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Tuesday, December 4, 2018




In Today’s Issue: 




South Carolina Bill Would Ban All Abortions After Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins


Where not to shop for Christmas: How consumers can align their dollars with their pro-life values


NIH Still Deciding Whether to Extend UCSF’s Contract to Humanize Mice With Aborted Baby Parts


Christian Wheaton College Smears Black Pro-Life Speaker for Talk on Race and Abortion


Idaho-based Planned Parenthood affiliate cutting down on non-abortion services


Catholic TV Station EWTN Defeats Obama Mandate, Won’t Have to Fund Abortion Drugs


As Abortion Restrictions Spread, 5,500 Women Traveled to Illinois for the Procedure


California Democrats eye mandating that state schools stock abortion pills


Proposal to require abortion pills at college health centers returns to California Legislature


Abortion rate in America reaches record low, report says


Dozens of Irish Doctors Storm Out of Meeting After They’re Told They Must Participate in Abortions


Another anti-abortion display vandalized on Miami campus


Here’s How We Can End Legal Abortion in Our Lifetime


New Oklahoma Bill Would Make Abortion Punishable By Life In Prison


Court Allows 16-Year-Old Girl to Abort Her 22-Week-Old Unborn Baby(India)


Michigan Senate OKs extension of abortion telemedicine ban


500 Nurses and Midwives Slam Irish Government After Learning They Must Assist in Abortions




Afghan President Orders Investigation Into Abuse Of Female Athletes


Taliban Killed Police Chief In Northern Afghanistan Clash




Islamic State threat shutters US embassy in Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than a week


Sudan lawmakers back amendment to let Bashir stand again


Cameroon Prison Initiative Recycles Rubber Waste into Sandals




Woman in wheelchair abandoned at O’Hare Airport after flight is canceled




Anti-Semitism and Moral Responsibility




Behold the rise of Cambodia’s political princelings



Australian Market Declines Ahead Of RBA Decision


FOREX-Dollar weakens as trade truce supports confidence, focus shifts to Fed


Horrified mom finds 5,500 maggot-filled, dead bats in her yard




Texas Invasion: Agents Arrest 1,900 at Southern Border




A federal agent was the prime suspect in his girlfriend’s death. So why wasn’t he ever arrested?





TSX drops on fall in healthcare shares, fading trade hopes


Security experts question political influence of Toronto developer with ties to Beijing


Canadian heiress Clare Bronfman paying legal fees for accused in NXIVM sex cult: Prosecutor


Second Toronto officer accused of eating pot edibles on duty ‘maintains her innocence,’ lawyer says


‘It opens up an underworld:' How a drug plea has exposed a Mafia network in Hamilton


Integrity watchdog urged to probe appointment of Ron Taverner as OPP commissioner. Taverner is a friend of the Ford family


Police use saliva tests for the first time with breath tests to follow


Workers’ compensation board denies over 90 per cent of chronic mental stress claims, audit shows





Study: 63% of Non-Citizen Households In 2014 Used Welfare




Partially-buried body wrapped in plastic is found in Costa Rica during search for Florida woman who went missing from her 'sketchy' Airbnb a week ago





A new CIA leak adds to the evidence against MBS. Congress must act.


CIA chief briefs select senators on Khashoggi





Al Sharpton's latest unseemly racket




Exclusive: Pope Tawadros II warns against ‘emptying’ Middle East of Christians, sees hope in Saudi reforms




‘Game changer’: China agrees to crack down on fentanyl after pressure from Trump


Disengaging economically from China


Freeing China’s South Asian string of ‘little pearls’


Can anything hold back China’s economy?


