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Kenya Thanks America for Religious Freedom

The last week of May, two Kenyan officials met with State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore of Alabama. The Kenyan nationals were eager to meet Judge Moore during their tour of several American states because of his fight for the public display of the Ten Commandments.

Peter Raburu, the commissioner of Kenya's Nyanza province, first had the idea for the tour from American missionaries in Kenya. He credits the strength of Christianity in the United States with the spread of religion in Kenya. According to Raburu, Kenya now integrates the teaching of the Bible in its public school curriculum.

"You, our brothers and sisters in America, brought us God. A lot of missionaries came to Kenya. I don't know what is happening in America now that you cannot teach God in your schools. God said it very well, that before Jesus Christ comes back, there will be a revival. People ran away from the church, and you must run back to the church...All these things are biblical. There is nothing you can do about it. It is biblical, and it will come to pass."

Inspired by Judge Moore's fight for religious freedom, the Kenyan officials are taking thousands of copies of the Ten Commandments to post in schools and public offices in Kenya.

Judge Moore said, "They (Kenyans) come to give us a message, and it's certainly a message that we need in America today. We've become a nation of people that think we're smarter than we really are. {Commissioner} Raburu has told us very plainly - we must have God. There is no freedom without God. Without God, we'd go to tyranny."

(Stan Bailey, "Kenyan Official Praises Moore, Commandments," Birmingham News, May 30, 2001)

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