Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Friday, June 15, 2018


Despite Hamas threats, Friday protests end relatively peacefully

Using Ramadan as Cover, 1,000 Waqf Workers ‘Cleared’ Soil Rich with Evidence of Jewish Temple 

When The Law Of The Land Appears Blurred 

IDF Seeking Legal Counsel on Right to Defend Israeli Civilians from Terrorists  (Israel Defense Forces) 

IAF attacks Hamas observation post in Gaza  (Israeli Air Force)  

Elite navy soldiers, sailors honored for covert ops in enemy territories 

Israeli children counter flaming kites with peace balloons 

Qatar Is Not Our Friend

Khamenei: Israel illegitimate, referendum should decide fate of Palestine  

EU and Palestinian Illegal “Facts on the Ground” 

Israel Moves To Thwart Growing Hamas Maritime Threat

UN rights body reopens amid US threat to withdraw over anti-Israel bias

Massachusetts: Public high school hosts anti-Semitic all-day event featuring “Palestinian” propaganda

Hamas now turning Malaysia into operations base


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