Beats Drugs by Adding Just Two DNA Bases to Its Genome

Is moderate drinking not so good for you after all?

Calcium Waves in the Brain Alleviate Depressive Behavior in Mice

Heart disease declines in US, but disparity grows

High-Risk Lung Cancer Patients May Not Need Annual Screenings


Monday, March 21, 2016


Rosacea linked to increased Parkinson's risk

Biological Factors Predict Which Viruses Will Cause Human Epidemics

No Regrets After Double Mastectomy, but Questions Remain

Mysterious Illness Sickens 22 at Colorado Pool

US Adults Get Failing Grade in Healthy Lifestyle Behavior

Hunting the Genetic Signs of Postpartum Depression With an iPhone App

 Eating Polyunsaturated Fats Linked to Slowing Diabetes Progress for Some

Could your commute improve your physical health?

Why Do Sunbathers Live Longer Than Those Who Avoid the Sun?

Heart disease deaths decline, but some areas hit harder 

Healthy Gut Could Help Prevent Deadly Side Effect of Bone Marrow Transplant

The smell of alcohol can affect behavior

More Elderly Using Dangerous Drug Combinations

Florida sees spike in Spice synthetic marijuana overdoses 

'Silencer Molecules' Switch Off Cancer's Ability to Spread Around Body

Diabetes: rare, genetic form may need different treatment

Even With Higher Education, Obese Women Run Greater Risk of Depression

Many seniors using dangerous drug combinations 

Bacteria's Achilles Heel Uncovered by Single Molecule Chemistry

Prostate cancer targeted with ultrasound 'could transform treatment'

Beyond Alzheimer's: Study Reveals How Mix of Brain Ailments Drives Dementia

Some doctors wary as paperless prescriptions become law

 Stem Cells Used to Identify Cellular Processes Related to Glaucoma

Autism: early death risk a 'hidden crisis'

Crash Risk Soars Among Truck Drivers Who Fail to Adhere to Sleep Apnea Treatment