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Friday, January 12, 2018


Anxiety may be an early sign of Alzheimer's

Scarring Molecule in Fat Tissue Links Obesity With Distressed Fat

What is Parkinsonism?

Past Exposures Shape Immune Response in Pediatric Acute Respiratory Infections

How to lose water weight naturally

New Antifungal Provides Hope in Fight Against Superbugs

Prostate cancer: 'Whole' Mediterranean diet could reduce your risk

Localized Cooling of the Heart Limits Damage Caused by a Heart Attack

What to know about petechiae

Brain Wiring Diagrams

What to know about cardiomegaly

Newborn Immune Activation May Have Long-Term Negative Impact on Brain Function

Why your body size perception could be wrong

Can Muesli Help Against Arthritis?

An introduction to eyes and how they work

Does an Exploding Brain Network Cause Chronic Pain?

Sitting down can build fat around your organs, study shows   

Certain UTI medications linked to birth defects

What is palmar erythema?

US OKs 1st  drug aimed at women with inherited breast cancer


Thursday, January 11, 2018


How does stress make us ill? Study sheds light

Fast Food Makes the Immune System More Aggressive in the Long Term

Weight loss breakthrough: Sunlight is key

New Polygenic Hazard Score Predicts When Men Develop Prostate Cancer

What is mesenteric panniculitis?.

Mediterranean Diet May Help Protect Older Adults from Becoming Frail

What to know about iliopsoas bursitis 

Chronic Inflammation Causing Loss of Muscle Mass

The 10 best fitness blogs.                              

New Biomarkers for Colorectal Cancer

What to know about complex partial seizures

Surprise: A Virus-Like Protein Is Important for Cognition and Memory

Can the Mediterranean diet help to prevent frailty?

Cycling Does Not Damage Men's Sexual or Urinary Functions

Conversion disorder: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about anoxia 

Is acetaminophen really safe in pregnancy?

Deadly flu outbreak gravely serious for children

12-year-old girl dies after flu misdiagnosis, family says

Stinging nettles: A new approach to cancer

Radium water contamination most widespread in Texas, report shows

Could targeting the body clock stall brain cancer?


Wednesday, January 10, 2018


HIV could be treated with a once-a-week pill

Pregnant Women in NC Exposed to Less Secondhand Nicotine After ‘smoking Ban’

How your gut bacteria may protect you from cancer

Immunotherapy Highly Effective in Treatment of Rare Skin Cancer

What to know about supination of the foot

How to prevent psoriasis from spreading

Are There Signs of CTE in the Brain Tissue of Younger People With Epilepsy?

How to boost your brain

Stigma Continues to Hamper Response to Opioid Epidemic

Your brain cell structure could influence obesity risk

Tiny Antibiotic Beads Fight Infections After Joint Replacement

Widow warns raw-oyster lovers after spouse's death

A More Complete Mediterranean Diet May Protect Against Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Overcoming sexual performance anxiety

With These Special Bacteria, a Broccoli a Day Can Keep the Cancer Doctor Away

Scientists Curb Growth of Cancer Cells by Blocking Access to Key Nutrients 

Middle aged and out of shape? It's not too late

Arsenic-Tainted Drinking Water May Increase Diabetes Risk

What to know about chronic sinusitis

Heart-Muscle Patches Made With Human Cells Improve Heart Attack Recovery

Flu can be serious for babies and kids

Is pediatric surgery a gateway to opioid misuse?  

Man declared dead snores to life right before autopsy

Many pregnant women are being prescribed potentially dangerous antibiotics: CDC 

Radiology lab loses medical records of thousands of patients

Severe obesity may be caused by this genetic mutation

Ohio imposes strict rule on workers' back surgery, opioids

The sleep diet: Could this work?

CDC official on why the flu is near-epidemic, peaking early this year

Is Parkinson's disease passed on through genetics?

Teacher's transformation inspires 1,300 colleagues to try plant-based diet challenge


Tuesday, January 9, 2018


How general anesthetics affect the brain

Identical Twins Can Share More Than Identical Genes: Molecular Similarity

Heart failure risk might depend on your neighborhood 

Women Survive Crises Better Than Men

Mercury poisoning: Symptoms and treatment

At Least 3 out of 5 People Who Try a Cigarette Become Daily Smokers

What is piebaldism and what causes it?  

