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Friday, February 2, 2018


Staying up all night harms women's working memory

Low Muscle Strength Identified as Early Risk Factor for ALS

How do crash diets affect your heart? Study investigates

Cutting Off Tumor Supplies

Is viremia contagious? What you need to know

Standard Medical Tests Miss Nearly Two-Thirds of Heart Attack Diagnoses

Searching for purpose? Logotherapy might help

Crash Diets Can Cause Transient Deterioration in Heart Function

What causes eye boogers?

Arachnoiditis: Symptoms, diagnosis, and outlook

Stroke: Can the brain 'rewire' itself to aid recovery?

How to get rid of jowls

Popular diet could increase risk of birth defects

Cancer from cellphones? New studies say no need to hang up

What STIs can you get from oral sex?

 3-time heart attack survivor's message to other women

Could this protein hold the key to memory?

Nurses with a mission: Send older ER patients home with help

Gene Network That Regulates Motor Neuron Formation During Embryonic Development

These brain cells could explain your anxiety

Teen's struggle with depression led siblings to create app

Analyzing Street Drugs Points to Potential Early Warning System in Opioid Crisis


Thursday, February 1, 2018


Bacteria Play Critical Role in Driving Colon Cancers

Diabetes: Look after your teeth to look after your blood glucose

3D Printing of Living Cells

Vaccine less than 20 percent effective against flu strain, researchers say

Red Wine Proves Good for the Heart (Again)

Why you feel tired all the time

 Boosting a Key Protein to Help Bones That Won't Heal 

Man dies after after nurse gives him wrong dose of oxycodone

How the Most Common DNA Mutation Happens

What is the relation between baby boomers and hepatitis C?

Food Preservative Enhances Schizophrenia Treatment 

Family raises concerns about Tamiflu side effects

Warmer Climate Can Give Europe Dengue Fever

Can simply standing help you to lose weight?    

Hospital's biosurveillance system tracks deadly flu outbreak

Spitz nevi vs. cancer: What you need to know

Medicare tightens oversight of opioid prescriptions

Vitamin D-3 could 'reverse' damage to heart

What you need to know about Tamiflu

One injection could kill cancer 

UAE gives Johns Hopkins $50M for new stroke care institute

Migraine a 'risk factor' for cardiovascular disease

Coffee in California could one day come with a warning

How to prevent a tragus piercing becoming infected

Doctors warn of heart risk from some breast cancer therapies


Wednesday, January 31, 2018


What you should know about a punctured lung

Sports Drinks Are Not Solutions for Illness-Related Dehydration

What is this bump on my eyelid? 

Reasoning Behind Campus Sexual Assault Policies Challenged by Psychologists

Could a bacterium found in milk trigger rheumatoid arthritis?

Stealth Virus for Cancer Therapy

What are the signs that someone is close to death?

Long-Term Consumption of Sunflower and Fish Oils May Damage the Liver

How to improve circulation

Teens Need Vigorous Physical Activity and Fitness to Cut Heart Risk

Alzheimer's: Brain implant could improve cognitive function

How Can Students With Autism Be Supported Through College?

Understanding anhedonia: What happens in the brain?

Pulling an All-Nighter Impairs Working Memory in Women

What can be done about eczema on the scalp? 

Prostate Cancer: Poor Prognosis in Men With Diabetes

How to prevent and improve crepey skin 

The Amazing Flexibility of Red Blood Cells

Blood vessel discovery may prevent diabetes

Falling IQ Scores in Childhood May Signal Psychotic Disorders in Later Life

Smoking habit tough to break for certain Americans

What causes Battle's sign?

Pandemic Risk: How Large Are the Expected Losses?

Pharmacist sentenced for deadly meningitis outbreak

Odynophagia: Symptoms, causes, and dysphagia

FDA cracks down on abuse of anti-diarrhea medication

Second-hand toys contain 'surprising' levels of toxic chemicals   

Working too long can be unhealthy -- and fatal

The end of toxic chemo? Blocking vitamin B-2 may stop cancer

Surviving cancer may depend on where you live in the world: Report

Who are your real friends? Your brainwaves can tell

Traumatic brain injury linked to increased dementia risk: Report

Upper Limit for Intake of Folate Is Invalid: Government Urged to Fortify Flour With Folic Acid


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Bacteria in Milk and Beef Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis

E-cigarettes may cause cancer and heart disease, says study

Mediterranean diet might improve in vitro fertilization success, study finds

Body clock disruptions may be an early sign of Alzheimer's

Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing Differs by Patient Age, Insurance, Race

What are the causes of forearm pain?

E-Cigarette Flavors Are Toxic to White Blood Cells, Warn Scientists

What does it mean if I have a mole that itches?

No Definitive Causal Link Between Sunbed Use and Malignant Melanoma

What you should know about trench foot

Study Proves 'Muscle Memory' Exists at a DNA Level

How do dermarollers work?

Breastfeeding Reduces Hypertension Risk

Multiple sclerosis: 'Guardian molecule' may lead to new treatment

Blood Vessels-on-a-Chip Show Anti-Cancer Drug Effects in Human Cells

What are the best ways to get rid of large pores?

Brain "pacemaker" tested in Alzheimer's patients

What is scrotal eczema?

Couple gets parasitic hookworms in feet on beach trip

How many carbs should dieters eat for weight loss?   

7-year-old boy from Virginia dies from flu, family says

Cloves: Nutritional facts and health benefits

Vitamin D3 Could Help Heal or Prevent Cardiovascular Damage

Man dies in MRI accident: How does this happen?

Aerobic exercise may be key for Alzheimer's prevention

Specific Bacteria May Change the Cervix of a Pregnant Woman and Lead to Preterm Birth


Monday, January 29, 2018


Fish-derived omega-3 best for preventing breast cancer

Mediterranean Diet May Help Women Receiving IVF to Achieve Successful Pregnancies

Breast cancer: Protein that drives metastasis uncovered

What Makes Kids With Autism Less Social Than Their Typically Developing Peers?

How long does it take to build muscle?

Vitamin Deficiency 'Puts Cancer Cells Into Hibernation'

What different types of headaches are there?

Menopause Found to Worsen Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Fear of being touched: Causes and treatments for haphephobia

Estrogen Causes Neuroblastoma Cells to Mature Into Neurons

The 10 best period tracking apps

Life Expectancy Gains Are Slowing in Both Rich and Poor Countries

Serosanguineous drainage: Is it normal?

Nutritionally-Speaking, Soy Milk Is Best Plant-Based Milk

Just 30 minutes of light exercise each day can benefit health

Body Clock Disruptions Occur Years Before Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s

Letter from the Editor: Things are looking up

What is ozone therapy? Benefits and risks

What is iliotibial band syndrome and how is it treated?   

Teen battling rare cancer weds high school sweetheart

Breast cancer: Body fat, not weight, poses major risk

The pros and cons of e-cigarettes revealed

Scientists grow new ears for children with defect


Sunday, January 28, 2018


Kiwi compound may prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

How your gut can make you seem smarter than you really are

What to know about tarsal tunnel syndrome


Saturday, January 27, 2018


Could vitamin D supplements treat IBS?

Intense flu season has required some of medicine's most difficult choices

Female relatives 'nag' the most, says study

Can type 2 diabetes become insulin dependent diabetes?

What you need to know about the xiphoid process

Battered woman syndrome: Stages and recovery

Does metformin help you lose weight?

Is it seborrheic keratosis or skin cancer?

Yoga poses for thyroid conditions Can yoga be