Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Tuesday, July 17, 2018



With IDF poised to strike Hamas, is Israel’s Northern Front forgotten? (Israel Defense Forces) 

Army told to prepare for large-scale military operation in Gaza — report   

Flaming balloon from Gaza lands in preschool near children at play 

Israel Edging Closer to War as Netanyahu, Defense & Security Brass Convene for Assessment  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) 

PA: Palestinians have a “right” to kill Israelis, PA will continue to pay the prisoners’ salaries 

Amid technical woes, Iran security chief said to stand up Gaza crowd  

After Hamas: Why Israel Fears A Power Vacuum in Gaza 

Brawl at High Court between families of slain terrorists, Israeli victims 

Greenblatt: Hamas is hurting everyone 

US embassy in Jerusalem to cost nearly 100 times Trump’s estimate 

Fatah: Teach children about Palestinian terror 

Ocasio-Cortez criticizes ‘occupation of Palestine,’ but admits she’s no expert  (Democrat candidate US Representative of New York  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist) 

What Ireland’s Boycott Bill Means For Israel 

Palestinians launch campaign to foil Anti-"Pay for Slay" bill 

Knesset approves 'Breaking the Silence' law

U.N. warns of ‘precarious Gaza situation’ after Israel bans gas, fuel imports  

Israeli airstrikes target fire kite-flyers in Gaza, 2 injured 

The new era of Jewish terror 

Israeli forces confiscate 120-dunam land in Bethlehem 

Israeli forces demolish house, structures in East Jerusalem


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