Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Monday, June 5, 2017



Palestinian Prisoners Say Demands Met; Israel Disagrees

Released terrorist returns to Israel - and to jail

Hamas commander involved in kidnap of Israeli teens expelled from Qatar

Desiring 70 virgins made youth seek Martyrdom-death  (The official “Palestinian” Authority daily has reported that a 23-year-old “Palestinian” man wished to die as a Martyr because he would then marry the 70 Virgins of Paradise.)

Defense, prosecution mediation fails in Hebron shooter case

Ex-Hamas Head Meshal on Trump's Mideast Peace Initiative

Hamas lawmakers say they got salaries after fearing cutoff

Jewish nurse breastfeeds injured Palestinian baby

IPS meets with strike leaders, as female prisoners denounce detention conditions

62% of Israeli Jews Believe There’s ‘No Occupation’ in Judea, Samaria

Wesal is a Gaza matchmaking website that matches widows to men looking for a second (or third) wife

Tears at the Western Wall, tanks in the Old City: New images of Jerusalem liberation

On 50th  anniversary of Naksa, Palestinians, rights groups denounce Israeli occupation

UN chief denounces '50 years of Israeli occupation' on Six Day War anniversary

Anti-Settlements Israeli Singer Complains: BDS Boycotting Me

Security Forces Arrest 8, Seize Weapons in Judea and Samaria Overnight Raids

The unwanted ‘bride’: Can the 1967 war offer opportunity for peace?

Hamas-Linked Al-Shabab Al-Aqsa Terrorists Indicted on Temple Mount Attack Plot

With an army of 27,000, Hamas terror chief Deif readies for war

Palestinian Authority, Fatah Lead Campaign Of Solidarity With And Glorification Of Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoners, Including Murderers Of Israeli Civilians After Oslo Accords

Israel extends expanded Gaza fishing zone for two more weeks

'Int'l community antisemitic for ignoring Israelis in Hamas captivity'

Trump left the door open for a Jerusalem embassy

Israeli power

Hamas Leader Heads to Egypt for Rare Talks

Opening of 1967 Israeli archives disturbs old Arab wounds

Fifty years after the Six-Day War (Israel’s military triumph over three enemy states in June 1967 is the most outstandingly successful war of all recorded history. The Six-Day War was also deeply consequential for the Middle East, establishing the permanence of the Jewish state, dealing a deathblow to Pan-Arab nationalism, and (ironically) worsening Israel’s place in the world because of its occupation of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and Jerusalem.)

How occupation has damaged Israel’s democracy 




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