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Friday, February 16, 2018


Common blood pressure drug may prevent type 1 diabetes

Women Who Clean at Home or Work Face Increased Lung Function Decline

What are the health benefits of being creative?

Lab-Grown Human Cerebellar Cells Yield Clues to Autism

How can I get rid of milia?  

Link Between Hallucinations and Dopamine Not Such a Mystery, Finds Study

What is golfer's elbow and how is it treated?

Drug Transfer Tested Using Placenta-On-A-Chip

What side effects can result from interferon?

High Levels of Microplastics Found in Northwest Atlantic Fish

How does exercise preserve the aging brain?

First Multiplex Test for Tick-Borne Diseases

What are the different types of poop?

Drug That Treats Psoriasis Also Reduces Aortic Vascular Inflammation

Natural remedies for constipation

Increased Stress on Fathers Leads to Brain Development Changes in Offspring

Ovarian cancer: How your father's genes can affect your risk

Restoring Memory Creation in Older or Damaged Brains

What causes a buildup of pressure behind the eyes?

While a Baby Was Still Attached Via the Umbilical Cord, Doctors Attached a Pacemaker to the Baby's Heart

Eating more processed foods could increase your cancer risk, study says

Pilot Study in Kenya Shows Link Between Chronic Pain and Glutamate Consumption

Stroke risk may depend on your height as a child

Flu season shows signs of leveling off

Progress in Pursuit of Sickle Cell Cure


Thursday, February 15, 2018


Have scientists found an anti-cancer vaccine?

Eating Yogurt May Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk

How do I stop stress eating?

Infection Outbreaks at Hospitals Could Be Reduced by Copper-Coated Uniforms

How to treat an infected hangnail

Researchers Challenge Claims That Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat

Running may protect your memory from stress

Fast-Acting, Readily Available Gas May Mitigate Blast-Induced Brain Injury

Cancer: 'Ultra-processed' foods may increase risk

Short Kids May Have Higher Future Stroke Risk

What to do about tightness in the throat

Not Being Aware of Memory Problems Predicts Onset of Alzheimer's Disease

New blood test can help diagnose traumatic brain injuries

Alzheimer's Drug Repairs Brain Damage After Alcohol Binges in Rodents

What is the apple cider vinegar detox?

Hearing Loss Is Common After Infant Heart Surgery

Flu kills first Delaware woman without underlying illness

What is the best way to get rid of visceral fat?

Pros and cons of plant-based milks: Is a plant-based milk right for you?

Your partner's stress may change your brain

Flu vaccine only 36 percent effective 

Flu vaccine is one of the least effective in years

What is an esophageal spasm?

Antioxidant Treatment Prevents Sexual Transmission of Zika in Mice

Alzheimer's disease reversed in mice, offering hope for humans, new research shows

Rapid Pollution Increases May Be as Harmful to the Heart as Absolute Levels

Can't keep the weight off? This may be why Our bodies don't take well to rep

  Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Could Serve as Cancer Vaccine

These may be the most germ-ridden places in your office

Specific Set of Nerve Cells Controls Epileptic Seizures' Spread Through Brain

Florida shooting raises awareness of stigma attached to mental illness

CRISPR Scissors, Cas12a, Enables Cutting-Edge Diagnostics



Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Cholesterol-removing gene may prevent heart disease

Clean Plates Much More Common When We Eat at Home

Five health benefits of being single

Cardiac Macrophages Found to Contribute to a Currently Untreatable Type of Heart Failure

What is an intercostal muscle strain? 

Could Sugar Chains Be the Answer to Bone Growth in Osteoporosis?

Obesity: You don't have to lose weight to be fit 

Heavy Bones, Low Body Weight: New Link Between Bone Cells and Blood Sugar Level Found

Is there an average weight for men? 

Muscle More Important Than Fat in Regulating Heat Loss from the Hands

What is cholinergic urticaria and how is it treated?

Climb Stairs to Lower Blood Pressure and Strengthen Leg Muscles

What is De Quervain's tenosynovitis?

Safe-Sleep Recommendations for Infants Have Not Reduced Sudden Deaths in Newborns

Will your partner cheat? Look out for these signs

6-year-old from Massachusetts dies from flu

Brain activity explains drunken aggression

Poor Fitness Linked to Weaker Brain Fiber, Higher Dementia Risk

Are there any home remedies for ringworm?

