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Friday, August 17, 2018


What causes rosy cheeks?

Exploring the Relationship Between Fever and Cancer Incidence

How can people speed up dilation?

Like Shark Attacks and the Lottery, Unconscious Bias Influences Cancer Screening

Can you drink coffee while breastfeeding?

What to know about brain hypoxia

Multiple sclerosis: Healthful diet tied to lower risk

Can a person get pregnant while taking the pill?

Synesthesia: Hearing colors and tasting sounds  

How your mouth bacteria can harm your lungs

What's the difference between bipolar I and bipolar II?

Do you perceive smells that aren't there?

New Way to Grow Blood Vessels Developed

Psychedelic compound triggers near-death experiences

Why Some People With Brain Markers of Alzheimer's Have No Dementia

Synthetic pot seen as a public health danger

Statins Associated With Improvement of Rare Lung Disease


Thursday, August 16, 2018


Panic attack vs. heart attack: How to tell the difference

Miscarriage Cause, Key Cellular Targets of Potential Drugs, Revealed in New Research

Is it safe to mix aspirin and ibuprofen?

Highly Effective Natural Plant-Based Food Preservative Discovered

What are the natural ways to prevent prostate cancer?

Retinoic Acid May Improve Immune Response Against Melanoma

Signs of concussion in children and toddlers

Using Mushrooms as a Prebiotic May Help Improve Glucose Regulation

'Junk DNA' has role in cancer spread, say scientists

Exercise Shown to Improve Symptoms of Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease

Pesticide may increase autism risk

Cardiovascular Disease Related to Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reduced Significantly

Do immune cells shape sexual behavior?

The Eyes May Have It, an Early Sign of Parkinson's Disease

Can I take Plan B on the pill?   

"Worrisome" levels of lead, arsenic found in baby food

What are the early signs of lung cancer in men?

More Protein After Weight Loss May Reduce Fatty Liver Disease

Smelling things that aren't there could be a sign of potential problems: Study

New chemical causes deadly brain cancer to self-destruct

Florida urges vaccinations after 3 measles cases reported

How does eating before a workout affect the body?

New York University offers free tuition to all medical students


Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Technology has driven us into a cognition crisis. Is there anything we can do about it?

Eating Breakfast Burns More Carbs During Exercise and Accelerates Metabolism for Next Meal

Stroke: Time not the only factor in emergency care

Parental Life Span Predicts Daughters Living to 90 Without Chronic Disease or Disability

Can service dogs help with anxiety?

Restoring Blood Flow May Be Best Option to Save Your Life and Limb

What to know about a watermelon allergy

Compound Discovered That Targets Cancer Cells Lacking the Protective P53 'Guardian Gene'

What to do about vaginal cysts, sores, and bumps

Neonatal Pig Hearts Can Heal from Heart Attack

14 ways to lose weight without diet or exercise

Anticancer Drug Offers Potential Alternative to Transplant for Patients With Liver Failure

Mountain Dew does not kill sperm

New 'triple pill' could eliminate high blood pressure

Kids with allergies? What you need to know before they head back to school

Cancer research: Zombie genes and elephants

Woman's lost contact lens found in her eyelid – 28 years later

Ten tips to prevent stretch marks

Weed-killing chemical linked to cancer found in some children's breakfast foods

Is it safe to reheat rice?

How to stay safe around red tide

What long-term cannabis use can do to your brain

Unhealthy smoky air blankets Northwest

What are the symptoms of a UTI in older adults?

Life expectancy declining in high-income countries, especially in the US: Study

What are monk fruit and stevia?

Study: Smokers better off quitting, even with weight gain

What happens at each stage of breast cancer?

Measles: What we know and don't about the disease

Urea dysfunctions in the liver may signal cancer

Kids living near forests have more 'diverse' diets, better nutrition: Study


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


How to treat peeling skin There are many reasons why skin peels.

Why Do Women Get More Migraines?

Diets 'devoid of vegetable matter' may cause colon cancer

'Alarming' Diabetes Epidemic in Guatemala Tied to Aging, Not Obesity

Migraines are more common in women, but why?

Stress Hormone Is Key Factor in Failure of Immune System to Prevent Leukemia

Study Identifies Distinct Origin of ADHD in Children With History of Brain Injury

Why cannabis relieves IBD symptoms

Mixing Energy Drinks With Alcohol Could Enhance the Negative Effects of Binge Drinking

Suicide survivor becomes youngest face transplant recipient in U.S.

Byproducts of 'Junk DNA' Implicated in Cancer Spread

Stage 4 melanoma: What you need to know

Lipid Droplets Play Crucial Roles Beyond Fat Storage 

Multi-gene test may find risk of heart disease and more

What are the long-term side effects of birth control?

Chemicals Found in Vegetables Prevent Colon Cancer in Mice

New 'zombie' gene found in elephants could help humans fight cancer

New technique treats prostate cancer in just five radiotherapy sessions

Suicide risk nearly double for traumatic brain injury sufferers: Study

Vision loss in glaucoma may be due to immune response

Celery juice is the latest wellness trend: Is it one you should follow?


Monday, August 13, 2018


Experimental drug may treat 'undruggable' cancers

E-Cigarette Vapor Disables Key Immune Cells in the Lung and Boosts Inflammation

Herpesvirus may lead to bipolar, depression

Missing Immune Cells That Could Fight Lethal Brain Tumors

Why can the birth control pill make your breasts bigger?

Disrupted Nitrogen Metabolism Might Spell Cancer

Which fruits should you eat during pregnancy?

Link Between Common 'Harmless' Virus and Cardiovascular Damage

What is the outlook for chronic lymphocytic leukemia?

How Cannabis and Cannabis-Based Drugs Harm the Brain

What is labial hypertrophy and is it normal?

The Medicine of the Future Against Infection and Inflammation?

Is it safe to skip your period using birth control?

Benzodiazepines Are Associated With Increased Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Eight exercises for tennis elbow

The Danger of Coronary Artery Compression in Children Is More Common Than We Think

Leukemia: Do genes influence how people respond to therapy?

Flexible Drug Delivery Microdevice to Advance Precision Medicine

What can cause cramps after menopause?

EPA urged to act on toxic chemicals White House called "PR nightmare"

What to do if you've lost a birth control pill

Beware of mosquito "danger days" – especially in these 10 cities

How to protect your brain from 'fake news'

Indiana moms demand answers amid spate of kids' cancer cases

How much salt does it really take to harm your heart?

Multi-gene test may find risk for heart disease and more


Sunday, August 12, 2018


Poison or cure? Arsenic can help treat cancer, study finds

Brain area responsible for pessimism found

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Treatment and home remedies for pinworms

College Students May Face Pressures from Opioid Epidemic's Secondary Effects

'Monster' radish might help fight heart disease

Rotavirus Vaccine Cuts Infant Diarrhea Deaths by a Third in Malawi

Epilepsy: New findings 'could change textbooks'