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Friday, March 4, 2016


Cannabis use linked to worse treatment outcomes for psychosis patients

Living With the Parents Iím Losing to Alzheimerís

Using a computer might reduce cognitive decline

Two Studies Strengthen Links Between the Zika Virus and Serious Birth Defects

Cancer grows by 'manipulating healthy neighboring cells'

Ask Well: The Best Exercises to Improve Balance

CDC: more effort needed to fight superbugs

More Support for Early Exposure to Peanuts to Prevent Allergies

Eat your broccoli to protect against liver cancer

Making a Case for Eating Fat

'Groundbreaking' cancer discovery holds promise for personalized therapy

New Insights Reported About the Angelina Jolie Gene

Boeing's self-cleaning lavatory zaps germs with UV light

Dysfunction of Cellular Powerplant Shakes B-Vitamin Metabolism, Causes Genetic Damage

Could Zika's link to microcephaly be in the neural stem cells?

Is Colombia on the verge of a Zika-linked wave of birth defects?

Four Ways Inheritance Is More Complex Than Mendel Knew

A little cha-cha may help your heart

What Influences 11-Year-Olds to Drink?

High lead levels could impact Flint for years

Dietary Glycemic Index Linked to Lung Cancer Risk in Select Populations

Sinus Infection Symptoms: Signs, Duration, Complications


Thursday, March 3, 2016


Hostile attitude when young linked to memory problems later in life

Energy drinks raise more health concerns

What is Amniotic Fluid? What does Amniotic Fluid do?

Girl Creates 'Chemo Kits' in Honor of Aunt Who Died of Cancer

Moderate drinking raises heart attack, stroke risk, but not for long

Daily low-dose aspirin may cut risk of certain cancers

ADHD medication and low bone density: are kids at risk?

Novel Small-Molecule Antiviral Compound Protects Monkeys from Deadly Ebola Virus

Running for the Wrong Reasons

New Method for Producing Heart Cells May Hold the Key to Treating Heart Failure

High-fat diet may raise cancer risk by changing gut stem cells

'Broken' Heart Breakthrough: Researchers Reprogram Cells to Better Battle Heart Failure

Wrestler with "mat herpes" virus wants state tournament postponed

New Kind of Stem Cell Discovered

Prostate cancer and radiotherapy: second malignancy risk?

Efficacy of Steroid Use in Late Preterm Delivery Demonstrated

Illinois Mom Warns About Seeds From 'Suicide Tree' After Child's Death

Blocking Transfer of Calcium to Cell's Powerhouse Selectively Kills Cancer Cells

Superbugs a major threat to hospital patients

Study Finds Surprising Benefit of Viral DNA: Fighting Other Viruses

Most Teens Who Misuse Prescription Stimulants Say They Use Other People's Medication

More fast-food chains pull away from antibiotics in meats

New Critique Sees Flaws in Landmark Analysis of Psychology Studies

Could playing video games help kids lose weight, gain confidence?

Soccer Star Brandi Chastain to Donate Brain to CTE Research

There Goes the Neighborhood: Changes in Chromosome Structure Activate Cancer-Causing Genes

Fast-food chains vow changes to meat amid "potential catastrophe"

New Biomarker of Brain Inflammation in Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease

The effects of aging: can they be reversed?

Stop Signals Against Protein Clumps

Can drinking lots of coffee lower risk for MS?


Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy benefits winter babies

Thirdhand Smoke Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Learning a New Sport May Be Good for the Brain

Novel device measures stiffness and stickiness of red blood cells

Report finds "surprising gaps" in what's known about ovarian cancer

Prostate cancer: low vitamin D may predict aggressive disease

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections May Lead to Improvements in Tissue Healing

$25 Apple Watch comes with a major catch

High LDL-C Levels in Women Prior to Childbirth Linked With High Levels in Adult Offspring

Top five medical innovations of the past, present and future

First 3-D Structure of the Enzymatic Role of DNA

Did heart drug makers withhold data from medical journal?

New Approaches for Parkinson's Treatment? Researchers Study Metabolic Changes

Chronic stress leads to brain inflammation and memory loss

Breast Cancer: The Mental Trauma of Severe Disease

Look beyond number of moles to catch deadly melanoma

Young Marijuana Users Respond Differently to Social Exclusion

Top-selling blood pressure app "very inaccurate"

Activating Brown Fat Tissue: First Steps Towards a New Therapy for Obesity, Diabetes

Chronic stress leads to brain inflammation and memory loss

Steroid Injections Too Soon Before Joint Replacement May Increase Infection Risk

From student athlete to heroin addict

Ultra-Low Dose CT Scans Successfully Detect Fractures

Now you can blame a gene for those gray hairs

Agricultural Fertilizer Could Pose Risk to Human Fertility, Sheep Study Finds

10% price cut on fruits and veg 'could prevent thousands of heart deaths

Cancer Treatment on a Cellular Level


Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Low Vitamin D Predicts Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Cannabis use affects processing of emotions

DNA as a Weapon of Immune Defense

Type 1 diabetes raises risk for certain cancers, study finds

New Discovery Opens Doors to Manipulating Fat Production in the Body

Gene study uncovers 'spectrum of mutations' in mesothelioma

Drinking More Water Associated With Numerous Dietary Benefits, Study Finds

Persistent snoring in children can harm their health

Beta Blockers May Lead to New Novel Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatments

Some jobs seem riskier when it comes to heart health

Regulating Neuronal Membrane Lipids Could Be the Key to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

Sleep deprivation increases hunger in similar way to marijuana

Cardiac Effects of Running Your First Marathon Examined in New Study

Strongest evidence yet linking Zika to temporary paralysis

Drugs That Treat Osteoporosis Also Can Cause Small Risk of Thigh Bone Fractures

Daylight saving time linked to increased stroke risk

FDA strengthens warning on birth control implant

Lassa Fever: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment


Monday, February 29, 2016


Turmeric: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information

Infant Gets Life-Saving Heart Transplant Moments After Going Into Cardiac Arrest

Omega-3s could lower breast cancer risk in obese women, study suggests

New Study Links Zika Virus to Temporary Paralysis

Herbal remedies may be risky for cancer patients

Skinny asthma inhaler fits in a wallet

Could tarantula venom help fight pain?

Metabolic Phenotyping of Blood Plasma Allows for the Detection of Lung Cancer

The hottest trend in plastic surgery

Immune Therapy Breaks Down Wall Around Pancreatic Tumors for Chemo to Attack

Gum disease bacteria linked to esophageal cancer

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Improves Low Back Pain, Avoid Surgery, Studies Find

Hawaii faces challenges fighting dengue outbreak

Glucose-Guzzling Immune Cells May Drive Coronary Artery Disease, Study Finds

Overweight, obesity linked to poorer memory for young adults

Normal Stem Cells Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Mislabeled painkillers "a fatal overdose waiting to happen"

Breast Cancer Genetic Variants Found to Alter How Cells Respond to Estrogen

'Female Viagra' safety, efficacy questioned in new study

Study Finds 5x Increase in Hand Sanitizer Use When Located in Hospital

Could daylight saving time increase your risk of stroke?

Blood Vessels Sprout Under Pressure


Sunday, February 28, 2016


A little alcohol in pregnancy puts future generations at risk

A lesson in paying attention from a brown bat


Saturday, February 27, 2016


Dried plums could protect against radiation-induced bone loss

Antisense drug for Huntington's looks promising