Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Saturday, April 1, 2017 



Full Text: US Statement on Israel’s New Town for Amona Residents

Hamas vows ‘divine punishment’ for assassins of terror chief

Trump Administration: President Accepts New Israeli Town for Amona

Three hurt in Jerusalem Old City stabbing, attacker shot dead

Palestinian teen 'executed' by Israeli police after stabbing, lightly injuring 3 Israelis

Hundreds protest against ‘Israeli occupier’ in Paris

In Tel Aviv, a glimpse into the turbulent years when the British ruled

'Suddenly the terrorist ambushed me with a knife'

Hamas looking undersea, not just underground, for attack routes

UN Humanitarian Agency Slams Hamas Over Israel Border Closure

UN agency suspends Gaza missions after Hamas restrictions

Hamas vows to crackdown on 'collaborators' in Gaza after killing of Mazen Fuqahaa

Hamas-linked video threatens to kill Israeli security leaders

It’s Final: Settlements Partially Defrosted, Amona 2 Approved

Though politically challenging, new settlement curb likely a win-win for Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Jordan condemns decision to build new Jewish town

White House ‘welcomes’ PM pledge to curb settlement construction

Israel must take advantage of Hamas’s weak spot

Peace Now: Israel's new settlement policy an attempt to 'fool international community'

Anti-occupation peace demonstration in Jerusalem

Terrorist Killed in Old City of Jerusalem Stabbing Attack

Government to curb settlements footprint

Israeli forces shoot, injure 15-year-old Palestinian in Ramallah-area village

Israeli borders not cited at Arab Summit (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Israel does not have peace partners with the Arab world.)




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