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Friday, May 25, 2018


How does prednisone treat an asthma flare-up?

Shape of DNA Can Be Changed With a Range of Triggers Including Copper and Oxygen

How should you prepare for a colonoscopy?

Can you treat low progesterone levels naturally?

Can you use Botox under your eyes?

Nylon halts fatal fungal infections

How can you boost your energy levels?

Gut bacteria control cancer immunity in the liver

Why does my urine smell like popcorn?

What are the early signs of HIV in men?   

How the Air Force's elite surgical team saves lives near the front lines

Causes and treatment of lower back spasms   

What you need to know about rabies this summer

The truth about formaldehyde in e-cigarettes   

Study confirms this method of repelling ticks really works

Breast cancer: A low-fat diet may improve survivors' outlook  

Could eating more fish boost fertility?

Goal Conflict Linked to Psychological Distress

What are monoglycerides and are they safe?

New Link Found Between Alcohol, Genes and Heart Failure

Chewing gum while walking may help you burn more calories, study finds

People With Dementia More Likely to Go Missing


Thursday, May 24, 2018


Scientists find cell types behind schizophrenia

Ingestible 'Bacteria on a Chip' Could Help Diagnose Disease

How using your legs keeps your brain healthy

Depression Speeds Up Brain Aging, Find Psychologists

What causes pale gums?

You Are What Your Mother Eats

Can saw palmetto reduce enlarged prostate?

Disadvantaged Students With Lower Grades Do Just as Well on Medical Degrees

Can you have RA and PsA at the same time? 

Black Americans Face Education, Income Barriers to Healthy Behaviors, Study Finds

What are the health benefits of balsamic vinegar?

South Asians more likely to die from heart disease

Carcinogens in BBQ smoke absorbed more by skin than lungs

Adolescents With Hay Fever Have Higher Rates of Anxiety and Depression

E-cigarettes fail but one thing helps smokers quit, study finds

Gut Bacteria Play Key Role in Anti-Seizure Effects of Ketogenic Diet

Depression Speeds Up Brain Aging, Find Psychologists

Gut Microbiome Can Control Antitumor Immune Function in Liver

Mussels off Seattle coast test positive for opioids

Tick Bite Protection: New CDC Study Adds to the Promise of Permethrin-Treated Clothing

New Computational Tool Could Help Optimize Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease


Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Can we protect the brain from cosmic radiation?

Early-Life Obesity Impacts Children's Learning and Memory, Study Suggests

Early exposure to microbes may protect against childhood leukemia

Abdominal Fat Secretes Novel Adipokine Promoting Insulin Resistance and Inflammation

Is  my ADHD medication working?

Helping Dental Retainers and Aligners Fight Off Bacteria

 Is green tea good for BPH?

What causes tongue bumps?

Plant pigments may preserve lung function into old age

Surgery Involving Ultrasound Energy Found to Treat High Blood Pressure

FDA warns consumers not to use sunscreen pills

Leg Exercise Is Critical to Brain and Nervous System Health

Why fever can be your friend in times of illness

Can Weekend Sleep Make Up for the Detriments of Sleep Deprivation During the Week?

Loneliness does more than pull on your heart strings -- it may hurt your heart

Spike in Severe Black Lung Disease Among Former US Coal Miners


Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Inflammatory bowel disease may raise Parkinson's risk

Model Estimates Lifetime Risk of Alzheimer's Dementia Using Biomarkers

Novel gel regrows brain tissue after stroke

Link Between Tuberculosis and Parkinson's Disease Discovered

What to know about centrilobular emphysema

Experimental Drug Eases Effects of Gluten for Celiac Patients on Gluten-Free Diet 

Severe asthma: Eczema drug succeeds where others fail

Heart Surgery: To Have or Not to Have...your Left Atrial Appendage Closed

Studies: Shuttering coal and oil power plants boosts fertility, babies' health

Research Supports Restrictions on Opioid-Containing Cold Medicines for Children

Are apples good for diabetes? 

Lead Exposure Found to Affect Fertility Rates

Disturbing lung cancer trend among young women

Married Couples Share Risk of Developing Diabetes

What is the difference between a cyst and a tumor?

Dramatic rise in ADHD medication mishaps among kids, report finds

How to get a splinter out

With death rate up, US life expectancy is likely down again

One egg per day may keep stroke at bay

"Striking" role of race seen in kids’ suicide risk

How to use essential oils for hair growth  

Most hospitals aren't ready for mass tragedies, ER docs say

Can the Mediterranean diet protect against air pollution?


Monday, May 21, 2017


What to know about ulnar tunnel syndrome

Vascular Risk Interacts With Amyloid Levels to Increase Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Is honey good for asthma?

Autism Is Not Linked to Eating Fish in Pregnacy

What causes abdominal bloating?

Scientist Reveals Likely Cause of Childhood Leukemia

What to know about tricompartmental osteoarthritis

Mediterranean Diet May Blunt Air Pollution's Ill Health Effects

Could Viagra and a flu shot kill cancer?

Flavonoids May Slow Lung Function Decline Due to Aging

This 'natural antioxidant' may protect heart health

New Data Changes the Way Scientists Explain How Cancer Tumors Develop

Lung cancer destroyed with tea leaf nanoparticles

Compound in Citrus Oil Could Reduce Dry Mouth in Head, Neck Cancer Patients

How is ADHD rated?

Link Between IBD and Parkinson's Might Allow Doctors to Slow Down Condition

What happens when calcium levels are low?

Pregnant Smokers May Reduce Harm Done to Baby's Lungs by Taking Vitamin C

Overdoses on ADHD meds worry researchers

One in 10 Parents Say Their Child Has Gotten Sick from Spoiled or Contaminated Food

Sitting positions for good posture

Fewer Men Are Being Screened, Diagnosed, and Treated for Prostate Cancer

Celebrities tout Keto diet, but experts say stay away

Belly fat linked to vitamin D deficiency

Brain Stimulation May Reduce Food Cravings as Obesity Treatment

NRA links school violence to Ritalin but experts deny connection

Larger Waistlines Are Linked to Higher Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency


Sunday, May 20, 2017


Type 2 diabetes: Intermittent fasting may raise risk T

Minimizing Exposure to Common Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals May Reduce Obesity Rates

How tomato sauce can boost your gut health

Could Intermittent Fasting Diets Increase Diabetes Risk?


Saturday, May 19, 2017


Hepatosplenomegaly: Everything you need to know

What effect does ADHD have on sexuality?

E. coli toxin linked with inflammatory bowel disease

Lowering cholesterol improves cancer-fighting immunotherapy