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Pro-Life Issues

Abortion: The American Voice Institute of Public Policy believes in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. Life was defined in the U.S. Constitution as man's first God-given inalienable right. We support this right and believe it is the government's job to protect that right. Standing on the fundamental principle that man is made in the image of God, we oppose all forms of abortion and advocate adoption as an alternative to abortion.

Euthanasia: We are also opposed to euthanasia and believe that physician-assisted suicide involving physicians prescribing lethal drugs to patients with a clear intent to enable the patients to die in the context of medical treatment is murder.

Stem Cell Research: In 1996, federal funding for harmful embryo research was outlawed by Congress, and ever since then, that prohibition has been maintained. However, new National Institute of Health (NIH) guidelines for stem cell research, announced on August 23, 2000, violate this law. Federal funding of research on stem cells that are removed from human embroys would be allowed. However, research on the embryo itself would be forbidden by the guidelines.

Although the guidelines do not permit the actual killing of the human embryo, they do encourage research that leads to the death of embryos.

The new rules "circumvent" the 1996 laws that prevent embryo use in research. Federal research may be conducted on cells taken from surplus frozen embryos that are destined to be discarded by fertility clinics under the new guidelines.

The American Voice Institute of Public Policy believes that this form of research that sacrifices one form of human life to benefit another is immoral, illegal and unnecessary.

NIH fails to acknowledge that breakthroughs in adult stem cell research may make the destruction of living embryos unnecessary. A tremendous variety of adult stem cell samples have been reported to be available and effective within the last two years.

For example, adult stem cells have been found in the bloodstream, bone marrow, cornea and skin. Also, in the brain, scientists have recently uncovered neural stem cells. The distinct advantage of using these adult stem cells to regenerate tissue on individuals and cells, is the circumvention of the problem of immune rejection of embryo stem cells. Therefore, we support current successful research using adult stem cells.