National Defense

If the U.S. military is unable to defend America and her interests from today's enemies, investing in the future will do little good. Therefore, efforts to make sure that each branch of the U.S. military is fully prepared while building tomorrow's forces is essential to America's survival.

The Administration and Congress can ensure a future of peace through strength by focusing on the following key points while having a firm grasp of the threats today and a clear vision of America's future role:

  1. To protect every American and all vital U.S. interests, America's military forces must be funded adequately.
  2. Bright, well-trained and highly motivated personnel are required in a technically advanced military
  3. The military's ultimate goal should be protecting its shores
  4. New technologies should be adopted combat doctrines, the military's weapons system and force structure.
  5. Around the world, the United States must strengthen its alliances.

The American Voice Institute of Public Policy believes a comprehensive national security plan that is anchored by achievable objectives and national purpose must be developed by Congress and the Administration. Adequate funding will be central to this plan. National defense strategies could not be executed effectively and would therefore be rendered impotent without adequate funding. Additionally, existing threats must be accounted for by this plan. Presently, the United States, U.S. troops overseas, and U.S. allies are all but completely defenseless against ballistic missile attack. The linchpin of future American power will be ballistic missile defense. To counter enemy attack, Congress and the Administration must also recognize emerging threats and develop capabilities. By attacking at America's most vulnerable points, potential adversaries understand that they can challenge this nation. The American Voice Institute of Public Policy believes that Congress and the Administration must ensure that today's fighting force is adequately equipped, paid well, and ready to fight and win America's wars.

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