Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Thursday, November 30, 2017 


Soldier killed in terror attack in southern Israel 

Youth stabbed to death in apparent terror attack was IDF soldier (Israel Defense Forces) 

Mortar Shell Barrage from Gaza Strip, IDF Retaliates (Israel Defense Forces) 

Renewed clashes between settlers, Palestinians following fatal shooting 

Song on PA TV promises to attack Jews 

IDF carries out fresh Gaza airstrikes, but says not looking for escalation  

Arab Shot Dead as Mob Tries to Lynch Jewish Children Hiking in Samaria

Palestinian Reconciliation Sputters  

Jerusalem ignores the UN’s forgotten partition plan of 2012 at its peril 

Israeli settlers open fire on Palestinian farmers, killing 1, injuring another  

Israel, Hamas exchange mortar fire across norther Gaza border 

Italian bike race organizers apologize for ‘West Jerusalem’ wording  

Armed Israeli settlers raid Palestinian village, throw rocks at locals 

Twitter Clash: Saudis vs Palestinians On Palestinian Cause, Palestinian Resistance  

PA signs trade agreement with China

American and Israeli officials downplay reports of imminent embassy  

Balfour Declaration +100: Israel Perseveres and Prospers

The State Department Drops The Ball  (Reversing course on closing the PLO mission sends a dangerous message.)



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