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Friday May 11, 2018


Which drugs pose the biggest threat to public health?

Increased Overweight in Children of Mothers Who Drank Coffee While Pregnant

Healthy Diet May Lower Risk of Hearing Loss in Women

Obesity Link Between Grandmothers and Grandchildren Revealed in New Study

What happens to the body after death?

Conventional View of Opioid Mechanism of Action Upended in New Study

What causes a piercing rejection to occur?

Osteoporosis Drug May Benefit Heart Health

What does it mean when you have a double ear infection?

Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Leads to Fine Motor Improvement After Stroke

Can sneezing during pregnancy affect the baby?

Reducing Tapeworm Infection Could Improve Academic Performance, Reduce Poverty

Cholesterol found to play a role in Alzheimer's   

Day care center closed in typhoid scare

Why does mental illness arise? Clues found in the visual brain   

Many cancer docs OK medical pot despite lack of studies

How should anal skin tags be removed?

Raising drug prices abroad won't lower U.S. prescription costs

Why does skin peel between the toes?  

How depressed is your state?

Boosting memory: Serotonin receptor may be the key

Once again, EPA considers ban on deadly paint stripper chemical

Causes and treatment of a black neck   

Woman bitten by blister beetle: It was "gross"

What does it mean when your eyes are glassy?

New blood test shows early potential as way to diagnose peanut allergies in kids

How does exercise keep the heart young?

Why women are taking their eyes off the scale to get healthy


Thursday, May 10, 2018


Scientists halt flesh-eating disease in mice

Lesbian, Bisexual Women May Be More Likely to Develop Diabetes Due to Stress

Stroke survivors may benefit from magnetic brain stimulation

Boosting the Effects of Vitamin D to Tackle Diabetes

What are the symptoms of citrus allergy? 

Prenatal Marijuana Use Can Affect Infant Size, Behavior, Study Finds

What does a maculopapular rash look like?

Patients Who Have Had an Irregular Heart Beat Can't Ever Be Considered 'Cured'

Mom warns about "Deodorant Challenge" after teen daughter badly burned

Should 'shock therapy' be used to treat depression more often?

Depleted Metabolic Enzymes Promote Tumor Growth in Kidney Cancer 

Third-hand smoke may lurk in nonsmoking areas

New Link Between Gut Microbiome and Artery Hardening Discovered

What to know about diverticulitis surgery   

Army doctors "grew" new ear for soldier in her forearm

Foaming or frothing at the mouth: What to know  

How doctors are using telemedicine to help allergy sufferers

How to manage thin skin .

EpiPen shortage anticipated by FDA

Body clock gene may protect against breast cancer

Child at Massachusetts daycare diagnosed with typhoid fever

How long will I survive after a liver transplant? 

In taking on high drug prices, Trump faces a complex nemesis

New dementia risk factors uncovered


Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Why ovarian cancer spreads and how we might stop it

Infant Growth Patterns Affected by Type of Protein Consumed

Scientists may have found 'best time' to administer chemo drugs

Nutmeg's Hidden Power: Helping the Liver

What causes undigested food to appear in stool?

Basing Everyday Decisions on Risk of Pain or Loss Linked to Increased Anxiety

Alzheimer's: Are changes in the brain's attention hub at fault?

Shiga Toxin-Producing E. Coli Found in Food

How to get rid of yellow eyes

Red Sea Fungus Yields Leads for New Epilepsy Drugs

Can marijuana help treat asthma?

Depression Linked to Memory Problems and Brain Aging

Do nightshade vegetables make arthritis worse?

Spinal Surgery for Osteoporosis No Better for Pain Relief Than Injections

Drug could hold cure for baldness

High-potassium foods to avoid with kidney disease

Weight training can help shape the body and also the mind, studies show

New protein may help to catch lung cancer early

Study finds little bang for the buck in Zika blood testing


Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Are people with diabetes, obesity predisposed to stress?

Tissue-Engineered Human Pancreatic Cells Successfully Treat Diabetic Mice

How walnuts benefit your gut bacteria and overall health

Prolonged Exposure to Air Pollution Leads to Genetic Changes in Rat Brains, Study Finds

What are the treatments for plantar fibroma?

CRISPR: From Scissors to Word Processors

Umbilical granuloma: When to see a doctor

A New Connection Between Glucose and Lipid Regulation in Cancer Metabolism

Even mild TBI might raise dementia risk

Oilseed Crop's Waste Product Yields Compounds That Protect Skin from the Sun

Why do I wake up gasping for air?

Breast Cancer Linked to the Body's Internal Clock

Paralyzed football player walks down aisle at wedding

Some Gut Bacteria May Protect Against Intestinal Infection

What causes burning eyes?

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis May Be Lessened With Simple Changes to the Diet

Duped patients crowdfund for bogus medical care, study finds

Pupillary reflex may predict autism

Cardiac Arrhythmias: Expression of Connexin 43 in Infarct Scar Cuts Cardiac Arrhythmias After Heart Attack 

Does posting calorie counts change what we order?

Unlocking the secrets of a cancer-fighting flower

How does alcohol affect your sleep?

Why kids should stay away from sports drinks

Experimental drug targets prostate cancer's chief weakness

New recommendations for prostate cancer screening


Monday, May 7, 2018


"No other explanation but God": Boy regains consciousness after severe brain trauma

The lowdown on how to keep eggs in your diet while watching your cholesterol levels

Eggs Not Linked to Cardiovascular Risk, Despite Conflicting Advice

Why Americans are growing more anxious

Uncovering a Hidden Protein 'Tail' That Puts the Brakes on Cell Signaling

How does alcohol affect your sleep?

Breast Cancer: Discovery of a Protein Linked to Metastasis

How air pollution contributes to 8 million deaths each year

Higher Risks Associated With Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, Although Absolute Risk Small

California judge affirms ruling for coffee cancer warnings

Very-Low-Carb Diet Shows Promise in Type 1 Diabetes

Experimental drug targets prostate cancer's chief weakness

For Mothers With Advanced Cancer, Parenting Concerns Affect Emotional Well-Being

A form of 'ecstasy' could be a new treatment for post-traumatic stress

New Approach in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

Cancerous melanomas can seem like they're only skin deep

Ophthalmologists Link Immunotherapy With a Serious Eye Condition


Sunday, May 6, 2018


Quiet rest after learning helps us to remember the fine details

The poop of great apes gives clues about our health


Saturday, May 5, 2018


How does alcohol affect your sleep?

Correlation Between Secondhand Marijuana and Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Children ED Visits

What to know about magnesium deficiency

Mothers of Children Born With NAS Are More Likely to Experience Mental Health Problems

New molecule may stop Alzheimer's from spreading

Majority of Late Preterm Infants Suffer from Morbidities Resulting in Hospital Stay

Common drug may help battle aggressive breast cancer