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Friday, January 29, 2016


Are You at Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections?

Children's food allergies related to immunosuppression

Women Infected With Zika Virus Recount Fatigue, Pain of Illness

3D-printed kidney technique enables transplant for 2-year-old

Drug Shortages Forcing Hard Decisions on Rationing Treatments

Synthetic immune cells: a possible solution to antibiotic resistance?

Zika Virus Update: 31 People in US Infected, Houston Woman Recounts Infection

Vital Clues to Future Cancer Development in Normal Breast Tissue DNA

Autism caused by immune response to viral infection during pregnancy?

Protein Combination Improves Bone Regeneration, Study Shows

Pregnant Woman in NYC Is One of 31 Infected With Zika Virus in US

A Diet Dividend: Reducing Food Intake in Mice Diminishes the Growth of Their Polycystic Kidneys

Obesity, diabetes during pregnancy linked to autism

From Mother to Child, Passing on Disease

Skin Conditions During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

First Topical Treatment for Common Benign Skin Lesions

Mosquitoes: "The most murderous animal on Earth"

Fat Injection for Breast Reconstruction Doesn't Increase Risk of Recurrent Breast Cancer

Are cherry-flavored e-cigarettes more dangerous?

New Therapy Halts Progression of Lou Gehrig's Disease in Mice

Breastfeeding saves lives, boosts economies in rich and poor countries


Thursday, January 28, 2016


Short Answers to Hard Questions About Zika Virus

Research Hints at a Nutritional Strategy for Reducing Autism Risk

Zika in Brazil: With No Cure for Virus, Pregnant Woman Puts Fate in 'Hands of God'

The Brain Communicates on Several Channels

A Single Cell Shines New Light on How Cancers Develop

Patient involvement: what is it, and why does it matter?

These are the healthiest, happiest states

Wearable sweat sensor could monitor dehydration, fatigue 

6 things a food poisoning expert won't eat

HIV replenishes viral reservoirs during therapy 

Having memory problems? Don't forget to tell your doctor

Antidepressants in pregnancy do not raise congenital heart risk for baby 

Biotechs aim for noninvasive prostate cancer biopsies

Necroptosis: How Crystals Precipitate Cell Death

Children at 'double the risk of aggression, suicide' with antidepressant use

Finding the Right Antithrombotic (Anti-Clotting) Drug for You

Zika "spreading explosively," global health experts warn

Minorities Had Lower Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Than Whites, Study Shows

'Eat more flavonoid-rich fruits and veg to prevent weight gain'

Toward a Better Understanding of the Mechanisms Blocking Cancer Cell Growth

Male breast cancer survivor empowered, not embarrassed

Opioid Prescribing for Chronic Pain: Achieving the Right Balance Through Education

Growth factor might slow cognitive decline in old age

Multiple Sclerosis Drug Tied to Rising JC Virus Antibody Levels


Wednesday, January 27, 2015


Alzheimer's-related brain changes occur 2 decades before symptom onset

Prenatal Exposure to Flame Retardants Linked to Poorer Behavioral Function in Children

Microcephaly: Details on the Alarming Birth Defect Linked to Zika Virus

Honeybees, Ants May Provide Clues to Suicide in Humans

Dietary fiber and lung health: eat well, breathe easy

Scientists Move Closer to Understanding Schizophrenia’s Cause

Depression may pass from mothers to daughters

Asthma, Allergies: Protective Factor Found in Farm Milk

Experts Explain Key to Stopping Zika Virus From Spreading in the US

Diabetes, Heart Disease, Smoking Increase Risk of Death for Older Adults With Dementia

Air pollution tied to premature birth

Asthma, Allergies: Protective Factor Found in Farm Milk

To Prevent Back Pain, Orthotics Are Out, Exercise Is In

More Than One in 20 US Children Have Dizziness, Balance Problems

Copper Bracelets: Do Copper Bracelets Help With Arthritis?

Uncorrected Farsightedness Linked to Literacy Deficits in Preschoolers

Irregular Heartbeats? Coffee May Not Be So Bad for You

Twenty-Five-Point Drop in IQ Caused by Lack of Gene Copy

Could stem cell transplantation yield a cure for MS?

