Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Monday, May 22, 2017



 In Address At Al-Aqsa Mosque, Cleric Calls On Allah To Annihilate 'White House Satan' Trump, Jews

'Chance for peace greater than before'  (US President and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu give joint report to press, say chance for peace greater than ever before because of regional developments.)

Full text of Netanyahu, Trump remarks in Jerusalem

As Trump meets Abbas in Bethlehem, the PA names squares after murderers  (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

Stabbing Attack Stopped in East Jerusalem During Trump Visit

Palestinian Writer Warns: There Is An ISIS-Like Culture Among Us That Excludes Christians And Is Intolerant Towards Them

Israeli PM Netanyahu Slams Obama During Trump Presser (Video) 

Trump, Israel and the importance of symbols

Making history is a good start but not enough to make peace 

Reporters Fall for Fake Document of Trump Making Absurd Demands in Israel

Trump in Israel - what about the peace process?

IPS transfers tens of hunger-striking prisoners to civilian hospitals, prison field clinics

Netanyahu to Trump: There’s No City Where You’re More Welcome Than Jerusalem! [video]

Trump, Sissi said to agree on peace summit ‘very soon’ (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)

In Israel, Trump sees region where children 'grow up free from terrorism and violence'

Police: Palestinian attacks border cops near Jerusalem, is shot dead

Donald Trump brings God into the negotiation room

Palestinian shot and injured by Israeli forces with live fire in central Gaza Strip

Terror Attacks Foiled in Abu Dis, Ma’ale Adumim on Day 1 of Trump Visit to...

Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli forces across West Bank (Judea and Samaria)

16-year-old Palestinian shot dead after alleged stabbing attempt at Bethlehem-area checkpoint

US President Donald Trump Makes History in Visit to Western Wall [video]

Skirting own policy, White House puts ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ on website

Trump arrives in Israel amid fierce opposition among Palestinians

Trump Upon Landing in Israel: We Have Before Us a Rare Opportunity

Trump tells Netanyahu a ‘lot of love’ will help bring peace

Will Trump Be Israel's Redeemer?

Trump in Israel says Saudi king left him encouraged over peace prospects

Peace Now: Settlement Construction Up 34% in 2016

Buoyed by Saudis, Trump sees ‘new level’ of Israel-Arab ties possible

Bereft of meat, Trump declarations leave Israel with much to chew on

Israelis and Arabs share ‘common cause’ against Iran and extremism, Trump says

PayPal, the Palestinians, and Problems

Historic Moment: Trump Becomes First Sitting President To Visit Western Wall

Sources: Trump Heads to Israel, Where ‘More History Will Be Made’

Israel to Make Rare Overture to Palestinians ‘at Trump Request’

Daughter hails her father, a jailed Hamas jihad mass murderer of Israeli civilians, in graduation letter

Trump Saudi to Israel Flight Thought to Be First Ever

An answer to a prayer? How Trump can help oppressed Christians in Palestinian-controlled Bethlehem

Life Behind Israel’s Checkpoints




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