Personal Health January 9-15



  1. Mediterranean diet protects against stomach cancer
  2. Health Tip: Thyroid Problems May Affect Pregnancy
  3. Bipolar diagnosis jumps in young children: study
  4. Studies Demonstrate Link Among Alzheimer's Disease, Down Syndrome and Atherosclerosis
  5. St. John's wort may cool hot flashes
  6. Benefits of Calcium and Vitamin D in Preventing Fractures Confirmed
  7. Diabetes ups risk of dementia for mildly impaired
  8. Thyme Oil Can Inhibit COX2 and Suppress Inflammation
  9. Health Tip: Finding Magnesium in Food
  10. Angiotensin Receptor Blockers Associated With Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
  11. Adults' breathing troubles may begin in childhood
  12. New Compound Improves Cognitive Decline, Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease in Rodents
  13. Healthy diet may benefit women's mental health
  14. Vitamin D Plus Calcium Guards Against Fractures
  15. Study in mice shows why antidepressants often fail
  16. Obesity Linked to Common Form of Kidney Cancer and Each Extra BMI Point Increases Risk
  17. Don't bank on weekend to make up for sleep loss
  18. Common chemical may affect liver at low levels
  19. Data: US obesity rate high, but not rising
  20. Scientists link plastics chemical to health risks
  21. Siblings key in pregnancy-related diabetes risk
  22. Loss of Smell Could Be Early Sign of Alzheimer's
  23. Faster Heart Rate May Raise Risk of Heart Attack Death
  24. Heart treatment guidelines often not followed
  25. With Pancreatic Cancer, Age Factors Into Familial Risk
  26. Mango Effective in Preventing, Stopping Certain Colon, Breast Cancer Cells, Food Scientists Find
  27. Why those fat thighs may help you live longer
  28. Diabetic Eye Disease More Severe in African-Americans Who Consume More Calories, Sodium
  29. Green Tea May Lower Lung Cancer Risk
  30. Genetic Variant Associated With Aggressive Form of Prostate Cancer
  31. Longer breastfeeding good for kids' mental health
  32. Combo PET-CT Scans Can Spot Hidden Cancers
  33. Gene variant protects against Alzheimer's: study
  34. Blocking Nuclear Receptor May Cut Off Tumor Blood Supply
  35. In women, exercise may keep high pulse in check
  36. Study Casts Doubt on Caffeine Link to Tinnitus
  37. Less sleep for kids may mean higher blood sugar
  38. Health Tip: You Need Vitamin B12
  39. Lead damages child kidneys, even low levels: study
  40. Discovery of Enzyme Activation Process Could Lead to New Heart Attack Treatments
  41. PET Scan Improves Diagnosis of Parkinsonism: Study
  42. Scientists find new leukemia gene risk factors
  43. Why Light Hurts During Migraines