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President Bush, Just Be a Leader and Say No
to a Palestinian State

For Immediate Release. June 24, 2002President Bush once again failed to demonstrate leadership on June 24, 2002, when he said the United States (U.S) will support the creation of a Palestinian State.  Unfortunately, the President as well as the State Department have failed to accept the cold hard facts that the Palestinians will put-forth their Trojan Horse state to meet the President’s guidelines for statehood but eventually will turn such a state into an entity that promotes terrorism in the same way as other Islamic countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria. 

The President called upon the Palestinian people to elect new leaders — leaders not compromised by terror.  But he does not understand that while the faces in leadership may change, their commitment to murdering innocent Israelis will always be there because their ultimate goal is the elimination of Israel.  Furthermore, it is the Palestinian people as well as their leadership that is committed to terror and the destruction of Israel.

It is tragic that the US led by President Bush, the European Union (EU), and the UN have accepted the false claims of Yasser Arafat and the Arab world that the Jews have stolen the homeland of Palestinians, and they are trying to regain their ancient homeland of Palestine.  It must be made clear from the onset that Yasser Arafat is not a Palestinian but an Egyptian, an Arab.  With respect to the people of Palestine in actual terms, they do not exist.  With the help of the Western media, Arafat and the Arab states have been able to effectively promote their propaganda that Israel is occupying the land of the Palestinian people.  In fact, Palestine has never existed as an autonomous entity while the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel.  This is supported historically, legally and Biblically.  The land that the Arabs claim is occupied land is not there’s; it is Israel’s land.

Although, the world portrays Israel as an occupier of another people’s land, in actually it is occupying its own land of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.  Erroneously, Judea and Samaria is commonly referred to as the West Bank.  The Term West Bank was coined by the late King Hussein of Jordan who illegally occupied the region between 1948-1967.   

Arafat, PA leadership and the Arab world are implementing a Phased Plan in which the destruction of Israel will be accomplished gradually, because they know they cannot defeat Israel in an all-out war.  They believe that more potent than bombs alone are diplomacy and bombs.  And tragically the State Department and the Bush Administration continue to succumb to this ploy.

“The only way that Israel can stop the terrorism that has plagued this nation for the last 20 months is by declaring war on the PA as well as any other terrorist organization such as Hizbullah and Hamas that is associated with the destruction of Israel,” stated Dr. Joel P. Rutkowski, president of the American Voice Institute of Public Policy.  “The U.S. must stand aside and let the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) destroy completely the terrorist network established by Yassar Arafat.   Unfortunately, the Bush Administration still does not realize that the Palestinian cause has nothing to do with nationalism and the formation of a state. Instead it is about radical Islamic fundamentalism and a culture of death.  There will never be peace in their minds until Israel is destroyed.  Thus Israel at this point has no choice but to force the terrorist out of the areas they occupy and take back the land that is rightfully theirs.  If the Arab world really cared about the Palestinian people they would allow these people to immigrate into their countries.“

The President quoted that the Bible says, “I have set before you life and death, therefore choose life.”  However, if President Bush is to use the Bible as a standard, he must not forget that the land that the Arabs and the Palestinians say is their homeland has been stolen from Israel and is the same land that the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had given Israel.   When the President supports the formation of a Palestinian state, he must not forget that in Biblical terms he is actually against Israel because there is no doubt that such a state one day would try to destroy it.  The President has indicated that he is a man of faith and reads his Bible to gain strength.  Thus he must not forget that the Bible clearly states that there will be cursings upon those people and nations which are against Israel and blessing for those people and nations which are for Israel.

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