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Friday, February 12, 2016


Gene Switch May Repair DNA and Prevent Cancer

Type 2 diabetes: long-term liraglutide use may raise blood sugar levels

Disparity in Life Spans of the Rich and the Poor Is Growing

Genome Studies Can Help Identify Lifestyle Risks for Diseases

Prepare for ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ With Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes, Experts Warn

Study Finds Mechanism by Which Obesity Promotes Pancreatic and Breast Cancer

Pancreatic cancer may be treatable with tree extract

New Nanotechnology Detects Biomarkers of Cancer

In Palliative Care, Comfort Is the Top Priority

What triggers rage? New research sheds light

Long-Term Cancer Surviors Still Need Guidance About Screening, Side Effects, Lifestyle

Air pollution takes a deadly toll

Zika: should you be worried about it? 

Gene Previously Observed Only in Brain Is Important Driver of Metastatic Breast Cancer

What bacteria may reveal about your home

Diabetics Who Use Verapamil Have Lower Glucose Levels, Data Show 

Is it safe to exercise when it's freezing outside?

Important Role of Nucleocytoplasmic Transport in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Dementia 

How does Zika virus spread?

Sleep Apnea Takes a Toll on Brain Function 

How couples cope with cancer on Valentine's Day

Memory Replay Prioritizes High-Reward Memories


Thursday, February 11, 2016


Zika Virus

Sneezing: how a complex fluid outpour contributes to disease spread

Real-Time Ebola Fusion System Yields Clues to Stopping Infection

Surprising cause of man's persistent hiccups

Gulf War Vets Continue to Struggle With Illness

Hypertension: have we missed something?

True Love: How Transcription Factors Interact to Create a Heart

Health officials: Here's what will help stop Zika virus

Remote Telemonitoring Does Not Reduce Hospital Readmissions for Heart Failure Patients

Dementia, Alzheimer's rates are falling, study suggests 

Expanded Understanding of Promising Blood Fat-Lowering Protein

How 3D printers are changing plastic surgery

How Your Cells Build Tiny 'Train Tracks' Could Shed Light on Human Disease

Type 2 Diabetes Drug Can Exhaust Insulin-Producing Cells

Ulcerative colitis may be treatable with vinegar

New Answers Concerning a Weight-Regulating Hormone

Doctors, parents amazed as tiny preemie goes home

Could the Food We Eat Affect Our Genes? Study in Yeast Suggests This May Be the Case

Could 'barring exit from blood vessels' stop breast cancer spread? 

Is Neanderthal DNA making us depressed?

Solid foods take over shaping of gut microbiota by 9 months

​Venezuela says 3 dead from Zika virus complications

Blocking a stress protein may treat chronic pain 

U.S. Olympic Committee tries to ease athletes' Zika fears

Tylenol During Pregnancy Tied to Asthma in Children

Being lazy might shrink your brain


Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Education May Cut Dementia Risk, Study Finds

How Often Should I Eat Tuna?

Why We Get Running Injuries (and How to Prevent Them)

Arthroscopic surgery 'ineffective' for knee catching, locking

Ask Well: The Sugar in Fruit

Cutting-edge paleontology sparks ancient diet debate

Should you share your bed with your pet?

A math test a day keeps the weight away, by activating brown fat

Health officials: Here's what will help stop Zika virus

As men age, their sperm contains more disease-causing mutations 

What the U.S. is doing to control Zika virus

Acetaminophen exposure before birth linked to asthma

New study shows signs of hope against dementia

Nanoparticle Reduces Targeted Cancer Drug's Toxicity

Peptide gel harnesses nature's building blocks to fight superbug infections

Two in Five Individuals With Schizophrenia Have Attempted Suicide 

12 foods to help you sleep better

Prostate Cancer Survivors' Risk of Heart Disease Studied

Zika could affect the 2016 Olympics, Europe and Africa 

Atherosclerosis: A Short Cut to Inflammation

"Always Hungry?" Book challenges thinking on calories

Research Uncovers More Inherited Genetic Mutations Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Study Sheds Light on Source of Drug Addicts Risk-Taking Behavior

What does the future hold for babies with microcephaly?

