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Friday, January 13, 2017


Older, Fitter Adults Experience Greater Brain Activity While Learning

How Do You Die of Parkinson’s Disease?

Workouts With Fewer Reps Could Yield Better Results

Scientists find new mechanism for memory formation

Targeted Therapy for Sleep Disorders Helps Patients With Muscular Dystrophy

Maternal blood pressure before conception predicts gender of baby

Eat Hot Peppers for a Longer Life? Study

Scientists find genetic mutation that causes cleft lip and palate, heart defects

Cleverly Designed Tuberculosis Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice

Concussion linked to brain changes in people at genetic risk for Alzheimer's

Big Sugar’s Secret Ally? Nutritionists

What Effect Does Caffeine Have on People with ADHD?

The Robot That Performed My Kidney Transplant Declined to Be Interviewed

Study Maps ‘Uniquely Devastating’ Genital Injuries Among Troops

Wearable sensors may soon alert you to sickness before symptoms show

Can Marijuana Help Treat ADHD?

Reducing the Radioresistance of Cancer


Thursday, January 12, 2017


Blue corn may help prevent, treat metabolic syndrome

Parents View New Peanut Guidelines With Guilt and Skepticism

Cholera Bacteria Infect More Effectively With a Simple Twist of Shape

Why Did Her High Blood Pressure Turn Dangerously Low?

Wearable Biosensors Can Flag Illness, Lyme Disease, Risk for Diabetes; Low Airplane Oxygen

Diabetes: Stimulating bone stem cells may improve fracture repair

Exercise ... It Does a Body Good: 20 Minutes Can Act as Anti-Inflammatory

Rural Americans at higher risk from five leading causes of death

Viruses in Genome Important for Our Brain

ADD vs. ADHD: Is There a Difference?

Researchers Create Mosquito Resistant to Dengue Virus

Here's how stress in your brain may cause heart troubles

Study Outlines Framework for Identifying Disease Risk in Genome Sequence

Stress, heart health, and the amygdala: Links explained

'Mysterious' Non-Protein-Coding RNAs Play Important Roles in Gene Expression

Crafoord Prize given to researchers pushing envelope on autoimmune disease

How Well Do We Understand the Relation Between Incorrect Chromosome Number, Cancer?

Recurrent pregnancy loss could be prevented with progesterone

Exercise, Diet Could Offset Effects of Malaria, Study Shows

The good, bad, and unknown about marijuana's health effects

CRISPR Gene Editing Takes on Rare Immunodeficiency Disorder

Is Yoga a Helpful Treatment for Fibromyalgia?

Miami Doctors Publish Study of First Locally-Acquired Zika Transmission

Annual Report Examines State Of college Student Mental Heath

New Urine Test Can Quickly Detect Whether a Person Has a Healthy Diet


Wednesday, January 11, 2017


More Older Americans Using Cannabis, Underscoring Need for Research

Diet Helps Shed Pounds, Release Toxins and Reduce Oxidative Stress

High White Blood Cell Count: What are the Causes?

Gut Microbiome of the Inuit Documented

Doctors Reveal Photos of Zika's Effects on 1st  Person Infected in US by Virus

A Glimpse Into the Workings of the Baby Brain

Cutting salt intake by 10 percent would be 'highly cost effective worldwide'

New Target for Taming Ebola

New Light Shed on Functioning of Human Gut Bacteria

Men who eat lots of red meat at risk for painful gut disorder

Contrary to Decades of Hype, Curcumin Alone Is Unlikely to Boost Health

Bacterial Protein Structure Could Aid Development of New Antibiotics

For Men With Prostate Cancer, Emotional Distress May Lead to More Aggressive Treatment

What are the Stages of Alzheimer's Disease?

Researchers Find a Potential Target for Anti-Alzheimer Treatments

How Stress May Increase Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Testing Breast Milk for Cannabinoids

Life after stroke: Tips for recovering communication skills

Antidepressant Use Increases Hip Fracture Risk Among Elderly

How a Western Diet Leads to Overeating and Obesity

Nutritional Quality of Kids' Menus at Chain Restaurants Not Improving

Could a chicory compound reduce Alzheimer's-related memory loss?

Pumping Iron Is Good for the Heart, Researchers Show

Stem Cells Used to Regenerate the External Layer of a Human Heart

High-Sugar Diet Programs a Short Lifespan in Flies


Tuesday, January 10, 2017


U.S. warns of flaw that could allow hackers to take control of heart devices

Older Adults With Obesity Less Responsive to Memory Training Than Those With Lower BMIs

Can Essential Oils Help Treat ADHD?