General Anesthetics Do More Than Put You to Sleep

Existing drug may improve melanoma survival 

Illnesses Caused by Recreation on the Water Costs $2.9 Billion Annually in the US

Pockmarks: Treatments and home remedies

MERS Antibodies Produced in Cattle Safe, Treatment Well Tolerated in Phase 1 Trial

What is tendinosis?.

Potentially Life-Saving Health Monitor Technology

What causes pericoronitis?

Moms of Obese Children Use Different Words to Restrict Eating

ADHD: Could maternal depression be the cause?

Place of Residence Linked to Heart Failure Risk

Seasonal depression: Women more affected than men

3-D Imaging of Fat Reveals Potential Targets for New Obesity Treatments

IV bag shortage has hospitals scrambling to treat flu

How Quickly Can Children Learn Routes?

Oophorectomy: Everything you need to know

Smoke from Wildfires Can Tip Air Quality to Unhealthy Levels

Judge urges action on '100 percent manmade' opioid crisis

How Do We Taste Sugar, Bacon and Coffee? Science Finds a Surprising Answer

What emotion does this image evoke? Fear or disgust?

World's Smallest Wearable Device Measures UV Exposure

What to know about prostate cancer after Mitt Romney's announcement

Alzheimer’s Drug Turns Back Clock in Powerhouse of Cell

Many infant sleep deaths could be prevented, CDC says

Cluster of Resistant Tuberculosis Pathogen Discovered

Large dosages of ibuprofen pose new risk for men, study says

For City Kids With Asthma, Telemedicine and in-School Care Cut ER Visits in Half

Pill-size sensor sniffs out gases that pass through your gut

Deep Sea Creatures Provide a Guiding Light in the Quest to Develop Cancer Therapies

Maryland seeks to turn health care mandate into down payment

Targeting Breast Cancer Through Precision Medicine

How dangerous are raw oysters?


Monday, January 8, 2018


What is atypical Parkisonism?

Depression in Black Adolescents Requires Different Treatment

How color, sound and smell can change the taste of food

Night shifts raise women's cancer risk

Multi-Gene Test Predicts Early Heart Disease Risk

Cataract surgery in older women may reduce risk of death, study shows

Vision, Sensory and Motor Testing Could Predict Best Batters in Baseball

All you should know about Waardenburg syndrome 

Repeated Influenza Vaccination Helps Prevent Severe Flu in Older Adults 

Are toxic chemicals at Air Force bases leading to cancer?

Camelina Oil Improves Blood Lipid Profile

The top 10 mental health apps

Higher Stress Among Minority and Low-Income Populations Can Lead to Health Disparities, Says Report 

"Alarming" rise in kids' eye injuries from these activities

How Gardeners Can Dig for Health, Not Injury

Is lack of sleep to blame for repetitive negative thoughts?

Conception During IUD Use Increases Risks to Mother and Infant

Vets exposed to blasts in combat are suffering from traumatic brain injuries

New Long-Acting, Less-Toxic HIV Drug Suppresses Virus in Humanized Mice

Heart failure risk could be reversed with exercise program

Feel Anxious? Have Trouble sleeping? You May Be Traveling for Business Too Often

US Childhood Mortality Rates Have Lagged Behind Other Wealthy Nations for the Past 50 Years

Severe Obesity Linked to Newly Identified Gene Mutations

Why this year's flu is worse and how to help prevent the spread

Improved Blood Stabilization Should Expand Use of Circulating Tumor Cell Profiling 

How has Stephen Hawking lived so long with ALS?

A So-Called 'Muscle' Cancer Is Not Really a Muscle Cancer

Beta Blockers May Boost Immunotherapy, Help Melanoma Patients Live Longer

Recreational Marijuana Legalization: Do More Youth Use or Do Youth Use More?

Growing Opioid Epidemic Forcing More Children Into Foster Care


Sunday, January 7, 2018


What are the best diets for 2018?

How sniffing your partner's shirt could combat stress

Is Aloe vera juice good for IBS?

What you should know about breast cancer in teens

Is apple cider vinegar good for losing weight?

What is early-onset Parkinson's disease?

Vegetarian and vegan sources of B-12

Usage remains low for pill that can prevent HIV infection


Saturday, January 6, 2018


Can apple cider vinegar cure a headache?

What is hyperphosphatemia?

What to eat for hypoglycemia

How do you clean out smegma?

Physicians: Five extraordinary hobbies to keep burnout at bay

Why we choose the donut over the apple

Perfectionism on the rise among millennials, but to what effect?

Tobacco Shops Associated With Crime in Urban Communities of Color

What is the difference between Botox and dermal fillers?