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Friday, March 30, 2018


Honey bees may help to explain how humans make decisions

Can a Mediterranean Diet Pattern Slow Aging?

Uncovering stroke's psychological impact

Gut Microbes Could Help Better Predict Risk of Hospitalization for Patients With Cirrhosis

How to treat whiteheads on the nose

What to expect after a vaginal hysterectomy   

Synthetic weed blamed for "very severe bleeding"

What does having nitrites in urine mean?   

Thrill of victory may pose big health risk for hockey fans

Swollen earlobe: Pictures, causes, and treatment

What to eat before a workout and foods to avoid


Thursday, March 29, 2018


Could coffee stop clogged arteries?

Californians to take their coffee with a cancer warning

How to stay active in the workplace

CDC director pledges to bring opioid epidemic 'to its knees'

Why do I have dark spots on my lips?

Drug overdose deaths continue to rise in the US, especially in blacks and Hispanics

This supplement may promote healthy arterial aging

Dining out Associated With Increased Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

What does rice water do for your hair?

Just One High-Fat Meal Sets the Perfect Stage for Heart Disease

What to know about flat warts

Stroke Affects More Than Just the Physical

Could cancer "vaccine" that cured tumors in mice work for people?

How lung cancer cells disguise themselves to evade chemo   

Poisoned by bitter squash, two women lose their hair

What causes urine leakage while coughing?

"Huge concern" about spread of super-resistant gonorrhea

I tried leech therapy, and it was unpleasant   

One man's "beer belly" turned out to be a 30-pound tumor


Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Ibuprofen could stop Alzheimer's, say researchers

Increase in Heart Rate as Blood Pressure Falls Could Be Early Sign of Neurological Disease

How to cope with OCD

Mandatory Nutrition Policies May Impact Sugar Consumption

What to know about sulfa allergies

Foods you can eat after a colonoscopy

Alzheimer's: This antibody may halt brain injury

Can you be allergic to marijuana?

What to know about filiform warts

How long does a yeast infection take to go away?

Why we should stop 'phubbing'

Newly found organ may lead to 'dramatic medical advances'

Scientists Find Link Between Congenital Cardiac Malformation and Adult Adrenal Cancer

Why does urine smell like ammonia while pregnant?   

Rubber ducks may be haven for nasty germs

The secret to avoiding weight gain: Don't diet

Potential genetic link in some sudden infant deaths


Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Study overturns age-old theory of brain learning

How drug mortality rates vary across the United States

What is the best way to treat scabies at home?

How do you get rid of garlic or onion breath?

Marijuana May Lead Non-Smokers to Cigarettes

What can cause vaginal swelling? V

Harvard researchers say they have 'reversed' a sign of aging in mice: Study

Can pecans protect heart health?

Teen boys are less likely to get the HPV vaccination, study finds

Women over 65 may benefit from cervical cancer screening, research says


Monday, March 26, 2018


What are the white spots on my foreskin?

Antibody Removes Alzheimer's Plaques, in Mice

What are the soft food and mechanical soft food diets?

Neuroscientists Say Daily Ibuprofen Can Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

What are these black spots on my scrotum?

Obesity Is Shifting Cancer to Young Adults

Gene study solves mystery of 'alien' skeleton

What home remedies can relieve sinus pressure?

The 10 best blogs for HIV and AIDS   

These are the healthiest communities in the U.S.

What could be the cause of morning diarrhea?

Thousands of kids injured by hoverboards

Could these food supplements help treat psychosis?

Dentist group puts teeth in push to curb opioid painkillers

Why do I feel sick after I eat?

Outcry after 144 psychiatric patients die during transfer to other facilities

Does having a hysterectomy affect sex?   

These are the healthiest communities in the U.S.

A noisy workplace might affect your heart 

Majority of people with dangerously high cholesterol not taking medication

Study: Kids with autism, siblings at risk from skipping shots

Long-term antibiotic use may shorten women's lives

Global use of antibiotics soars as resistance crisis worsens


Sunday, March 25, 2018


Why does obesity blunt our sense of taste?

Is this how abdominal fat leads to diabetes?

How to get rid of burn scars


Saturday, March 24, 2018


Depression may raise risk of abnormal heart rate

Brain Development Disorders in Children Linked to Common Environmental Toxin Exposures

Being nice, or being smart: What leads to success?

Implications of Access to High-Quality Fruits and Vegetables

Can baking soda treat a UTI?

What does a headache on top of the head mean?

What to do when you can't stop sneezing

What does a high MCHC mean?

What foods can I eat after wisdom tooth extraction?