Chinese Doctor Who Claimed to Have Edited Baby Genes Disappears




Trump’s race against time, lack of bargaining chips in denuclearization talks


NK committed to denuclearization: unification minister




Conservative Leaders Demand Congress Fund Border Wall for National Security


Sheriffs Call on Congress to Fund Border Wall System


Lawmakers buy more time for spending deal




Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein reaches last-minute settlement ahead of jury selection for civil trial, avoiding testimony from his sex assault victims


Federal appeals court rules against another immigration crackdown attempt


3 nonsensical suits that helped turn NYC into a ‘Judicial Hellhole’


Palm Beach trial could reveal details of billionaire’s alleged abuse of teen girls


Woman sues Hilton for $100 million, alleging employee filmed her in the shower


Asylum denials hit record-high in 2018 as Trump administration tightens immigration policy




Chinese man arrested for taking pictures of Navy base in Florida: officials


The D.C. Swamp: Keep Your Eyes on Russia and Forget About Voter Fraud.


Prison escapee shot dead by homeowner, other jail-breaker captured, cops say


Woman stabbed to death while giving money to a homeless person


Dangerous inmate may be hiding in Maryland: Police


Man mistaken for mall gunman was shot from behind, attorney says 




Suspected Human Smuggler Seen Dropping Small Children From 18-Foot Wall at US-Mexico Border





Quora says 100 million users hit by 'malicious' data breach


Dem lawmaker: Marriott 'in the dark' about massive data breach





Jihadist Beheader In Oklahoma Cleared For Execution





DNC Chair Perez: ‘Our DREAMers Are Every Bit American as My Three U.S.-Born Kids’


DNC plans top donor summit ahead of 2020


Now DNC's law firm records in bull's-eye




Abrams Thinking About Run for Senate in Georgia, Doesn’t Rule Out Presidential Bid


Former SBC President Ed Young: Democrat Party is 'Some Kind of Religion ... Basically Godless'


On Immigration, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry Discover Their Inner Trump


Does Hillary have a future in cough syrup?


Why are taxypaters paying to promote Chir­lane McCray’s career?  (Wife of Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)




More than 12M pounds of beef recalled amid salmonella outbreak




Scaling Up the Swiss Model for Career Training




Corsi goes to war: Prosecute Mueller, staff for 'criminal acts'


Manafort last year discussed brokering a deal with Ecuador to hand over Assange to US: report


Justice Department shuffles top spokeswomen after Sessions exit: report


Special counsel will make Manafort memo public by Friday, spokesman says


Michael Cohen claims his 'unique' cooperation in case 'centered on the extramarital affairs of a presidential candidate' means he should avoid jail and compares himself to celebrities like John Travolta who dodged jail over taxes


10 Reasons It’s Time To Fire Rod Rosenstein


Author: Russia-probe endangers national security


Mueller memo to new shed light in Russia investigation


'Something's up': Judge Nap doubts Mueller probe is nearing the end


Voters Still See Mueller Charges Against Trump As Unlikely


'Road map' to Mueller probe's next steps could come from new court filings




Alaska hit by more than 1,000 aftershocks after powerful earthquake




Dow closes down 800 points as U.S.-China trade, flattening yield curve spook investors


Tumbling Stocks Show You Can't Ignore the 'Harbinger of Doom'


Trump sends stock markets into freefall as he tweets 'I am a tariff man' after chaos over whether his trade war with China really will end in a deal - and the Dow tanks almost 800 points


Brace for a 15% plunge in S&P 500 next year if the Treasury yield curve fully inverts


Asia shares ease as doubts emerge over Sino-U.S. trade war truce


Stock Rally Stalls With Trade-Talk Outlook `Hazy': Markets Wrap


Ensuring that jobs are offered to American workers first


Bitcoin trades higher, but struggles to regain $4,000


Gold futures tally highest finish since July


America's Economic Health Has Improved


America's Job Growth Is Polarized, and Even More So in New York


This chart may be a key reason the stock market is plunging


Backfire: #MeToo Is Destroying Women On Wall Street




Despite protests, UNC officials say Confederate statue must stay


Virginia middle school bans Christmas carols that mention Jesus


Why Teaching Engineering Costs More Than Teaching English


Columbia Students Kick SNL Comedian Nimesh Patel Off Stage after 'Rude' Jokes


Thousands of California students return to class for first time since wildfire


Pitzer College Professors Vote to End School’s Partnership With the University of Haifa


Gender, Pay and a 'Black Box'


Board members quit over college's 'drift' from Christian orthodoxy


New Campus Home for Silent Sam


Why shouldn’t the L.A. school system look for places to house homeless families?