Research Finds New Target in Search for Why Statin Drugs Sometimes Cause Problems for Some Patients

In modern-day gold rush of genetic testing, profit placed above proof

The New Health 'Desert'? Reliable Weight Loss Programs Hard to Find 

Couch potatoes may have smaller brains later in life

New Method Opens Crystal Clear Views of Biomolecules


Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Back-to-school asthma attacks linked to common cold virus in children

Scientists Discover How Breast Cancer Cells Spread from Blood Vessels

Zika Virus May Be Linked to Infant Eye Abnormalities, Study Says

Common Gene Variant Influences Food Choices ... for Better or Worse

New Bacteria Species That Causes Lyme Disease Found in Midwest

New Guideline for Treatment of Prolonged Seizures in Children and Adults 

Three things that keep Americans from living longer

COPD May Cause Structural Changes Within the Brain  

Teen girls' transitions into adulthood "Untangled"

 Stereotypes About Native Americans and Alcohol Debunked

Device delivers toxic chemo cocktail to pancreatic tumor, spares body

Interruption of Radiation Therapy Risks Cancer Recurrence

Woman's Fitbit fitness tracker detects her pregnancy 

Barley Helps Improve Blood Sugar Levels, Reduce Appetite

Bionic implant could help paralyzed people 'walk with the power of thought'

Scientists Shed Light on How Cells With an Incorrect Number of Chromosomes Lead to Tumor Development

Don't fall off the "fitness cliff"

Bacterial Molecules Discovered in Processed Foods Could Unlock Key to Healthier Diets

Some Heart Drugs, Antibiotics Show Effective in Fighting Cancer 

How a dog's IQ could offer clues to dementia

New Promise for Diabetics With Vitamin D Deficiency

Blood test giving false sense of security about cancer risk?

CBT and antidepressants 'equally effective' for major depression

Homemade "Dewshine" can be deadly, experts warn

Uterine Prolapse: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment 

The 7 things you need to know about the Zika virus


Monday, February 8, 2016


Scientists Elucidate Genetic Underpinnings of Congenital Heart Disease

Thyroid and breast cancer survivors at risk of the other malignancy

New Type 2 Diabetes Biomarker Identified

New Target, Potential Treatment Found for Unhealthy Levels of Fat That Can Occur in Type 1 Diabetes

Simple Remedies for Constipation

Exposure to Air Pollution 30 Years Ago Associated With Increased Risk of Death

Scientists improve DNA technology for detecting, treating disease

Sustained Aerobic Exercise Increases Adult Neurogenesis in Brain

Concussions May Increase Suicide Risk, Study Finds

Wbp2 Is a Novel Deafness Gene

Breathing through mouth during sleep may increase tooth decay risk

 Removal of Complex Renal Tumors Performed Safely by Robotic Surgery in Selected Patients 

Brazilian doctor on connecting dots between Zika, birth defects

Researchers Identify New Borrelia Species That Causes Lyme Disease

When animals attack...humans are largely to blame

Nanoparticle Therapy That Uses LDL and Fish Oil Kills Liver Cancer Cells 

Sleep deprivation may lead to false confessions

Multicomponent Intervention Linked to Better Sun Protection for Kids 

17 alarming facts about the Zika virus

Nature's Mirror: The Code for Chirality 

Hugh Jackman tweets selfie warning about skin cancer

A Step Closer to Understanding Fertilization

 'Smart' lens could predict risk of glaucoma progression

 Persistent ADHD Associated With Overly Critical Parents

Whooping cough makes a comeback as vaccine wanes

Using Medical Marijuana to Stop Seizures in Kids

Calm down, that spider is not as big as you think

Older and Younger Adults Surf Different Brain Waves

Fall Detector for Older People

Why Your Muscles Get Less Sore as You Stick With Your Gym Routine

Muscles on-a-Chip Provide Insight Into Cardiac Stem Cell Therapies


Sunday, February 7, 2016


Pinterest and the prevalence of anti-vaccine rhetoric

Public Back Ban on Children's Junk Food Advertising

3D-printed bone structure allows tissue regeneration


Saturday, February 6, 2016


Eating chocolate during pregnancy may benefit fetal growth, development

Where Infants Sleep May Affect How Long They Are Breastfed