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Friday, March 17, 2017


New tool accurately predicts risk of chronic disease

Indigenous Bolivians have some of the healthiest hearts

Link Between Vitamin D Treatment and Autism Prevention

Cholesterol drug cuts heart risks, spurs new debate on cost

Experimental autism blood test for kids looks promising

More Than Half of College Football Athletes Have Inadequate Levels of Vitamin D

Brain injuries from falls rising fast among seniors

Triple-negative breast cancer: Nanodelivery of new drug shows promise

Robotic legs give the paralyzed a new view of world

Ten home remedies for bronchitis

Opioid addiction can start within just a few days

Evolution of nose shape was guided by climate

Suicide rates are rising faster outside U.S. cities

Non-small cell lung cancer: Treatment, symptoms, and outlook

500 cases of norovirus reported in school district

New biochemical method accurately diagnoses autism in children


Thursday, March 16, 2017


Brazil yellow fever cases pass 400; more than 130 dead

Ripple non-dairy promises as much protein as cow's milk

Dietary Anti-Cancer Compound May Work by Influence on Cellular Genetics

UN imposes controls on chemicals used to make fentanyl

Scientists Publish Groundbreaking Study on New Heart Drug

Not much saving going on in Health Savings Accounts 

Eating fruits and vegetables may lower women's stress risk

How Gut Inflammation Drives the Evolution of Harmful Bacteria

Overweight 20-somethings face higher cancer risk

Medicaid Expansion Linked to Increased Prescribing of Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

Immune cell may turn heart inflammation into heart failure

Viruses Created to Selectively Attack Tumor Cells

Gruesome snow blower injuries are snowstorm "epidemic," doctors say

Statin Timing and Dosage May Improve Heart Surgery Outcomes

Statins linked to higher risk of diabetes in older women

 Cause of Thrombosis in Patients With Malignant Brain Tumors Discovered

Why many Americans still skip flu shots

Daily Consumption of Tea Protects the Elderly from Cognitive Decline

Inflammatory bowel disease: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

Link Between Drug Use and Poor Dental Health Confirmed

Health experts warn world "not ready" for mass outbreaks

Scientists Are Gauging How Mood Influences Eating Habits

Metastatic lung cancer: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

Immune Cell Drives Heart Failure in Mice


Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Doctors say unproven stem cell treatment blinded 3 women

Older Women Taking Statins Face Higher Risk of Diabetes

MS: Treatments to reverse myelin damage step closer with brain repair study

Elucidated Connection Between Renal Failure and 'Bad' Mitochondria Described

Study: Radiation may be overused for breast cancer

Researchers Make Headway Toward Understanding Alexander Disease

Effects of HIV: What happens to the body?

Too little sleep in preschool could mean problems later

Why so few seniors see the dentist

Electrical brain stimulation found to improve working memory

Doctors warn climate change is harming health

AFib surgery: Types, risks, and what to expect

Common genetic variant may age the brain

New Alternative to Colonoscopy Is as Easy as Swallowing a Pill

Six of the best pregnancy blogs for parents-to-be


Tuesday, March 14, 2017


High Cholesterol Levels Linked With Rotator Cuff Surgery Failure

Common screening tests unsuitable for predicting preterm births

Cooking at Home Tonight? It's Likely Cheaper and Healthier, Study Finds

Craving chocolate? Psychological technique could help you resist

Topical Curcumin Gel Effective in Treating Burns and Scalds

Could new 'helper drugs' restore antibiotic susceptibility in superbugs?

Overuse of Antibiotics Brings Risks for Bees, and for Us

How does your diet impact mental health?

High Rate of Return to Running Following Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Lung cancer and shoulder pain: What's the connection?

Nearly All Shoulder Replacement Patients Under Age 55 Return to Sports

Meningitis rash covers baby's entire body in just 12 hours

Increased Risk of Postop Infection When Surgery Closely Follows Epidural Steroid Injection

Having children may increase lifespan

Female Soccer Players Suffer the Most Concussions in High School Sports

Leisure-Time Physical Activity Is Related to Cartilage Health and Quality Health in Knee Osteoarthritis

Bowel Cancer Medication Could Help Combat Early-Onset Parkinson's Disease

Scientists Say They Are a Step Closer to Solving Chronic Bladder Diseases

Antibiotics Not Effective for Clinically Infected Eczema in Children

Old Gut Stem Cells Made to Grow Like Young Ones in a Dish

Opioid Epidemic Linked to Childhood Emotional Abuse, Study Shows


Monday, March 13, 2017


How does the immune system know friend from foe in gut bacteria?

Study Indicates Promising New Approach to Prevent and Treat Cholesterol Gallstones

CDC: Don't donate sperm in 3 Florida counties due to Zika

Could antidepressants stop prostate cancer from spreading?

Fish Oil Supplements May Help Prevent Death After MI but Lack Evidence of CV Benefit for General Population

Study: Strollers, cribs linked to more baby concussions

For Hospitalized Patients, Spending More on Care Doesn't Buy Better Health

HIV swollen lymph nodes: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

How Cells Communicate to Move Together as a Group

Is pot for pets safe and effective?

'Good' Bacteria Is Potential Solution to Unchecked Inflammation Seen in Bowel Diseases

Vitamin C can target and kill cancer stem cells, study shows

More Transparency at FDA Needed, Researchers Say

"Fake weed" much riskier than marijuana, study says

Benefits of Long-Term Use of ADHD Medications Questioned

Home HIV test kits: Uses, what to expect, and benefits

How to Get Kids to Use Salad Bars in Public Schools

Fish oil supplements might not help everyone

Never Before Seen Images of Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease

Fertility treatment failure may harm women's heart health

Failed Fertility Therapy Associated With Increased Risk of Later Cardiac Disease

Differences in Lifespan Between Canadians, Americans With Cystic Fibrosis, Study Finds

Depression, Alcohol, and Marijuana Linked to Later Use of Synthetic Marijuana Among Teens


Sunday, March 12, 2017


Vermont in for another big Lyme disease season

On The Horizon: Scorpion venom as cancer treatment

Male breast cancer: Protein discovery could yield new treatments 

Food for thought: Your diet and cancer

Sudden drops in blood pressure may increase risk of dementia

HIV and diarrhea: Causes, treatment, and remedies


Saturday, March 11, 2017


Why do we feel itchy when seeing others scratch?

Eight home remedies for treating a cold

Zebrafish study sheds light on the eye's ability to regenerate

Acute HIV infection: Symptoms, diagnosis, and management