Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 


Argentina cancels Israel soccer friendly following Palestinian pressure 

Terror plot to assassinate Netanyahu, Jerusalem mayor foiled  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

 Watch: Netanyahu, Macron Agree to Disagree on Iran, Gaza Border Violence  (French President Emmanuel Macron) 

Macron: US embassy move to Jerusalem behind Gaza violence 

After Mahmoud Abbas’ Recovery, PLO Charts Path Forward  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas) 

Firefighters battle a wave of incendiary kite blazes in Gaza border area 

Women’s March Founder: Israel’s Creation A Human Rights Crime  

Catholic Priest Attacked in Bethlehem after Giving Refuge to Tourists 

Despite embassy relocation, Trump signs presidential waiver  

Gaza and Hamas

Macron: It is impossible to rejoice over US Embassy relocation

Hamas ditches ‘Naksa Day' for Iran-backed ‘Quds Day’ this week  

Egypt radio announcer who claimed troops had reached Tel Aviv in 1967 dies 

Israel orders evacuation of 5 families in Jordan Valley for military exercises 

IDF Probe Finds Gazan Nurse Not Intentionally Shot  (Israel Defense Forces) 

Palestinian man succumbs to wounds in sustained during May 14 Gaza protests 

Palestinians commemorate 51st  anniversary of Naksa 

Israeli forces detain 12 Palestinians in overnight raids 

As far as Hamas is concerned, Israel was deterred   

Imam banned from Facebook for mocking Hamas and “peaceful Palestinian protests” 

Arab Writers: Hamas Is Responsible For Return March Fatalities, Is Trading In Palestinian Blood To Serve Iran's Interests; It Must Relinquish Power In Gaza 

Editor Of Egyptian Daily: The Escalation In The Gaza Strip And The U.S. Embassy's Move To Jerusalem Have Changed Nothing In Egypt's Position On Israel

J Street Chapters Aiding BDS Campaigns on Campuses  


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