Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 



The UN Continues its Anti-Israel Offensive  (Funds “Palestinian” lawfare campaign against Israel.)

Student Activist Criticizes Group for ‘Perpetuating Arab Supremacy’   (An attendee at a “Palestinian” student organization’s national conference last weekend has criticized the group for “perpetuating Arab Supremacy.”)

Several tunnel terrorists still missing, may be in Israel

Police: Israeli Arabs Involved in 57% of Murders, 45% of Armed Robbery Cases

Hamas leader talks ‘resistance’ with Hezbollah chief in Beirut

PM: Arab refusal to accept Israel is the real 'tragedy'  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Netanyahu heads to London to celebrate Balfour and talk Iran

Balfour Declaration: A century old and as disputed as ever

Fearing reprisals after tunnel blast, Israel halts work on underground barrier

Just What Were The Jews Doing in Then-Palestine Before The Balfour Declaration?

Hamas hands over all Gaza border crossings to the PA

Israeli forces suppress protests marking Balfour Declaration centenary

Qatar: IDF bombing of Gaza attack tunnel violates Palestinian rights (Israel Defense Forces)

PA officially takes control of Gaza borders from Hamas

Israeli forces detain Palestinian journalist, teenage cousins in predawn raids

Clashes erupt as hundreds of settlers pray at Nablus-area holy site 

Ahead of Balfour 100, UK enshrines Churchill’s headstrong case for Israel

In this year of anniversaries, how much longer must Palestine wait?  



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