Bribed to Sleep


Central European U Forced Out of Hungary


Springfield College Attempts To Ruin Professor’s Life For Teaching About Male Writers


SNL Writer Removed From Stage For ‘Offensive’ Jokes At Columbia University


‘In God We Trust’ Signs Returning to More and More Public Schools and Spaces




Egypt's Sisi opens first arms exhibition in Cairo


Uber announces new minibus service in traffic-mad Egypt




6 'Deep Staters' tried to infiltrate Trump camp in 2016




Not To Be(US Senator of Louisiana John Kennedy’s (R) Hamlet act comes to a close leaving Louisiana Republicans without a unifying candidate against John Bel Edwards for governor next fall.)




Crock the Vote  (Grand theft election in California.)


North Carolina’s Election Turmoil: What We Know and Don’t Know


Stung by Midterm Losses, Republicans Seek to Neutralize Democrats


N.C. election-fraud investigation centers on operative who worked for GOP candidate




It’s not hard to figure out Cuomo’s gameplan for 2020  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Little-known Democrats vie to be ‘breakout star’ in crowded 2020 field


Michael Avenatti touts 2 percent showing in 2020 poll: ‘Better than Trump polled in 2015’


Kamala Harris Likely To Run for President, Says “It’s Going To Be Ugly”


Joe Biden Gives His Biggest 2020 Signal To Date


Most Say Trump Reelection Likely in 2020


'Creepy Porn Lawyer' Out For 2020


Biden: ‘I Think I’m the Most Qualified Person in the Country to Be President’


Avenatti: My Family Won’t Let Me Run for President




Oil ends modestly higher after recent rally in lead-up to expected Saudi-Russia output cut


Energy Prices




European markets down, as trade truce between U.S. and China questioned


‘They are undesirable & they must feel it’: Denmark to ship unwanted refugees to remote island


Political Turmoil Grips Sweden


Trump Admin Vows Penalties for European Countries Doing Business With Iran


Italy: School drops Jesus’ name from Christmas song to avoid offending Muslims, 10-year-old girl gets it restored 


Italy Police Arrest Mafia’s Alleged New Mob Boss in Sicily




Happy Meal toys blasted for being 'gender-specific'




Trump's interest rate feud seems to have the Fed backing down




Wells Fargo computer glitch blamed as hundreds lose their homes 




Dog food recalled over toxic levels of vitamin D, FDA says




Millennials might be killing canned tuna, but it's not because they hate can openers — it's because it's 'gross as hell'




Boiling Over in Paris


'Too little, too late': France's 'yellow vests' vow to push on with protests


France PM to announce suspension of fuel tax hikes


Here's why French high school students are also protesting


A State of Insurrection


'Yellow vests': Anarchists, butchers and finance workers in court over Paris riots


The 'yellow vest' protests in France aren't limited to Paris — they're tapping into deep anxiety nationwide


Deadly Paris protest becomes expression of French discontent, threatens to upend political system


France enables PA to reward terrorism




Merkel: German 'Mittelstand' mustn't get left behind in AI race  (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Muslim Migrants Terrorize a Sleepy German College Town


'Beware, you're leaving the functioning part of Germany': Tübingen mayor on Berlin


Merkel tops Forbes’ list of most powerful women 8th year in a row

Germany: Muslims enraged over pork sausage served at event, although other food was available


Germany’s Merkel Urged EU Countries Not to Move Embassies to Jerusalem




Nothing Like a Tree to Suck the Carbon Out of the Air...


Patrick Buchanan: Will Paris Riots Scuttle Climate Accord?


