Personal Health January 2-8


  1. Mozart Therapy: A Sonata a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  2. Few depressed Americans treated appropriately: study
  3. 'Lorenzo's Oil' Breakthrough: Newfound Mechanism Could Prevent or Treat Deadly Peroxisome Diseases
  4. Tea may prevent endometrial cancer, but needs study
  5. Abnormal Blood Calcium Levels Deadly for Kidney Disease Patients
  6. Coffee Cuts Liver Scarring in Hepatitis C
  7. Alzheimer's Discovery Could Lead to Long-Sought Preventive Treatment
  8. Cocaine changes how genes work in brain
  9. Exercise may prevent incontinence from prostate surgery
  10. A Solution to Obesity? Muscles That Act as an Energy Drain
  11. St. John's Wort Doesn't Ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  12. Discovery May Help Baby Boomers Get Buff: Free Radicals Damage Mitochondria in Muscle Cells
  13. Report calls for research on nanoparticles in food
  14. Stored Fats May Make Cancer Cells More Aggressive
  15. Getting more than just an apple a day
  16. Fat May Help Build Bone Mass in Girls
  17. Caffeine Consumption Associated With Less Severe Liver Fibrosis
  18. Folic acid in late pregnancy tied to child asthma
  19. Natural Compound Blocks Hepatitis C Infection
  20. Fight against fat goes high-tech with new devices
  21. Cellphones may protect brain from Alzheimer's
  22. Better antiseptic curbs post-surgery infections
  23. Low selenium tied to throat, stomach cancers
  24. Lower Vitamin D Levels in Blacks May Up Heart Risks
  25. Kidney cancer proves more complicated than thought
  26. Alzheimer's 'Cocktail' Shows Promise
  27. New Virus Is Not Linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Suggests New Research
  28. Can Supplements Help People With Diabetes Avoid Retinopathy?
  29. Hormone replacement won't prevent physical decline
  30. New Key Factor Identified in the Development of Alzheimer's Disease
  31. Hazards of Obesity Now Rival Smoking in U.S.
  32. Exercise Helps Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease
  33. Pomegranate compounds may ease breast cancer risk
  34. Markers for Ovarian Cancer May Show Up Years Earlier
  35. Childhood Metabolic Measurements May Predict Diabetes Development Years Later
  36. Drinking shows little effect on stroke outcome
  37. Leptin-Controlled Gene Can Reverse Diabetes
  38. Limits to antidepressants' effectiveness: study
  39. 'Nano Cocktail' to Target and Kill Tumors
  40. Fat Hormone Controls Gene Linked to Diabetes
  41. St. John's Wort Not Helpful Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Researchers Say
  42. Even with fewer risk factors, heavy men die earlier
  43. Key Protein Could Put Brakes on Cancer's Blood Supply
  44. Study finds quitting smoking raises diabetes risk
  45. More Toddlers, Young Children Given Antipsychotics
  46. Another study finds no MMR-autism link
  47. Markers Predict Kids' Risk of Diabetes as Adults
  48. Evidence lacking for special diets in autism
  49. Vitamin C 'Cures' Mice With Accelerated Aging Disease
  50. New guidelines back mammograms starting at age 40
  51. Finally, an Excuse for Pregnant Women to Eat Bacon and Eggs
  52. Job stress may raise diabetes risk in women
  53. PSA Value at 2 Years Post-Treatment Can Predict Long-Term Survival in Prostate Cancer Patients
  54. Sleep loss may affect health by curbing exercise
  55. Roe of Marine Animals Is Best Natural Source of Omega-3