Personal Health April 9-15

1.      A Good Diet Includes Many Cancer-Fighting Foods: Expert

2.      Ginseng does not improve blood sugar processing

3.      Possible Cause of Salt-Induced Hypertension Identified

4.      Brain shrinks a decade before Alzheimer's appears

5.      Aerobic Exercise May Curb Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Report

6.      CDC: Half of US adults take vitamins, supplements

7.      Short-Term, High-Fat Diet May Initiate Protection During Heart Attack

8.      Folic acid fails in another heart-health study

9.      Artery Plaque Forms in Short Time Span, Scientists Say

10. Treating High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes May Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

11. Honey Can Reverse Antibiotic Resistance, Study Suggests

12. Vitamin D may not explain fractures in babies

13. Brisk Walk Can Boost Blood Flow to the Brain: Report

14. Bugs emerge to bug us, and a few pose health risks

15. An Apple a Day May Help Keep Heart Disease Away

16. Weight Loss Improves Memory, According to Researchers

17. Fish Oil Promising Against Postpartum Depression in Small Trial

18. High Levels of Vitamin D Appear to Lower Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Young Women

19. Blueberries May Inhibit Development of Fat Cells

20. Progressive Weight Training Can Boost Seniors' Strength

21. Is the Wrist Bone Connected to Heart Risk?