‘Gender Equality’ Key to Combating 'Climate Crisis,' Hip-Hop Artist Tells Sen. Sanders’ Town Hall


Global Warming Is Setting Fire to American Leadership


Al Gore Kicks Off 24-Hour Climate Broadcast as Thousands Riot in Paris Over Carbon Taxes


For Climate Interventionists, New Taxes Are Only The Beginning


Law Firm Pitching Climate Suits Sought to Evade Detection by Open Records




Google Refuses to Answer Questions About Censoring Conservative Content, Targeting President Trump


Memo to Trump: 'Stop Google before 2020'




Watch: Pence Delivers Beautiful Tribute To George H. W. Bush


How George H.W. Bush Became a Democrat


Is History Being Too Kind To George H.W. Bush?


Finding Words to Express a Lack of Feelings on the Passing of President George H.W. Bush


GOP governor beaten by Democrat tries to strip power (Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (R)


George H. W. Bush’s Final Words


George H.W. Bush was a steward of stability


Finding Words to Express a Lack of Feelings on the Passing of President George H.W. Bush


The gracious toughness of my old boss, George H.W. Bush


A Tale of Two Presidents


Texas GOP says no to racist paranoia about Muslims


Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti Davis says the nation should mourn the loss of George H.W. Bush and the 'loss of the presidency's dignity' 


Bush hailed for principles as lawmakers pay respects


'A steady hand, staying the course': George H.W. Bush is eulogized by Pence, McConnell and Ryan in somber Capitol Rotunda scenes as he lies in state, while Americans prepare to mourn his passing 


Bush family promised Trump that funeral would avoid criticizing him: report


Piers Morgan: Seven things Donald Trump could learn from ‘loser wimp’ George H.W. Bush – the most calm, decent, humble inclusive and thoughtful of Presidents


‘Here lies a great man’: Americans pay respects to Bush in nation’s ‘hallowed cathedral’


Slate belittles George H.W. Bush’s service dog, Sully: ‘Been with the president for six months’


No. 41, the real ‘man in full’


On Bush’s last journey to Washington, dignitaries and citizens pay respects


‘Everything’s on the table’: GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin, Michigan push to limit Democrats’ powers


United in grief, a who's who of one of America's great political dynasties: How the Bush blood created two presidents, two governors, TV stars, a fashion model and an NFL executive - but also produced their fair share of scandal 


Podcast: Houston Remembers George H.W. Bush


George H.W. Bush: A Man of Character


Watch: Bob Dole Salutes President Bush One Last Time


George H.W. Bush's service dog Sully visits his casket in the Capitol Rotunda - joining veterans, son Neil, the Emir of Kuwait, CIA leaders and others gathered to pay their respects


The George H.W. Bush Obituary You Won’t Read In The New York Times (Part Two)


How The Late George H.W. Bush Killed The Border Wall


Slate Writer Gets Ripped To Shreds After Attacking George H. W. Bush's Loyal Service Dog




Trump’s G-20 Win: World Trade Organization Reform


What Happens After the Trump-Xi G20 Summit?




ObamaCare Was A Massive Failure, IBD/TIPP Poll Shows




Doctors urge parents to go old school this Christmas: ‘No evidence … that screen time is good’




'Irresponsible, Attention Seeking Comments': Navy SEAL Veteran On People Comparing Border Crisis to Holocaust


Holocaust Survivors Gather Around The World To Commemorate Third Night Of Hanukkah




Exclusive: Emails of top NRCC officials stolen in major 2018 hack


Ocasio-Cortez: Green Jobs Are the 'Mechanism Through Which We Can Deliver Justice' to Underserved Communities


Hoyer: House could refuse to seat N.C. Republican until fraud probe is settled


Rep. Scalise Explains to 'The View' Why His Position on Gun Control Hasn't Changed After Being Shot


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes aim at Mike Huckabee, daughter: ‘Leave the false statements to Sarah’


Legislation, not investigations, should be priority, freshman Democrats tell House leaders


George H.W. Bush’s life proves that, sometimes, things go gloriously right


Where does George Soros find the time?