HIV Protein Manipulates Hundreds of Human Genes to Advance Progression Into AIDS, Study Shows

The scientific quest to cure aging

Neuroticism Predicts Anxiety, Depression Disorders

Doctors Who Get Sued Are Likely to Get Sued Again

Depressive Symptoms Prevalent Among Division I College Athletes

High Drug Price Trend Has 'Infected' Generics, Experts Say

New Findings Point to Central Nervous System Role in Painful Diabetic Peripheral Nerve Disease

Consumer Reports: "Natural" food labels misleading consumers

Losing Fat While Gaining Muscle: Scientists Close in on 'Holy Grail' of Diet and Exercise

Can soy boost fertility treatment success?

Scientists Root out the 'Bad Seeds' of Liver Cancer

High-frequency ultrasound may ease cancer pain

New Imaging Technique Could Reduce Need for Amputation


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Food Imported from Low-GDP Nations Poses Higher Safety Risks, Study Finds

Zika Virus: 19 Diagnosed in U.S. After Traveling Abroad, 19 Infected in Puerto Rico

Panel Calls for Depression Screenings During and After Pregnancy

Toxic Exposures Caused Illness in Gulf War Veterans, New Report Says

Study Links Fatty Liver, Heart Failure in Obese People

Brain Structure Governing Emotion Is Passed Down from Mother to Daughter, Says Study

Nerve damage in MS could be prevented with epilepsy drug

Milestone for Parkinson's Research: The Amyloid Protein ?-Synuclein Has Been Visualised in the Cell for the First Time

New findings on coffee and heart palpatations

Social Media Use in Young Adults Linked to Sleep Disturbance

Smoking cessation therapies 'have limited effect'

Alzheimer-Type Brain Pathology After Transplantation of Dura Mater

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Postpartum Depression

Sleep Apnea Treatment Associated With Reduced Readmissions for Patients With Heart Failure

Diabetes breakthrough: encapsulated pancreas cells could end injections 

Solitary confinement takes lasting toll on mental health

Immune system takes long time to recover after breast cancer chemo

Depression in Mom or Dad Increases Risk of Premature Baby 

Are thinking and health governed by the same genes?

These preventable conditions kill millions of children

Artificial pancreas: game changer for diabetes treatment? 

Can monkeys help unravel the mysteries of autism?

Lung Function: What Do The Lungs Do?

Study: At-home test for colon cancer a good alternative

E-cigarettes: teen users three times more likely to smoke a year later


Monday, January 25, 2016


Matcha: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information

As Population Ages, Where Are the Geriatricians?

Gene signature of uterus tied to recurrent IVF failure

Two Cases Suggest Zika Virus Could Be Spread Through Sex

Major depression linked to disruption of brain's emotional networks

The Health Benefits of Knitting

Gut neurons help prevent tissue over-inflammation

Don't make these dangerous mistakes with OTC pain meds

 Crouching Protein, Hidden Enzyme

Does seasonal affective disorder actually exist?

Pre-Eclampsia in Pregnant Women Can Be Diagnosed Exactly Through a Blood Test 

Colon cancer rates rising in people under 50

Most Commonly Used TB Test Fails to Accurately Diagnose Pregnant HIV+ Women

Could testosterone link lead to therapy for psychopathy?

Gene Often Lost in Childhood Cancer Crucial in Cells' Life or Death Decision 

Heart attack wake-up call for women and their doctors 

Potential Therapeutic Targets Identified for Multiple Sclerosis

Playground paint: a health threat for children?

Microscopic Drug 'Depots' Boost Efficacy Against Tumors in Animal Model 

Violence against the world's children is epidemic

Link Between Food Advertising, Child Food Consumption

'More teens affected by CFS than previously recognized'

Hacking the Programs of Cancer Stem Cells

New video game aims to help kids with ADHD

Helmet-Wearing Increases Risk-Taking and Sensation-Seeking

Hookah bar workers at risk from secondhand smoke

Flexible and Transparent Pressure Sensor


Sunday, January 24, 2016


Zika virus adding to long list of Brazil Olympics woes 

Even fried food has nutritional value, when cooked in olive oil

Tackling the subject of football's violence

New test could detect elusive pathogens in patients at high infection risk


Saturday, January 23, 2016


Is exposure to airborne ultrasound harming our health?

'It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it'