Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Wednesday, May 16, 2018



The Palestinians' self-made Nakba 

Netanyahu Warns of ‘Warlike Move by Hamas’ at Gaza Border  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

‘F*ck Turkey’: Netanyahu’s son posts controversial Instagram image

'Minority Report' targeted killings of terrorists by 2025 - ex-IDF chief  

Hamas official: 50 of the 62 Gazans killed in border violence were our members 

Hamas: Down to the last Gazan 

IDF Retaliates for Gaza Attack on Sderot  (Israel Defense Forces) 

IDF planes strike Hamas ‘terror targets’ in northern Gaza Strip 

U.S. Embassy Inauguration Exposes Core Elements Of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Video) 

What caused the Palestinian refugee problem? 13 important stories told by refugees from 1948 

Trump drowns, Israel comes to an end, because "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine" - in Fatah animation 

State Department says it didn’t invite contentious pastor to US embassy opening  

Offspring Of Pregnant Women Exposed To Terrorism More Likely To Develop Schizophrenia 

Guatemala opens Jerusalem embassy, two days after US 

Gaza activists prevent entry of medications sent by Israel 

Dianne Feinstein blasts Nikki Haley for blocking UN Gaza investigation 

Two Palestinians shot, killed by Israeli forces in Gaza's al-Bureij 

Gaza death toll rises to 61, 8-month-old baby girl dies from tear-gas suffocation 

Gaza Health Ministry releases names of 42 slain Palestinians 

Harsh Anti-U.S. Rhetoric By The Palestinian Authority And Its Daily Newspaper: Throughout History, U.S. Policy Has Been Based On Aggression, Mass Extermination; U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem Is 'Den Of Settlers'  

A baby girl dies in the haze of Gaza 

Trump, Truman and Israel 

Media Bias: How Media Turn U.S., Israel Into Villains By Misreporting Gaza 'Protesters' Violence  

Jerusalem embassy issue 'excuse' to riot, kill 

Support and Sorrow Mix as Israelis Think About Deaths in Gaza

Canada slams ‘inexcusable’ use of live fire at Gaza border, says citizen injured

Russia's Lavrov Says 'Deeply Alarmed' by Violence During Gaza Clashes   (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov)



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