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Friday, February 24, 2017


Do Dairy Foods Cause Mucus Production?

Fatal drug overdoses more than doubled since 1999, CDC finds

Doctors Consider a Last Best Hope for Obese Teenagers: Surgery

People with mental health disorders at risk of stroke, study finds

New Nano Approach Could Cut Dose of Leading HIV Treatment in Half

Gene mutations in brain linked to OCD-like behavior

Regular Aerobic Exercise Beginning in Middle Age May Lessen Severity of Stroke in Old Age

Belly fat more dangerous than being overweight, study says

"Wireless" pacemaker brings new hope for heart failure patients

Dementia risk reduced by eating 'five-a-day' 

Hockey stars pledge to donate their brains to research

Anorexia: Deep brain stimulation may be an effective treatment 

Study finds stroke care faster for this gender 

Alzheimer's disease: Molecular study clarifies potential link to high blood sugar

Addicts using pets to feed drug habit, vets warn

Waterpik vs. flossing: What is best?

Mom to carry baby without brain to full term to donate organs


Thursday, February 23, 2017


Stress hormone linked to persistent obesity, study finds

Why Is Pancreatic Cancer So Hard to Treat? Stroma Provides New Clues

Teaching Children to Play With Fire

The Role of Weight in Postmenopausal Women's Longevity

The Anti-Vaccine Movement Gains a Friend in the White House

SARS and MERS: What’s Next?

Current and Former Smokers: Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Researchers Develop Model for Studying Rare Polio-Like Illness 

Low weight gain in pregnancy linked to schizophrenia

Gene Mutations Cause Leukemia, but Which Ones?

Swollen uvula: Causes, symptoms, and remedies

 Is Back Pain Killing Us?

Judge: Mentally ill murder suspect can be forcibly medicated

Tired Teens 4.5 Times More Likely to Commit Crimes as Adults

People who sleep longer twice as likely to develop dementia

Link Between Aging, Devastating Lung Disease Discovered

Are antidepressants safe for "off-label" health issues? 

Nursing Home Residents Need More Activities to Help Them Thrive

Skin health: Friendly bacteria keep harmful Staph in check

Scientists Close in on Cracking 'Enigma Code' of Common Cold

Heartburn meds linked to risk of kidney damage, study finds 

How Blood Can Be Rejuvenated

Eating fruits and vegetables reduces lung disease risk

The Body Does Not Absorb Genetic Material from Our Food

For a longer life, eat this many fruits and veggies per day

Early Birds May Make Healthier Food Choices Than Night Owls

Periodontitis may be an early sign of type 2 diabetes

Sons of Cocaine-Using Fathers Have Profound Memory Impairments

Wounded veteran, double amputee undergo groundbreaking surgery

Fructose Is Generated in the Human Brain

Schirmer's test: What to expect with the dry eye test

New Link Found Between Sex and Viruses

Who Sweats More: Men or Women?

Fasting-Mimicking Diet May Reverse Diabetes


Wednesday, February 22, 2017


'Not all sugars are equal': Expert says sugar in fruit DOESN'T make you fat... and you're less likely to be obese if you eat it

California nurses rally for bill on 1st  state-run single-payer health plan

What Is High Lipoprotein(a), and Should I Be Concerned?

Hospital's smallest surviving premie goes home after 4 months 

"Life isn't pretty": Mom shares photos of son to show harsh reality of cancer

Study Suggests New Therapy for Gaucher Disease

Genital herpes in pregnancy may raise autism risk for offspring

High Blood Pressure Reversed in Offspring of Hypertensive Rats

Is needing more sleep a sign of pending dementia?

Antimicrobial Substances Identified in Komodo Dragon Blood

Preeclampsia raises risk of heart disease, heart failure

Benefits of Cognitive Training in Dementia Patients Unclear

Scientists mix friendly bacteria into lotions to ward off bad germs 

'Smart' Bacteria Remodel Their Genes to Infect Our Intestines

Life expectancy set to rise in industrialized countries

Superfluid Is Now Helping Brain Surgeons

Addiction treatment vulnerable as Obamacare repeal looms in horizon

New Tool Developed to Help Avoid Adverse Drug Reactions

HIV rash: What does it look like and how long does it last?

Obesity Reprograms Muscle Stem Cells

ACL tears on the rise among kids, especially girls 

Estrogen Therapy Shown Effective in Reducing Tooth and Gum Diseases in Postmenopausal Women

Exercise is best for reducing breast cancer recurrence

Popular Heartburn Drugs Linked to Gradual Yet 'Silent' Kidney Damage

Is your cat really a threat to your mental health?

 Scientists Identify Chain Reaction That Shields Breast Cancer Stem Cells from Chemotherapy

New 'late-life cycler' circadian genes linked to aging and stress

Asthma Drugs Could Prevent Prevent Deadly Form of Pneumonia, Research Suggests

How to Be Mindful Sitting in the Dentist Chair

Changing the Environment Within Bone Marrow Alters Blood Cell Development

Testosterone therapy poses risks, studies find

Measuring Patients' Muscles to Predict Chemotherapy Side Effects

Bad Hospital Design Is Making Us Sicker

Autism Risk Linked to Herpes Infection During Pregnancy

Is shrimp high in cholesterol? Nutritional and heart health information

Resveratrol May Be an Effective Intervention for Lung Aging

Men, Is Exercise Putting a Damper on Your Sex Life?

