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Friday, June 1, 2018


Can you treat vulvovaginitis at home?

Wait for It: Serotonin and Confidence at the Root of Patience in New Study

Broken eye socket: Symptoms, surgery, and recovery

Most Hospitals Now Require Workers to Get Flu Shots -- Except Those That Treat Veterans

Engineered antibody summons immune system to kill cancer cells

One in Every 5 Deaths in Young Adults Is Opioid-Related in the United States

Sandalwood scent may tackle bladder cancer tumors

A Power Failure in Your Fat Cells Could Short-Circuit Your Health

Vegetarian diet reduces heart disease death risk by 40 percent

Inefficient Fat Metabolism a Possible Cause of Overweight

Causes and treatment of gastrointestinal perforation

Weight Changes Associated With Reduced Bone Strength 

Why are deaths among U.S. kids, teens on the rise?

What causes hydronephrosis?

Link Between Bacteria Metabolism and Communication Could Pave Way for New Drugs 

Pot, opioids now rival alcohol as risk on the road

Is there a link between breast-feeding and breast cancer?

Sleep Loss Linked to Nighttime Snacking, Junk Food Cravings, Obesity, Diabetes 

Police warn parents about drug-laced vape pens

'Healthy obesity' not so healthy for the heart   

Extreme workout lands teen in the hospital

Research confirms that social interaction protects memory

Couple loses custody of son after giving him marijuana for seizures

How Might Baking Soda Boost Cancer Therapy?


Thursday, May 31, 2018


Exploring the unique genes behind our large brains

Atherosclerosis: Stopped on Time

Could baking soda improve cancer treatment?

Antifungal Drug Eliminates Sleeping Bowel Cancer Cells in Mice

What to know about a Schatzki ring

Abnormal Lipid Metabolism in Fat Cells Predicts Future Weight Gain and Diabetes in Women

What is a free PSA test and what is it for?

News Flash About Hot Flashes: They Can Last Longer Than You Think

What is biceps tenodesis?

Drugs That Suppress Immune System May Protect Against Parkinson's

What to expect with bladder removal surgery

Symptoms Worsen Around Menses for People With Borderline Personality Disorder

How much fiber should I eat per day?

Is it bad to eat ice?

What causes bleeding into the skin?

Romaine lettuce made 172 people sick. Government investigators might never know why.

How to stop or reduce a stutter

FDA approves first artificial iris

Dry needling vs. acupuncture: What the research says   

New study casts doubt on "healthy obesity" for women

What are the causes and symptoms of chronic gastritis?   

Here's how much exercise you need to keep your brain sharp

Is butter good or bad for cholesterol?   

Despite skepticism, family behind "right to try" law hopeful it will save lives

How much should seniors exercise to improve brain function?

Can your diet after giving birth affect your mental health?

Common toothpaste ingredient may promote colon cancer

11-year-old with cancer named 'Prom Queen'


Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Targeting this gene could kill prostate cancer

New guidelines for colorectal cancer screenings lower age to 45 from 50

Can these hormones provide the key to autism, schizophrenia?

Can older couch potatoes exercise their way to better thinking?

What is the treatment for a pimple on the scrotum?

What new moms should know about a postpartum diet

Is there a link between bipolar and narcissism?

How 3 women lost 100 pounds each without surgery

What do abnormal ALP levels mean?

Woman killed herself after surgeon removed ovaries without consent

Which exercises are safe during early pregnancy?   

What is "right to try" and will it help patients?

Tips for gaining weight safely and things to avoid

Iron-Sulfur Cluster Research Offers New Avenues of Investigating Disease

What can cause a testicle lump?

Sensory-Based Food Education Encourages Children to Eat Vegetables, Berries and Fruit

What to know about non-fasting triglyceride tests

Insomnia Is a Likely Long-Term Side Effect of Stroke, Study Finds

Grover's disease: What you need to know

Older Men With Higher Levels of Sex Hormones Could Be Less Religious, Study Suggests

What does elevated transaminase mean?

Disease-Causing Stomach Bug Attacks Energy Generation in Host Cells

What to know about agonal breathing

What are the benefits of egg yolk for hair?

What can I take for PMDD?

Aging may be reversed by smoothing out the wrinkles in our...cells

What is the difference between heatstroke and heat exhaustion?

What are the health benefits of lemongrass tea?

Causes and treatment of pimples on the legs


Tuesday, May 29, 2018


How to use Manuka honey for acne

Why Heart Function Is Reduced at High Altitude

Can carrots cause allergies?

Too Little Sleep in Child­hood May Have Neg­at­ive Ef­fects on Cho­les­terol Levels

What to know about hyperlordosis

Could We Work Together With Our Bacteria to Stop Infection?

Can vaping cause lung problems?

High Protein Diet Associated With Small Increased Heart Failure Risk in Middle-Aged Men

What can cause pain in the diaphragm area?

Single Injection Alleviates Chemotherapy Pain for Months in Mice

What is blue baby syndrome?

Chemical Compound Produces Beneficial Inflammation, Remyelination That Could Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis

What to know about Miller Fisher syndrome

Soy Lecithin NSAID Combo Drug Protects Against Cancer With Fewer Side Effects, UTHealth Reports

Gut bacteria drive belly fat, but are genes or diet to blame?

Heart health: Supplements don't work, with one exception

Can you use essential oils for shingles?

What are the symptoms of cancer of the spleen?

When should I use a cold compress?

What does caffeine anhydrous do for the body?

What is Eagle syndrome? Summary description Eagle syndro


Monday, May 28, 2018


San Francisco may ban flavored vaping liquids, menthols

Why music volume matters when trying to lose weight

Is there any safe amount of tanning?

U.S. health officials sound alarm on synthetic pot as illnesses spike


Sunday, May 27, 2018


What is ecchymosis?

Is tricalcium phosphate bad for your health?

These neurons may explain aggressive behavior

What to know about the fear of death

You don't have to be 'strictly vegetarian' to reap the benefits


Saturday, May 26, 2018


What causes diarrhea in the middle of the night?

How to stop hiccups in newborns

What is hyperosmia and what causes it?

What causes brown discharge before a period?

Can you have flare-ups of osteoarthritis?

Why pesticides may cause Parkinson's in some people

Can vitamin D relieve joint pain?

Is cockroach milk back as a superfood trend?

Weight loss reduces skin cancer risk