The other way George H.W. Bush’s passing was the end of an era


Wisconsin Republicans are a danger to democracy


New House GOP campaign chairman lays out challenges for 2020


Ocasio-Cortez: Fighting climate change will be ‘the Civil Rights movement of our generation’


Woman says she was paid to collect absentee ballots in North Carolina House race


Ocasio-Cortez Issues New 'Living Wage' Demand For Congress; Critics Point Out A Few Problems


Congressional outcome unsure with absentee probe


North Carolina Congress outcome unsure with absentee probe


Washington Post Gives Ocasio-Cortez’s Pentagon Claim Four ‘Pinocchios’


Pro-BDS Tlaib Plans to Lead Congressional Delegation to West Bank (Judea and Samaria)


PolitiFact, WaPo Give Ocasio-Cortez False Rating for Attempt to Justify Medicare for All Spending


Swalwell on Whether Democrats Should Appear on Fox News: ‘You Have to Go Into That Arena’


‘Ballot Harvesting’ Helped Flip Seven US House Races in California After Election Day


Maxine Wants Revenge




NJ Bill Will Make It Easier for Illegals to Obtain Driver’s Licenses



Illegal Aliens in a Dismantled Identity Theft Ring




India nabs 4 after deadly violence over cow slaughter rumors




Rohingya migrant boat lands in Indonesia




US can’t stop Iran oil exports, Persian Gulf will shut if they try – Rouhani  (Iranian President Hassan Rouhani)


Rouhani threatens to block all Gulf oil exports if Iran can’t export oil




Angry clashes force Iraqi PM to cancel Cabinet vote




Palestinian Authority Takes Aim At Lead American Peace Negotiator


At Tel Aviv rally, 30,000 protest rising violence against women


PM: Hezbollah sought to occupy parts of Galilee  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Watch: Netanyahu Says IDF Stymied Hezbollah’s Attempt to Conquer Galilee


IDF footage from attack tunnel shows alleged Hezbollah members still inside  (Israel Defense Forces)


As Israel Launches Operation To Destroy Hizbullah Cross-Border Tunnels, Netanyahu Warns Of Military Action In Lebanon


Bolton: US ‘strongly supports’ anti-tunnel operation in Israel’s north


IDF Operation Located Terror Tunnel Outside Metula


The Netanyahu paradox: Guarding Israel from enemies without, causing harm within


Hundreds light Hanukkah candles at Cave of the Patriarchs


Anti-tunnel operation in north kicks up coalition’s political dirt


Understanding the danger of Hezbollah on Israel's Lebanon border


Shin Bet thwarted 500 terror attacks in 2018 – PM


Spokesman: IDF May Expand Operation to Demolish Hezbollah Precision Missiles


Despite outrage, envoy to US hails Israeli-Polish Holocaust complicity statement


Enough is enough: domestic violence must end


Israeli scientists say they’ve created first fully personalized tissue implant


Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahar Visits Mandela's Prison Cell And Says To Palestinian Prisoners: You Will Drive Out The Occupation And Rule Your Country Like Mandela Did


Hizballah will not be deterred – only gain self-assurance – from the IDF’s tunnel-blocking operation


Palestinian said killed in overnight West Bank (Judea and Samaria)clash with IDF


Israel military says to expose Hezbollah attack tunnels from Lebanon


Netanyahu’s Obsession With Image Could Be His Downfall  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


Northern Shield reveals security 'secrets' hinted at by Netanyahu




Japanese prosecutors to arrest Ghosn on fresh claim, prolonging custody: Sankei




Beirut calls for calm as Israel targets ‘attack tunnels’




Going to take more than riding flagrant hatred of Trump for “liberal international order” to remain




Malaysia: Special legislation proposed to criminalize “insulting Islam”




CNN president Jeff Zucker 'interested' in run for office




California Democrat Plans to Re-Introduce Bill Giving Illegals Medicaid




The migrant caravan is ruining Tijuana’s tourist industry


The children, the caravan and the contagions


Mexico's luxurious presidential plane is bound for California — without the country's new president


Mexico's President Stays Silent on Pledge to Scrap $13 Billion Airport




Khashoggi slammed Saudi crown prince as a ‘beast’ before brutal murder


Can the United States Prevent Saudi Arabia from Getting Nuclear Weapons?





