Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Thursday, June 14, 2018



Netanyahu: 70% of people who carry out terror attacks are killed in act (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Early elections ‘back on the table’ as rabbis issue ultimatum on enlistment law

PA's worship of Martyrs' blood - now on game show

Hamas Threatens to End Ramadan With Thousands Of Terror Kites into Israel

Analysis: Disappointment at the UN, but also a few pleasant surprises

PMW welcomes FIFA investigation of Jibril Rajoub

Palestinians prep 5,000 kite bombs in Gaza to mark end of Ramadan

IDF Fired at Gaza Firebomb Kite Launchers (Israel Defense Forces)

IDF said to mull shooting Gazans preparing fire kites

Palestinian succumbs to wounds sustained during Gaza protests

UNGA adopts resolution calling for greater protection for Palestinians

Gazan resistance unit to launch 5000 incendiary kites on Friday

Three Palestinians detained in predawn West Bank (Judea and Samaria) raids

Palestinian fields destroyed in apparent hate crime near Netiv Ha’avot outpost

Prince William may visit Western Wall during trip to region

Articles In Palestinian Authority Press: Trump Is A Second Version Of Hitler; U.S. Is Hostile To Palestinians

Trump team fears peace plan will be 'dead on arrival'

UN General Assembly Approves Another Anti-Israel Resolution

UCLA Students File Criminal Complaints Against anti-Israel Disruptors

Congress now opposing death-teaching textbooks(“Palestinians” have history of instructing students how to incite for jihad.)



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