Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Monday, April 24, 2017



United Nations rewrites Balfour Declaration parliamentary debate records (An official United Nations document published by the Division for “Palestinian” Rights of the United Nations Secretariat contains a deliberately altered record of a 1922 parliamentary House of Lords debate on the Balfour Declaration.)

Palestinian Authority to pay Muslim who murdered UK tourist $1,025 a month

Evicted Israeli pioneers wait and wait for Netanyahu's promised new home  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Barghouthi's health deteriorates on 8th day of Palestinian prisoner hunger strike   (Convicted murderer and terrorist-“Palestinian” leader Marwan Barghouthi)

Palestinians say Marwan Barghouti’s health ‘dangerously deteriorating’

Fatah, Hamas Agree: Israel Has No Right to Exist

Israeli travel agencies will soon have to promise not to send tourists to the West Bank (Judea and Samaria)

'15 years after Op. Defensive Shield, situation on the ground completely different'

Israeli settlers raze private Palestinian land near Bethlehem

Analysis: Palestinian, Jewish voices must jointly challenge Israel’s past

Qalandiya stabber was ‘fed up with life,’ wanted to die

Exclusive – Gaza Jihadist: World Entering ‘New Age of Conflict’ With Islamic State

Former Hamas-linked CAIR official freed from prison after doing time for weapons charges

Marwan Barghouti’s Political Ploy  (The New Times failed to reveal the nature of his crimes, and convicted murderer and terrorist-“Palestinian” leader Marwan Barghouthi used the hunger strike to advance his standing.) 



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