Circulating Fatty Acids Ratio May Help Predict Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Outcome

The toll poverty takes on children's mental health

Risk of Skin Cancer Doesn't Deter Most College Students Who Tan Indoors, Study Shows

Whiteheads: Causes, Treatment, and Self-Care

Protein Build-Up May Trigger Inflammation Associated With Alzheimer's and Other Conditions

Kids' care may suffer when parents clash with medical staff

Couch Potatoes Face Same Chance of Dementia as Those With Genetic Risk Factors: Research

Type 1 diabetes linked to enterovirus infection in children

Consumption of Low-Calorie Sweeteners Jumps by 200 Percent in US Children

Study casts more doubt on value of mammograms

People With Forms of Early-Onset Parkinson's Disease May Benefit from Boosting Niacin in Diet, Research Suggests

Diverticulitis study: More bad news for lovers of red meat

The Importance of the Glutamine Metabolism in Colon Cancer

Brain alterations in preterm babies may begin weeks before birth

Wearable Sensor Device Helps Visually Impaired to Sense Their Environment

Daily supplement of folic acid recommended to prevent birth defects

Aggressive Prostate Cancer Secrets Revealed in Landmark Study

Blood protein may serve as marker of concussion severity

CDC Guidelines for HIV Prevention Regimen May Not Go Far Enough, Study Suggests

Nothing Fishy About Better Nutrition for Moms and Babies

Rate of Elevated Systolic Blood Pressure Increases Globally, Along With Associated Deaths

Certain Species of Vaginal Bacteria Can Increase a Woman's Susceptibility to HIV

Glia, Not Neurons, Are Most Affected by Brain Aging

Stem Cell Therapy Reverses Blindness in Animals With End-Stage Retinal Degeneration

Suppressing a DNA-Repairing Protein in Brain Could Be Key to Treating Aggressive Tumors

Daily Folic Acid Supplementation Remains Important for Prevention of Birth Defects

Microscopic Spaces Between Heart Cells May Play Role in Sudden Cardiac Death


Monday, January 9, 2017


Brain Impairments in Premature Infants May Begin in the Womb

What to Know About Influenza Before Peak Flu Season

Breakthrough in MS Treatment

This young woman was having strokes. Doctors found the answer in a tiny hole.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Rates Drop, Reflecting Change in Screening Recommendations

Diet drinks not 'diet' after all

Fear of Diagnostic Low-Dose Radiation Exposure Is Overstated, Experts Assert

Counting croutons: Restaurants tally items for calorie rules

Older Adults With Arthritis Need Just 45 Minutes of Activity Per Week

Hour-long naps may boost mental ability for older adults

New Findings Detail Structure of Immature Zika Virus

Woman battling cancer gives birth to quadruplets

Neuroscientist Probes Tiny World of the Fruit Fly to Discover Sleep/eating/activity Connection

High Bilirubin Levels: Symptoms and Tests

Recognize Sepsis as a Separate Cause of Illness and Death

Can teeth repair themselves without fillings?

Crohn's Disease Risk and Prognosis Determined by Different Genes

Natural Treatments for Vaginal Atrophy

Heartburn Pills in Pregnancy May Be Linked to Childhood Asthma

These Foods Aren’t Genetically Modified but They Are ‘Edited’

Bilingualism May Save Brain Resources as You Age

Lung cancer: Delayed chemotherapy after surgery may still be beneficial

New Potential Treatment for Cancer Metastasis Identified

Do "weekend warriors" reap the full benefits of exercise?

High Cholesterol Intake and Eggs Do Not Increase Risk of Memory Disorders

Spread of triple-negative breast cancer could be halted with existing drug

New Unknown Risk Factor for Arteriosclerosis Identified

A Family’s Shared Defect Sheds Light on the Human Genome

Experiments in Mice May Help Boost Newly FDA-Approved Therapy for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Exercise: An antidote for behavioral issues in children?

Chemicals in Ubiquitous Mediterranean Plants May Hold Key to Delaying Neurodegenerative Diseases, Study Suggests

Hooked on Our Smartphones

Epigenetic Changes Promote Development of Fatty Liver in Mouse and Human

Why High-Dose Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells

Two Years, Multiple Doctors Often Needed to Diagnose Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Study Shows


Sunday, January 8, 2017


Simply observing fear in others changes brain connectivity

Malaria: Next-generation vaccine shows efficacy, safety in humans

Sore Throat and Acid Reflux: Causes and Treatment

Pink Himalayan Salt: Does It Have Any Health Benefits?


Saturday, January 7, 2017


Antioxidant found in breast milk prevents liver disease, study finds

Small increase in dietary zinc stops DNA from deteriorating

Breathing Exercises for People with COPD

My Child is Pigeon Toed: What Should I do?

Tablet Devices Show Promise in Managing Agitation Among Patients With Dementia