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Friday, March 3, 2017


Microbiome Diversity Is Influenced by Chance Encounters

Zika infection during pregnancy may increase birth defect risk 20-fold

Sex Differences in Brain Activity Alter Pain Therapies

Poor sleep habits increase weight gain for adults with genetic obesity risk

A Hot Cup of Attention Tempered With Chocolate, Please

Pure hypercholesterolemia: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Painkillers Without Dangerous Side Effects

America's most sleep-deprived workers

Disrupting protein interaction may slow Alzheimer's progression

Should I Take a Vitamin for Brittle Nails? 

Birth defects risk 20 times higher for Zika-infected moms

Cancer-related fatigue: Exercise, psychological therapies best treatments

What would happen to health care coverage under emerging GOP plan?

Air pollution may affect human health via bacteria changes in respiratory tract


Thursday, March 2, 2017


Scientists Wage Fight Against Aging Bone Marrow Stem Cell Niche

Birth Defects Rise Twentyfold in Mothers With Zika, C.D.C. Says

Scientists Discover New Mechanism That Leads to Inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Doctors No Longer Rush to Cut the Umbilical Cord

New Autoimmune Disease Triggered by Thymomas

Gut bacteria affect intestines and brain in IBS patients

Moonlighting Function for Mitochondrial-Calcium Influx Machinery MCU Complex

Could this woman's DNA hold the key to weight loss?

Probiotic could help alleviate hay fever symptoms

How much melatonin is really in that supplement?

Tuberculosis: Soil bacteria compound may yield potent new drug

Air Pollution Can Alter the Effectiveness of Antibiotics and Increases the Potential of Disease, New Study Reveals

Migraine "smart" patch tested to help ease pain

New Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Burns Up Fat in Liver

Is rice gluten-free? Grains explained

While Most Melanoma Survivors Limit Sun Exposure, Some Report Getting Suntans and Sunburns

Plant material being used to extend shelf life of fruit and vegetables

In a Bad Flu Season, High-Dose Flu Vaccine Appeared Better at Preventing Deaths in Seniors

How are COPD and cough related?

From Mother to Baby: 'Secondhand Sugars' Can Pass Through Breast Milk

How much urine is in a swimming pool?

Ovarian Cancer Target Molecule May Be Key to Blocking Its Spread

Autoimmune conditions and dementia: What's the link?

Multicenter Study Finds No Benefit to Treating Mild Thyroid Dysfunction During Pregnancy

Study: Hearing loss may double in U.S. by 2060

Scientists Create Artificial Mouse 'Embryo' from Stem Cells for First Time

Migraine could be treated with electrical stimulation patch

3-D Printed Biomimetic Blood Vessel Networks


Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Intestinal Bacteria Alter Gut and Brain Function, Study Shows

Pompe disease and treatments highlighted in Trump's address

Asian Pollution, Heat Waves Worsen US Smog, Study Shows

What to know about Pompe disease highlighted in Trump's address

The Shifting Rationales for Vaping

Family says siblings with same rare birth defect like being 'struck twice by lightning'

Allergies? Probiotic Combination May Curb Your Symptoms, New Study Finds

Healthier Cereals Snare a Spot on New York School Menus

Synthetic Tooth Enamel May Lead to More Resilient Structures

Mumps the word: Players hope NHL can contain latest outbreak

Benefits of Physical Activity May Outweigh Impact of Obesity on Cardiovascular Disease

More evidence tying obesity to certain cancers

Cheese may raise breast cancer risk, but yogurt could reduce it

Mom warns about breast-feeding after newborn starves

Common causes of eye pain explained

Facebook improves suicide prevention outreach

Cell adherence may predict metastasis potential of cancer cells

Indoor tanning costs U.S. health care millions a year

Contaminated hospital floors may help to spread infection

At what age should kids start going to the dentist?

COPD hypoxia: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Cholesterol-Processing Enzyme Protects from Debilitating Brain Lesions

Should parents be concerned about MiraLAX use in kids?

Desk Jobs Are Bad for Your Heart and Your Waist

Poor diet during teens, early adulthood may raise breast cancer risk

Humans Have Three Times More Brown Body Fat

More Than 80 Percent of Patient Groups Accept Drug Industry Funds, Study Shows 

May Smartphones Help to Maintain Memory in Patients With Mild Alzheimer's Disease?

The neuroscience of humor investigated

Overweight Mothers Underestimate Their Children's Weight

10-minute eye surgery could replace reading glasses

Exercise Helps Prevent Falls in Parkinson's Patients

Investigational drug shows promise for hard-to-treat renal cancer


Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Influential Health Fund Reboots Its Search for a Leader

New Approach to Treating Alzheimer's Disease

Fibromyalgia tender points: Locations and pain management

New Target for Parkinson's Disease Identified by Researchers

Colorectal cancer rates increasing sharply among younger adults

Nerve Wrapping Nanofiber Mesh Promoting Regeneration

Schizophrenia begins in the womb, study suggests

After Scare, Air Hoses at C.D.C. Germ Lab Are Found to Be Safe

Frontotemporal dementia: Types, symptoms, treatment

Vitamins Gone Gummy

Rare but fatal pediatric brain tumor may be stopped with new molecule

Preschooler recovering from rare paralyzing condition

Living with COPD: Tips, activities, and treatments

After hip fracture, higher risk of death lasts years

Risk factors for heart failure subtypes studied in new detail 

Better diagnostic mammograms also have downside

Ketogenic diet may protect against gout


Monday, February 27, 2017


Microgreens: Health benefits and growing tips

Chronic stress may raise obesity risk

Cancer: New way of tracking rare T cells should improve immunotherapy

Nasal swab could help diagnose lung cancer

Can red ginseng help treat erectile dysfunction?

Prebiotics could stop stress from harming sleep quality

Lack of Oxygen, Not Excessive Stimulation, Cause for Half of Seizure-Related Brain Damage in Epilepsy

Mothers, not fathers, get less sleep when living with children

Preserving Vision for Astronauts

Deadly, Drug-Resistant ‘Superbugs’ Pose Huge Threat, W.H.O. Says   

Ketogenic Diet Shown Safe, Effective Option for Some With Rare and Severest Form of Epilepsy

Pediatricians step up warnings about marijuana use by teens

Sponge Bacterium Found to Encapsulate Arsenic Drawn from Environmen

Six herbs for treating erectile dysfunction

Doctors Should Discuss Herbal Medication Use With Heart Disease Patients 

U.N. issues list of 12 most worrying bacteria

Taking Aim at a Key Malaria Molecule

How food fads and diet trends fare for heart health

The mental health cost of unchecked climate change


Sunday, February 26, 2017


Propranolol: Uses, benefits, and side effects

Why am I impotent? Common causes and treatments

Do men and women respond differently to heat? Study investigates

Multiple sclerosis: New technology improves cognition


Saturday, February 25, 2017


HIV symptoms timeline: How do symptoms change?

Never Too Late: Reaping the Benefits of Exercise in Early Postmenopause

HIV vs. AIDS: Differences and connections

Antibiotics Used to Treat Cystic Fibrosis Increases Risk of Permanent Hearing Loss

Neurofeedback treatment for insomnia no better than placebo

Alzheimer's Drug Prescribed Off-Label Could Pose Risk for Some

Cats do not harm children's mental health, study finds