NK is urgent threat to US: Mattis   (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


After losing court battle, Pentagon will begin sending green-card holders to recruit training 


Navy warned it might miss recruiting goals due to holds on green card applicants: report


Fourth servicemember dies of wounds from deadly Afghanistan bombing


Settlement reached in infamous 'Norfolk Four' case


The ‘Forgotten War’ finally gets a soundtrack: ‘Battleground Korea’


Navy's mission in Middle East gets new leader after admiral's sudden death


After losing court battle, Pentagon to send green-card holders to recruit training


VA says it reversed course on underpaid GI Bill recipients, though lawmakers remain skeptical




2 key groups label Rohingya slaughter 'genocide'




NASA scientist says we need to reopen the book on whether aliens visited Earth




NATO chief refuses to compare Paris protests to Ukraine’s Maidan

NATO To Discuss Missile Treaty Impasse, Kerch Confrontation


U.S. Asserts Authority at NATO in Stinging Criticism




Pakistan's aid group clampdown could hit 11 million people, diplomats say


Pakistan assures U.S. envoy of support for Afghan peace talks




Survey Shows 1 in 5 Millennials Sees U.S. Flag as ‘Sign of Intolerance and Hatred’




Post office will suspend most mail service Wednesday for Bush funeral




Minneapolis police commander replaced after mayor calls precinct's Christmas tree racist





A Note to My Catholic Friends about Hanukkah





“Between 6,000 and 10,000 churches in the U.S. are dying each year” – and that means that over 100 will die this week




Standoff Over INF Treaty Enters New Phase As U.S. Reveals Details Of Russian Missile


German philosopher Kant sparks tensions in Russian hometown


US fully aware that Russia abides by INF Treaty, says diplomat


U.S. Issues 60-Day Ultimatum for Russia to Comply With Nuclear Treaty


Russia Won't `Beg' for Meeting With Trump, Kremlin Aide Says




Are statins overprescribed? Study warns the risks of the controversial drugs outweigh the benefits for millions of heart patients 




N.Y. Lawmaker: Want a Gun? Give Us Your Social Media Accounts First!





Secret Service agents reveal how George H.W. Bush would raid the kitchen with them at 3 a.m. for milk and cookies and stay in DC on Christmas Eve so they could spend it with their families - a far cry from haughty Hillary Clinton




'There's not a smoking gun, there's a smoking saw': Republican senators say there's 'zero question' the Saudi crown prince ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi after briefing by CIA boss


Republicans rage at ‘guilty’ Saudi crown prince


McConnell: 'Complete fracture' with Saudi Arabia not in U.S. interest (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


The conservative case for criminal justice reform


Grassley Demands Answers From Wray Over Raid Of Whistleblower On Clinton Foundation


Grassley Accuses Fusion GPS Founder Of Giving 'Extremely Misleading' Testimony


Rand Paul Claims The Deep State Is Trying To Run Congress




Former Employees: Facebook Poised for Exodus of Current Employees


Watch: Apple's CEO Suggests It's 'A Sin' To Not Ban People From Platforms




Brazil’s Trumpian Turn


Why The United States Should Make A Pivot Towards Brazil


Manafort says Ecuador's president asked him about Assange




Koreans Strike More Than in Any Other Rich Country


Moon says timing of NK leader’s visit undecided(President Moon Jae-in)


Bundle up: Freezing cold to grip nation Wednesday


Army under fire for live-fire incident


Korean Self-Driving Car Starts Trial Deliveries in U.S.


Korean scientific satellite successfully launched into orbit


Kim Jong-un's Seoul visit will lead to successful NK-US summit


Hyundai Motor goes all-out in US marketing on signs of recovery


S. Korea, UAE to hold defense talks to build on ‘strategic partnership’


Young Koreans’ support for Moon plunges amid sluggish employment


Korean economy losing vitality


Gov't to reduce burden for rare disease patients


Greenpeace urges Korea to stop funding coal plants overseas




Urban Meyer to step down as Ohio State head coach after Rose Bowl


NHL approves expansion to Seattle with its owners to pay a $650 million fee


Redskins lose second QB for season in 28-13 defeat to Eagles, a major blow to playoff chances


The NFL is the fox in the henhouse of football-injury research

NFL Scoreboard 

NHL Scoreboard


NBA Scoreboard

College Basketball Scoreboard (Men) 



Two state AGs to subpoena Trump Organization, IRS, raising specter President's tax returns may finally be released


Teenage soccer star freezes to death in Moscow


Proposed ballot measure would cut California's inherited property tax breaks




State Dep’t Scorns Iran’s Claim That Missile Tests Are Defensive


US claims China, Iran, Russia violated treaties




Free-speech precedent gives new power to lawyers


Unions Defy Supreme Court on Mandatory Dues, Suit Says


Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling Could Help Paul Manafort Walk Free




Syrian Opposition Websites: Iran Consolidating Its Presence In Eastern Syria, West Of Euphrates, To Form Continuum From Iran, Through Iraq And Syria, To Mediterranean




3 Women Accused Neil deGrasse Tyson of Sexual Misconduct. He Says Evidence Matters, and He’s Right.





Meghan McCain snaps after Joy Behar bashes Trump in segment honoring Bush: ‘I don’t care!’


The Interactions Between Whoopi And Meghan McCain Are Getting More Uncomfortable By The Day 




For the West to Live, ‘Equality’ Must Die 




 Uncertainty surrounds U.S. deals on trade with China, North America


This commodity will make or break the China trade war


Trump’s China Truce Calms Markets, but He Chooses a Hard-Liner for Talks




Father Fighting to Save Six-year-old Son From “Gender Reassignment”




Turkey shares lower at close of trade; BIST 100 down 1.15%


Turkey upholds sentencing of Kurdish politician Demirtas


3 migrants found frozen to death in Turkey


Turkey detains dozens nationwide over alleged Gulen links


Turkey detains dozens nationwide over alleged Gulen links





U.K. stocks fall as Brexit headlines drive up sterling


UK: Muslims demand criminalization of “Islamophobic” “racism” that targets their “Muslimness”


Russian embassy blasts May’s claims of Kerch Strait 'aggression' as unacceptable (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Theresa May absorbed three sharp blows Tuesday as steward of U.K.’s Brexit process


May Suffers Parliament Defeats Ahead of Key Vote


Seven Year-Old Boy Misses His Dad So Much He Sends Him a Letter in Heaven


Briton extradited to India in alleged copter bribery scheme


UK Can Reverse Brexit Without European Union Agreement, Says Top EU Law Adviser


UK Brexit Chaos… Govt Forced to Publish Full Brexit Legal Docs




US urges UN Security Council to condemn Iran missile test


The UN Is Trying To Prime The World For More Carbon Tax Revolts




What Pope Francis may really be doing by saying he doesn’t want gays to become priests


Pope Francis: Homosexuals Should Not Be Priests





Venezuela welcomes former Israeli chief rabbi in ‘peace diplomacy’ bid




Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Trump to offer his private condolences to Bush family in Blair House visit


Trump: If No China Trade Deal Possible, ‘I Am a Tariff Man


New White House counsel to arrive as Democrats, Mueller close in


Trump hails Roger Stone's 'guts' at start of dangerous Russia week


Trump braces for a Bush love-fest, and the inevitably unflattering comparisons


Senior aides push back on Trump's claim that China agreed to cut auto tariffs


Eric Trump slams Kellyanne Conway’s husband for showing ‘utter disrespect’


Trump erupts at those who cooperate in the Russia investigation


Trump, first lady pay respects to Bush in Capitol


Trump’s latest tweets cross clear lines, experts say


White House revises transcript to indicate China trade ceasefire began Dec. 1


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