Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Monday, June 26, 2017 



Some critics of Western Wall plan still unhappy after freeze

Jewish Agency to Netanyahu: No Dinner for You (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Conservative Jewry, US federations decry ‘deplorable’ Western Wall reversal

When a Palestinian man hits his wife, is Israel responsible? PMW responds to UN report

Gaza rocket hits open area in southern Israel, no injuries

Arrow-3 Anti-Ballistic Defense System Awarded Israeli Defense Prize

Leaked document says Muhammad Dahlan to become leader in Gaza Strip

NGO: Israel practices 'systematic torture' on Palestinian detainees

Fuming opposition looks to fell government over Western Wall reversal

Arab Media: Israeli Bombardment Killed, Wounded Targets inside Syria

The Western Wall already has pluralistic prayer. Here’s what would have changed

Israel refuses entry to UNESCO group expected to visit Hebron's Old City

A state denying its own people

Amid Hamas feud, PA said delaying Gazans’ medical treatment in Israel

Sharansky: PM should not have made Western Wall promise he could not deliver

5 Palestinian teens indicted for allegedly throwing fireworks at Israeli police

Head of US Reform Movement rejects new Western Wall negotiations with PM




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