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Personal Health

Joel P. Rutkowski, Ph.D., Editor
September 23, 2003




Important Medical Disclaimer: The content displayed in Personal Health is designed to educate and inform. Under no circumstances is it meant to replace the expert care and advice of a qualified physician. Rapid advances in medicine may cause information contained here to become outdated, invalid or subject to debate. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Personal Health assumes no responsibility for how information presented is used.

Personal Health for the Week of June 14-27

Friday, June 27, 2003

  1. Like the Rest of Us, Doctors Need to Get Moving
  2. Men Can Benefit from Kegel Exercises, Too
  3. Nitric Oxide Governs Fever
  4. Too Much Shark, Swordfish May Pose Health Hazard
  5. Bone Strength
  6. Serious Spousal Spats Spike Blood Pressure
  7. Calcium Correctness
  8. Study: Sugary Drinks Help Children Get Fat
  9. Calcium Can Be Critical Before Menopause
  10. Diabetes Tied to Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
  11. Could a Plant Discovery Improve Chemotherapy?
  12. Canada Won't Ban Brains, Spines from Feed Now
  13. CPR May Work in Prone Position

    Thursday, June 26, 2003

  14. Dam in Brain May Halt Chronic Pain
  15. New Cavity-Fighting Agent Shows Promise
  16. In Alzheimer's, Plaques May Alter Memory Genes
  17. Low-Cost Steps May Save Millions of Kids
  18. Bad Bosses Do Make Your Blood Boil
  19. Men Have Biological Clocks Too, Study Finds
  20. The Bald Truth
  21. Kaopectate Maker Will Reduce Lead Levels
  22. Medical Screenings
  23. Many U.S. Adults Visit the ER for Toothaches: Study
  24. The Biology of Distance Perception
  25. Malpractice Woes Frustrate Fla. Doctors
  26. Envy Eats Away at Everyone
  27. Antibody Discovery Could Lead to HIV Vaccine: Study
  28. Dust Monitor May Stop Black Lung Disease
  29. New Approach to HIV Vaccine Needed: Experts
  30. Stroke Care Estimated at $51 Billion
  31. Knowing Smoking Has Hurt Your Lungs Helps You Quit
  32. AIDS Toll Could Reach 70 Million by 2020
  33. Cardiac Arrest Survivors Do Fairly Well: Study
  34. Scientists Say Pill May Prevent Strokes
  35. Nail Polish Not a No-No During Blood Oxygen Test
  36. Study: Cholesterol Test at 50 Most Efficient Heart Tracker

    Tuesday, June 24, 2003

  37. Scanning for Heart Disease
  38. Hormone Pills May Spur Breast Cancer
  39. Dip in Hormone Use Follows Discouraging Study
  40. Tropical Oils Beat Fat
  41. Drowning Alert
  42. Drug Promises to Prevent Prostate Cancer
  43. Does Insulin Contribute to Alzheimer's?
  44. Smallpox Shots Linked to Heart Problem
  45. More Bad News for Hormone Drugs in U.S. Study
  46. WHO Lifts SARS Travel Warning in Beijing
  47. U.S. Studies Weigh Safety of Smallpox Vaccinations
  48. Brain Study Examines How People Feel Pain
  49. Don't Take Blood Pressure Drug with Red Wine: Study
  50. Too Much Soda May Cause Caffeine Headaches in Kids
  51. Arts, Technology May Help Dementia Patients
  52. Rheumatoid Arthritis Ups Overall Death Risk: Study
  53. Long Plane Rides Raise Risk of Rare Stroke
  54. Baldness Drug Prevents Cancer in Men, Study Finds
  55. Blood Test Can Detect Threat of Kidney Disease
  56. Two-Minute Brush Helps Achieve Cleaner Teeth: Study
  57. What's Behind Teen Beverage Choices
  58. Die, Cancer Cells, Die

    Monday, June 23, 2003

  59. Beta Blocker Coreg Excels in Heart Study
  60. Diabetics Can Walk for Life
  61. Results Mixed for Post-Lyme Disease Antibiotics
  62. More Education Buys Alzheimer's Protection
  63. Brain Study Examines How People Feel Pain
  64. Blood Test May Predict HIV-Related Dementia
  65. Lower Tamoxifen Dosage May Be Healthier
  66. Don't Forget That Rx for Exercise, Docs
  67. Woman Impaled While Pregnant Recovers
  68. Inflammatory Marker Further Implicated in Stroke
  69. What's Behind Teen Beverage Choices
  70. Hole in Heart Ups Stroke Risk on Long Flight
  71. Bowed Legs Among Newborns
  72. Most Stroller Head Injuries Result of Child Falls
  73. Camping Caution
  74. FDA Approves OTC Version of Prilosec
  75. Die, Cancer Cells, Die
  76. Meningitis a Concern in Kids with Cochlear Implants
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