Tiny Fibers Open New Windows Into the Brain


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Fifth of World's Food Lost to Over-Eating and Waste, Study Finds

High pollen counts reported as mild weather kick-starts allergy season

Humans Are Hard-Wired to Follow the Path of Least Resistance

Almost 2,000 opioid-related deaths in Massachusetts show fentanyl dangers rising

Using a Rabbit Virus to Treat Multiple Myeloma

Children inherit around 40 percent of parents' BMI

Likelihood of Dieting Success Lies Within Your Tweets

Study: U.S. life expectancy lagging other nations

Model Helps Explain Why Some Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Have Seizures 

What are the benefits and risks of testosterone therapy? Studies investigate

Mediterranean Diet May Decrease Pain Associated With Obesity

Trump's immigration policy may worsen doctor shortage

Researchers Implicate Suspect in Heart Disease Linked to Diabetes

What is best to eat and drink when you have a sore throat?

Significant Epilepsy Gene Discovery in Dogs

Baltimore surgeon gives boy new hand using his foot bones

Growing Number of Teens Think Getting Heroin Is 'Probably Impossible'

Early miscarriage threat from Listeria may be serious

Teens With PTSD, Conduct Disorder Have Difficulty Recognizing Facial Expressions

Lovers of Italian olive oil in for some sticker shock

New Behavioral Therapy to Support Japanese Mothers of Children With ADHD

HIV: Early signs and symptoms

A Novel Principle to Mobilize Neurons for Brain Repair

Testosterone gel study finds no memory benefit

Risk Factors for B Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Discovered

Heavy drinking may raise cardiovascular risk by aging the arteries

Exercise Most Important Lifestyle Change to Help Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Tired of yo-yo dieting? This may help keep weight off

Second Case of 'Down Syndrome' in Chimps

Lou Gehrig's disease: Mercury in fish, seafood could be risk factor

Osteopathic Technique Helps Locate Ectopic Pregnancies When Imaging Fails

NASA astronaut setting records and breaking barriers

Prostate Cancer Cells Grow With Malfunction of Cholesterol Control in Cells

What increases the chance of getting HIV?

New Peptide to Combat a Disorder That Causes Heart Attacks at Early Age

New Study Shows How Bacteria Get Into the Lungs

One-Off Bowel Scope Cuts Cancer Risk for at Least 17 Years

Compound Ozanimod Shows Positive Results in Late-Stage Clinical Trial for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis


Monday, February 20, 2017


Multiple sclerosis: Stem cell transplantation may halt disease progression

Majority of parents with children at home don't lock up prescribed opioids, study finds

Natural and home remedies for a sore throat

H.I.V. Stalks Prostitutes and Their Children in Cambodia

Appendicitis: Antibiotics could be alternative to surgery for children

The Worst That Could Happen? Going Blind, People Say

Cholesterol test: Uses, what to expect, results

BRCA Gene Plus Breast Cancer History Leads to Preventive Strike Against Pancreatic Cancer

Getting the Most From Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

Treatment Strategy for Anorexia

Bipolar breakthrough: New study reveals disease-causing mechanism

Fluorescence Method Detects Mercury Contamination in Fish

A Balm When You’re Expecting: Sometimes Pot Does the Trick

Metabolism Drives Growth, Division of Cancer Cells

Nostalgia could help smokers quit, study finds

Tick 'Cement' as a Potential Bioadhesive for Human Tissue

Long-Term Outcomes Following Stem Cell Transplant for Multiple Sclerosis

Many Cancer Survivors Change Their Prescription Drug Use for Financial Reasons

Study links decline in teen suicide attempts to this

Only One-Third of Parents Think They Are Doing a Good Job Helping Kids Eat Healthy Foods

An Alternative to Opioids? Compound from Marine Snail Is Potent Pain Reliever

Premature Death in Delinquent Youth

Cholesterol levels by age: Differences and recommendations

Study on Walking Ability Shows Path to Treatment for Stroke Survivors


Sunday, February 19, 2017


Best contact lenses for people with dry eyes

Adaptable Model Recommends Response Strategies for Zika, Other Pandemics

Acid reflux and coughing: What's the connection?

Repetitive Head Injuries May Not Cause Movement Problems for Former NFL Players

Carbs help the body recover after intense workout

Mapping a Path to Better Oral Health

A boy or a girl? Baby's sex may influence mother's immunity


Saturday, February 18, 2017


Best eye drops for people with itchy eyes

Second Cause of Hidden Hearing Loss Identified

Researcher investigates why mothers sing to their babies 

Autoimmune condition can't keep brave girl down

Oxytocin may boost paternal behavior

Scientists working on restoring human sight with pig eyes

Tips for finding motivation with depression