Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing

Thursday, March 23, 2017



Report: Greenblatt Asked Netanyahu to Stop Construction Outside Settlements Block  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

Netanyahu, settlers welcome confirmation of Trump envoy pick

Military-grade tech to monitor eggplants rather than explosives

Israeli official denies US demanding freeze in isolated settlements

‘Ghattas Law’ Seeks to Revoke Salaries, Pensions of MKs Convicted on Security Charges

Palestinian teen throwing firebomb killed by troops — IDF  (Israel Defense Forces)

1 Palestinian teen killed, 3 critically injured after Israeli forces open fire on vehicle

Israel Shocked by Video of Policeman Beating Up Jerusalem Arab

Netanyahu to ToI Chinese: I hope Beijing’s ‘superb’ ties with Israel will affect its UN votes

Israeli Soldiers In West Bank (Judea and Samaria) On High Alert

Introducing Judea and Samaria Small Business Owners Who Fight the BDS

Police deny permit for annual Nakba march over security concerns

Video: Israeli forces drag 8-year-old Palestinian boy, wearing no shoes, looking for stone-throwers

Knesset Passes Law Barring National Service in Anti-Zionist NGOs

Palestinian-Jordanian Terrorist Ahlam Al-Tamimi To Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Mouthpiece: 'As Long As The Zionists Remain On Our Land, The Jihad Must Continue'

PFLP terrorist accepts plea bargain in the States  (Rasmeah Odeh, convicted in Israel of murdering two students, accepts plea bargain after lying to get American citizenship.)

Shaked Transfers $7.5 Million from Courts Budget to Settlements Security

Video shows Israeli police officer violently assaulting Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Egyptian ambassador to Israel promotes two-state solution

Is Aliyah upsetting the Arabs?

House and Senate introduce bipartisan bills combating Israel boycotts

Omar Barghouti, Founder of Anti-Israel Boycott Campaign, Arrested for Tax Evasion

Israeli forces detain 19 Palestinians overnight, including MP, journalist, and young boy

The Irish Model for Peace in the Middle East

Hate-Israel leader hid $700,000 in Palestinian bank 




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