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Friday, February 10, 2017


Eating more fruits, vegetables boosts psychological well-being in just 2 weeks

Gut Bacteria May Play a Role in Alzheimer’s Disease

Gene discovery suggests new type of congenital muscular dystrophy

Prebiotics May Help to Cope With Stress

Is Fibromyalgia Real? Common Misconceptions About the Condition

Alzheimer's May Be Linked to Defective Brain Cells Spreading Disease

Cushing's syndrome: Could analyzing hair confirm diagnosis?

Lecithin Enhances Antimicrobial Properties of the Essential Oil, Eugenol

Flu season hitting its peak in 43 states

Pre-Eclampsia Deaths Are Avoidable, Say Researchers

Why does type 1 diabetes kill some cells but not others?

Mitochondrial Lipids as Potential Targets in Early Onset Parkinson's Disease

The dangers of drinking peroxide as a "natural" cure

Chinese Air Pollution Linked to Respiratory and Cardiovascular Deaths

COPD and Pneumonia: What's the Connection?

One Step Closer to Personalized Antibiotic Treatment


Thursday, February 9, 2017


Whole grains may lead to a healthier gut, better immune responses

Is it Parkinson's or something else? Blood test might help

Revealed: How speed, ice, ecstasy and other party drugs age the heart at an alarming rate

Mom issues warning to parents after cold turns serious for newborn

Scientists Identify Aggressive Pancreatic Cancer Cells and Their Vulnerability

Can 3D body scanners help with weight loss, fitness?

Infectious Outbreak in Critically Ill Children Leads to Recall of Contaminated Medication

Breast cancer: Changes in immune cell composition linked to future risk

Device Emulates Human Kidney Function

Plaque in young arteries may signal heart attack risk

An 'Ignition Key' Revs Up DNA Shuffling to Make Antibodies

How to Break a Fever: Treatment Tips for Various Ages

Bacteria Links Crohn's Disease to Arthritis

Officials investigate man's death in ER waiting room

New Cause of Brain Defects in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Whole grains increase metabolism, may help promote weight loss

Evidence Points to Fish Oil to Fight Asthma

Dozens of new cancer drugs do little to improve survival

Orexin as a Potential Drug for Treating Septic Shock

Scientists find chemical pathway responsible for schizophrenia symptoms

Brain Damage Is Not Always Damaging

Ohio clinic accused of false Alzheimer's diagnoses

Antibiotic Use for Travelers' Diarrhea Favors Particularly Resistant Super Bacteria

Five Important Facts About Multiple Sclerosis

IFT20 Protein's Role in Helping Cancer Cells to Invade


Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Designer Compound May Untangle Damage Leading to Some Dementias

CrossFit fan, 77, works to stay fit and challenge others

Study of Complex Genetic Region Finds Hidden Role of NCF1 in Multiple Autoimmune Diseases

The N.H.L.’s Problem With Science

Exposure to a Newer Flame Retardant Has Been on the Rise

Science explores why certain songs give you pleasure

Scientists Identify Mechanisms Driving Gut Bacterial Imbalance and Inflammation

Autism more common in people whose brains are anatomically more male-like

Method to Identify Bacteria in Blood Samples Works in Hours Instead of Days

Can a Researcher Studying an Alzheimer’s Treatment Try It on Himself?

Preemies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units Exposed to Loud Noises

Fetal exposure to bisphenol A disrupts the body's endocrine system

Compound from Deep-Water Marine Sponge Could Provide Antibacterial Solutions for MRSA

Woman shares "trick" to finding breast cancer doctors never told her

'Release and Kill' Strategy May Aid Treatment of Tuberculosis

What is the Pathophysiology of COPD?

Calcified Plaque Raises Heart Disease Risk for Younger Adults

Weak Reporting System Let Risky Surgical Device Stay in Use

Analyzing Gut Microbes and Their Byproducts Essential to Understanding Human Health

Heavy lifting, shift work may negatively impact women's fertility

Alternative Theory on How Aspirin May Thwart Cancer

What's causing hearing loss for millions of Americans?

Poor and Less Educated Suffer the Most from Chronic Pain

Best Eye Drops for People With Red Eyes

Lessons on Aging Well, From a 105-Year-Old Cyclist

Harsh parenting may do more harm than good for children's education


Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Prenatal Bisphenol A Exposure Weakens Body's Fullness Cues

What Does a Coffee Enema Do?

Sitting Not Linked to Incident Diabetes, New Research Suggests

Male contraceptive proves effective as alternative to vasectomy

Air Pollution Linked to Heightened Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Obese Latino Children

Groundbreaking gene therapy restores hearing, balance

Why Male Immune Cells Are from Mars and Female Cells Are from Venus

Diet Tips for COPD

Alzheimer's Disease Researchers Solve Mystery of Beguiling Protein

High-risk breast cancer patients fail to receive genetic testing

New Clues to Causes of Heart Failure

E-cigarettes safer alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes, study confirms

Teachers May Be Cause of 'Obesity Penalty' on Girls' Grades

Genetic Defects in Tooth Enamel Conducive to Development of Cavities

Toxic Metals Found in E-Cigarette Liquids


Monday, February 6, 2017


Engineering Team Finds Compound May Halt Molecular Cause of Often-Fatal Condition

Is licorice intake during pregnancy linked to ADHD in offspring?

Hard Shell, Healthy Kernel: Nuts Can Inhibit the Growth of Cancer Cells

Safety and Disposing of Medications

Experts Reveal Hidden Dangers Behind Supplements

'Helper cells' can turn toxic in brain injury and diseases

Brisk Exercise Linked to Better Arterial Health Already in Childhood

Are e-cigs safer than tobacco? New study fuels debate

 Engineers Harness Stomach Acid to Power Tiny Sensors

West Virginia distributing 8,000 overdose antidote kits

Prosthetic Arm Technology Detects Spinal Nerve Signals

"Dripping" common among teen e-cig users, study finds

Fibromyalgia Flares: Warning Signs and Treatments

Killing Off Rivals Makes for Happy Families, Bacteria Study Finds

Pet meds sending kids to the ER

New Potential Route to Treat Asthma Discovered

Childhood cancer treatment may hinder later-life sexual relationships

Immune Therapy Scientists Discover Distinct Cells That Block Cancer-Fighting Immune Cells

Video of 6-year-old celebrating end of chemo goes viral

Body Dysmorphic Disorder May Be Under-Diagnosed in Patients Seeking Cosmetic Procedures

Using NSAIDs during a cold may increase heart attack risk

Sentinels in the Blood: A New Diagnostic for Pancreatic Cancer

Study links better patient outcomes to doctors with these resumes

Concussion May Affect Your Driving Even After Symptoms Disappear, Says Study

Fibromyalgia and Itching: Causes and Treatment

Study Paints Clearer Picture of 'NASTy' Side Effects from Well-Known Heart Drug

Pharmaceuticals from a Coal Mine?

Removal of Ovaries During Hysterectomy Linked to Increase in Heart Disease, Cancer and Premature Death


Sunday, February 5, 2017


Brain Tumor: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

Visual evidence shows brain 'resetting' during sleep

Oyxtocin-like hormone from insects could prevent preterm labor

Symptoms and Signs of MS in Women


Saturday, February 4, 2017


Exacerbation of COPD: Causes, Warning Signs, and Treatment

How are calluses and throat cancer related?

Childhood pets surpass siblings for relationship satisfaction

Hammer Toe: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment