Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Sunday, August 26, 2018


With violence ‘significantly reduced,’ Israel to reopen Erez crossing to Gaza

Erekat Attacks US $200 Million Aid Cuts to PA  (Chief negotiator for the “Palestine” Liberation Organization Saeb Erekat)

Egalitarian Western Wall plaza said to get swift approval through legal loophole

The terrorists among us

Orthodox Businessmen Launching ‘Jews Only’ Housing Project in Arab Neighborhood

Arab MKs said working with PA to condemn Israel at UN for nation-state law

Israeli settlement expansion to commence in Beit Hanina

Arab MKs and Palestinians jointly seek to censure Israel at U.N

Act III: Trump Administration Returns To The Peace Process Drawing Board

Talks between PA factions in Cairo postponed

US to announce rejection of Palestinian right of return

'One of the more heroic battles in Israel'

The Price Of Admission To Trump’s Peace Process (with Video)

Israel detains 68 undocumented Palestinian workers

Al-Mahmoud: 'US did not fulfill its commitments to Palestinians

Hamas: In The Eye Of A Twitter Storm

Muslim researcher: Jerusalem once belonged to the Jews, but they disobeyed Allah, so Allah “gave it to the Muslims”


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