Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Tuesday, May 23, 2017



Trump’s success is not being Obama, but he still really wants peace

Palestinian Grassroots: Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem NOT an Obstacle to Peace

At Western Wall, Rivlin opens Jerusalem Day jubilee (Israeli President Reuven Rivlin)

Saudi Journalist To Palestinian Leaders: You Have Missed Too Many Opportunities To Resolve The Conflict With Israel; It Is Time For Palestinian Unity, Peace With Israel 

Analysis: Why can't Abbas stop paying families of 'martyrs?’  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

In Gaza, terror group says Trump not welcome 

Deputy FM calls on Jews to ascend Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day 

No signs of negotiations with Israel as prisoners plan to refuse salt and water

Bolstered by Saudis, Trump sees chance for ‘new level’ of Israel-Arab ties

Are Israelis satisfied with President Trump's visit?

Palestinian teen in critical condition after being shot by Israeli forces in Gaza

The joy of Jerusalem Day: The lovingkindness of sovereignty

'Resistance is not terrorism': Palestinians burn effigies of Trump in Gaza

In Bethlehem, Trump seems to reject Netanyahu’s outside-in approach

My Jerusalem

Full Text: Remarks by US President Donald Trump at Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Simply by saying he loves it and stands with it, Trump wins over Israel

Israeli forces shoot, injure 17-year-old Palestinian girl east of Ramallah

Something for everyone to love in Trump’s Israel Museum speech

Mazel Tov Jerusalem Reunited Half a Century! (List of Events Included)

Trump envoy expected back in Israel as US seeks to ‘move fast’ on peace

With boundless optimism but few specifics, Trump lays out Mideast peace vision

Trump Rebukes Abbas and the Palestinian Authority During Bethlehem Visit [video]

Hamas: Trump’s comments on Jewish ties to Jerusalem false

Netanyahu, Trump Condemn Manchester Attack, Express Solidarity With UK

Trump 'hopeful' for peace deal after meeting Abbas  

What should the world believe?   (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

Despite Differences, Netanyahu Welcomes Trump to Israel  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Trump Pushes Israel to Make Palestinian Deal a Priority

Trump’s inspiring Middle East firsts

Peace Through Truth: One Book Dares to Tell the Truth About Israel

Trump & the promise (and pitfalls) of Mideast peace

Major policy shift: Trump administration declares Jerusalem part of Israel

In Israel, Trump urges new Middle East ‘harmony’ but faces old suspicions

 Blacklisted for BDS?  (Popular Native American studies scholar who was named faculty dean at Dartmouth withdraws from position, following criticism of his past support for Israel boycott. Some fear impact on academic freedom.) 



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