Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Friday, May 26, 2017



 'Terror will be defeated if all countries work against it' (Israeli Prime Minister's Office condemns attack in Egypt, calls on all countries to unite to work against terrorism.)

On eve of Ramadan, some hunger strikers announce plans to fast during holy month

Talks said underway for possible pope visit to Israel to push peace

Hamas warns Israel of 'consequences' if electricity supply is reduced

Jason Greenblatt Tweets Rebuke to Hamas Over Holding Bodies of IDF Soldiers Goldin, Shaul

Slain US student’s mother to UN: PA must stop paying my son’s killer

'Netanyahu should have told the truth'  (Justice Minister says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu missed his opportunity to tell US President two state solution is a fantasy, change paradigms of negotiations.)

Netanya Terrorist Dies from Wounds

EU condemns execution of suspected assassins of Mazen Fuqahaa in Gaza

Bennett Protests New Concessions Transferring More Land to the Palestinian Authority, Calling it a Security Risk  (Israeli Education Minister and chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party Naftali Bennett)

UN fears Gaza energy crisis could spark fresh violence

Israeli forces detain 8, father of slain Palestinian in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) raids

Israel, Palestinians condemn attack on Egypt Christians as toll rises to 28

At Last: Foreign Ministry Completes Worldwide Distribution of ‘The Legality of Settlement’

Israel to ease access for Palestinians during Ramadan

50 years since 1967: What is the West Bank's (Judea and Samaria) real legal status?

Netanyahu: If Manchester jihadi had been Palestinian, his family would have been paid by PA (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

The PA, UN, and Norway behind center named after terrorist murderer Dalal Mughrabi

Arafat duped Clinton. Will Abbas dupe Trump? (The late former “Palestinian” Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat/“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

A $1.4 billion gamble on a new future for Palestinians 



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