First blood test to help diagnose brain injuries gets US OK

Scientists Find Key Proteins Control Risk of Osteoarthritis During Aging


Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Going vegan could prevent type 2 diabetes

Pregnant Women Deficient in Vitamin D May Give Birth to Obese Children

Should all women get screened for ovarian cancer?

Cancer-Killing Virus Acts by Alerting Immune System

Why does my stomach feel tight?

PFASs, Chemicals Commonly Found in Environment, May Interfere With Body Weight Regulation

What is anasarca?

Cabozantinib Shows Promise as First Line Treatment for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Measles cases in Europe tripled last year, officials say

One or More Soda a Day Could Decrease Chances of Getting Pregnant

Huntington's 'super assassin' molecule could kill cancer

Palm Oil in Your Valentine's Chocolate? Beware

5 tips for losing weight with your loved one

Screening for Ovarian Cancer Not Recommended

What is Apert syndrome?

Medical Cannabis Significantly Safer for Elderly With Chronic Pain Than Opioids

What is the outlook for hydranencephaly?.

Light-Activated Cancer Drugs Without Toxic Side Effects: Fresh Insight

What is palmoplantar pustulosis?

Efforts Are Needed to Tap Into the Potential of Nutraceuticals

Why does my urine smell like ammonia?

Kidney Stones on the Rise

What happens during a testicular ultrasound?

Clues to Aging Found in Stem Cells' Genomes

Will eating slowly help you to lose weight?

Oregon Woman First Known Case of Human Infected With Cattle Eyeworm Species

Why do some breast cancers become treatment-resistant?

Too Much TV at Age 2 Makes for Less Healthy Adolescents

Newly Discovered Gene May Protect Against Heart Disease

Surgical Infections Linked to Drug-Resistant Bugs, Study Suggests

Ketone Drink Could Help Diabetics by Lowering Blood Sugar

Shorter Time Between First Medical Contact to PCI in Heart Patients Linked to Saving Lives


Monday, February 12, 2018


New Cannabis Products Highly Potent, Pose Mental Health Risks

What are sugar alcohols?

Marijuana's 4/20 holiday tied to rise in fatal car crashes

Study Shows Benefits of Exercise Can Outweigh Health Effects of Severe Obesity

Alcohol 'more damaging to brain health than marijuana'

Bed Bug Histamines Are Substantial, Persistent in Infested Homes

Eating slower could help prevent obesity, researchers say

The 10 best apps for rheumatoid arthritis

Oregon woman infected with rare "eye worm"

Cancer: Targeting protein may stop tumors from spreading

Study Examines Shift Work and Genetic Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes

What you should know about strawberry tongue

Which Commonly Prescribed Drug Is More Effective for Infants With Epilepsy?

How weight loss makes us hungrier

Brain Scans Show Why People Get Aggressive After a Drink or Two

How do you get rid of puffy eyes?

How ultraviolet light could be used to fight the flu

Is it safe to drink raw water?

Mouse Study Adds to Evidence Linking Gut Bacteria and Obesity

What are the signs of iodine deficiency

Sibling Bullying Makes Psychotic Disorders Three Times More Likely

Who is most at risk after a heart attack?

Before-School Physical Activity Program Helps Improve Body Weight and Overall Wellness

How traffic noise may contribute to heart disease

Huntington's Disease Provides New Cancer Weapon

Drug shortages burden U.S. health care system

Survivors of Childhood Heart Defects May Have Higher Risk of Premature Dementia

Predictors for Infidelity and Divorce



Sunday, February 11, 2018


What is a bifid uvula?  

The growing acceptance of autism in the workplace

Are there any home remedies for pneumonia?

Can dim light make us...dim? 

Labels on 'toddler drinks' may be misleading customers, study says

What is a strangulated hernia?

Why Base Metabolism Varies With Mass


Saturday, February 10, 2018


How yoga can help to manage metabolic syndrome

OxyContin maker will stop promoting opioids to doctors

This protein fuels triple-negative breast cancer

Could sciatica be causing the pain in your buttocks?

What should you not eat for IBS?

What are the best ways to get rid of nausea?

All you need to know about UTIs in men

How should you sleep if you have lower back pain?