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Friday, June 29, 2018


How to fix peeling nails

CDC warns of shingles vaccine shortage

What type of acne do I have?

Source of romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak identified

What causes bellybutton pain during pregnancy?

50-pound cyst removed from woman's ovary

Why is there a pimple on my neck?   

CDC retracts widely cited study on farmer suicides

Prostate cancer: New drug for aggressive, resistant cases   

FDA approves the first drug derived from marijuana

Parkinson's may soon be treated with blood pressure drug   

Baby boom at Texas hospital: 48 babies born in 41 hours

How to regain pleasure in just about anything   

Pfizer hikes cost of Viagra, 100 other drugs: report

What causes a headache with nausea?   

Coffee may boost chances for a longer life, study shows

Causes of shortness of breath during pregnancy

Self-Monitoring of Type 2 Diabetes Reduces Follow-Up Costs by More Than Half

What is the normal chloride level?

Timing Is Key for Bacteria Surviving Antibiotics

What do different types of contractions feel like?  

What to know about annular pancreas

What is a gastrointestinal fistula and what causes one?

Inflammation: Old drug offers new hope

Low B-12 and folate levels in mature adults 'of concern'


Thursday, June 28, 2018


How long does a pregnancy loss last?   

States with the highest and lowest exercise rates

Is having vaginal pressure during pregnancy normal?   

FDA agrees to fast-track review of one-dose flu drug

Chinese restaurant syndrome:   

Drug could save women’s lives from post-childbirth bleeding

Does taking omega-3 help with psoriasis?

Handwashing and House Cleaning May Protect Against Chemicals Added to Furniture

Why does it hurt when I swallow?

Dietary Supplement Increases Muscle Force by 50% Percent in the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Mouse Model

How a red wine compound may prevent cancer

Tau Does Not Stabilize Microtubules in Brain, Study Finds

Could treating these immune cells cure IBD?

Obesity + Aging Linked to Alzheimer's Markers in the Brain

Exercise, the 'best antidepressant,' also prevents heart disease

Can water help you lose weight?

What are the most healthful high-fat foods?

Is salicylic acid safe to use during pregnancy?

 Narcissism may improve school performance in teens


Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Even minor sleep problems raise women's blood pressure

A New Tactic for Starving Tumors

What is a differential blood test?

First Malaria-Human Contact Mapped With Nobel Prize-Winning Technology

What is the purpose of a vitamin B-12 level test?

Freedom from Fear: Dopamine's Role in Unlearning Fearful Associations

What to eat in your second trimester

Fifteen good foods for high blood pressure

What to know about hernias after a cesarean delivery

What is a first-degree burn?

Why is a prolactin level test done?

Even minor sleep problems raise women's blood pressure

Sitting increases frailty risk for women

Product review: The desk that's also a bike

What causes alcohol addiction?

Are Epsom salt baths safe during pregnancy?

How to get more iron from the diet   

Study: Air pollution kills thousands of infants

What to know about reduced blood flow to the brain

5 foods that may help up your happiness

Reversing autism with a cancer drug

Researchers say poliovirus may help treat brain cancer

What is chlorothiazide?

Survey: Exercise and obesity are both rising in US

What's to know about acitretin?

Sea lice reported on Florida beach

How gut bacteria may help to spot and address liver disease


Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Tending to the diaphragm may relieve chronic low back pain

Anger Overlooked as Feature of Postnatal Mood Disorders

Serotonin enhances learning, not just mood

Why Popcorn Tastes Better When You Eat It With Chopsticks

What are the benefits of eating healthy?

What is a slit lamp exam?

What are the side effects of aspartame?

Why does depression make you feel tired?  

Type 2 diabetes: Using coffee for 'glucose control'

Computational Model Analysis Reveals Serotonin Speeds Learning

Why do I get heart palpitations after I eat?

Trial shows poliovirus may be effective in treating deadly brain cancer

What types of blood disorders are there?

Enemy turned ally: Poliovirus is used to fight brain tumors

What to know about birth control and alcohol

Flight attendants may have increased risk for certain cancers: Study

Diabetes: The insulin pill may finally be here

Student-peer organization helps erase stigma tied to mental-health issues: Study

Five hot baths per week may be good for the heart


Monday, June 25, 2018


Brain study reveals why some people fail to stick to their diet

Delivering Insulin in a Pill

Pollen allergy: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Can the Kids Wait? Today's Youngsters Able to Delay Gratification Longer Than Those of the 1960s

Is drinking ginger water good for health?

Men's Testosterone Levels Largely Determined by Where They Grow Up

Why do I have two periods in a month?

Exposure to Air Pollution in Pregnancy Does Not Increase Symptoms of Attention-Deficit

Is it possible to prevent a hangover?

Plaster Which Sticks Inside the Mouth Will Revolutionize Treatment of Oral Conditions

Can an IUD cause bleeding after sex?

T-Cell Leukemia: Cancer Cells Take Advantage of 'Survival Protein'

Abnormal breath sounds: Causes and treatment

These kids are most likely to be hurt in bike accidents

Why do newborn babies grunt?   

Beachgoers beware: 5 pathogens that lurk in the sand

Brain study reveals why some people fail to stick to their diet   

Kids overdosing on meds meant to fight opioid addiction

Is this the 'perfect drug' to stop cancer cells' movement?

Expert: "Frightening" how few young people get enough sleep

How does ketamine relieve depression so quickly?

What do blue lights have to do with drug use?

How to remove earwax at home

Music education could help children improve their language skills

What causes an abdominal lump?

Red meat allergies caused by tick bites are on the rise

Six health benefits of safflower oil

Psychiatric hospital loses certification and federal dollars

Autism blood test: One step closer

A melatonin-fueled drink to help you sleep: What a nutritionist says about the trend

Targeting 'microtubules' could prevent heart failure


Sunday, June 24, 2018


What to know about gastrectomy, or stomach removal

Everything you need to know about dextrose

Is it possible to kill cancer by 'overfeeding' it?

Dartmouth to study opioid treatment for pregnant women

Brain tingling sensation 'ASMR' may benefit health

Retailers experiment with blue lights to deter drug use

What are the symptoms of heart disease in men?


Saturday, June 23, 2018


A color-coded guide to vaginal discharge

Hypervitaminosis A

What are the signs of early-onset Alzheimer's?

Highly empathic people have a unique view of music

How horses perceive and respond to human emotion

Benefits of using a humidifier